Jow Forums survivor games, Spaces are running out

Jow Forums survivor games, Spaces are running out

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Spooky kot

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Vicar Amelia

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swedish fish

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polar beare

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Chip butteh

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Spurdo & Waifu

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Duke Nukem

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Lord of the Red

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Hol Horse

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Oscar,the fish from sharktale

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oh boy, a roll thread where people don't even get to roll. how brain damaged do you have to be to enjoy this? i suspect i may need to huff a few cases of model airplane glue to get on this level...


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>i don't like fun

Give me some time

how dare people have fun doing something I don't like hur dur

B. Cheez

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are you the Serb risk OP?
if so, do people like have that same attitude towards risk threads?

sorry, i don't have the appropriate credentials to assist the severely mentally retarded. hopefully someone will discover that you've made it onto the internet and get you put into a facility where your special needs can be attended to.

totally normal kot

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no u

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nope I am not but I am pretty sure that's the case
you dont have to have fun on thiis thread. Create your own thread. Do your own thing. This board was not made just for you it was made for all of us so you dont have to enjoy everything. Just fuck off

y tho


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Done faggots

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t. virgin that has never gambled

OP if you’re using chrome get an app called full screen capture

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Forgot this

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desu grippsu

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Delet this

This game is over beacause I don’t know how to do this shit. Sorry guys


You start one, I’ll be in.

Use Firefox Fireshot

I’m on a tablet.

Jesus. I was gone doing my thing and this happened. I'm pretty fucking pissed.

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