Hey Jow Forums long time lurker first time poster. So i have a question for you guys...

Hey Jow Forums long time lurker first time poster. So i have a question for you guys. I've seen a lot of "pro" and intermediate level MMA fighters and noticed that their physiques are in between model and athlete mode. How is it that they get so muscular? I know obviously they train and probably lift weights. However my question is wether that physique is attainable natty. I know they get tested for PED's so if they do any "drugs" would they fall under peptides? What is fits opinion on peptides if I may ask. Thanks.

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don't be such a weirdo, just post "What it Jow Forums's opinion on peptides?" your question gets bogged down by your socially unusual comments about MMA fighters.

OP here.
Seriously tho... wtf fit. I'm not beating around the bush about anything. Lol... I'm a double major in mechanical and civil engineering. Lol... i know how peptides work and what they are. I'm asking about MMA physiques not exactly just peptides. As my question asks... is their body attainable naturally. That is what I'm asking. If you guys can chime in on that and what type of regimen they do that's great if not then I'd have to assume its not natty and it would fall under some type of PED which led me to ask about the peptides. Do you guys think they use peptides?

..... how is that socially unsual? Autistic much?? He's asking about their bodies and if they can be achieved naturally. Dumbass.

theyre not natty, all of them

Eh, some of them can be achieved natty, especially at the lower weight categories. But no one over 200lbs is natty
Grappling is the best cardio/core workout you’ll ever get. Fun too

guy on top left is clearly not natty

It's always possible to game the drug tests if you know when they are

I would be very surprised if nearly 100 percent of professional mma fighters weren't geared, it seems like a bad business decision

They are extremely lean from cutting for a fight.

>Grappling is the best cardio/core workout you’ll ever get. Fun too
Eh, maybe wrestling or stand up MMA rounds (striking with takedowns), not BJJ. I'm getting to the point where my BJJ is so efficient that it's difficult to get tired unless I'm going against someone really good who is going super hard.

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Op here. So I took a nap and I just had a big ass salad with avocado and a whole big ass tomato. And 3 chipotle hot links from bar s. Feels good mayne. We're all gonna make it bros. About to work out in a few minutes. Thanks for the replies guys. Sucks to hear most of these guys are probably on the juice. I'm 6'1 170lbs about 13-15% b.f. some what skinny fat. How long would you guys say it will take for me to get to 180lbs with a respectable "muscular" "fit" body? Just wondering. I did every sport in high school, track and field, wrestling, football. Im about to be 30 in a couple weeks and I've been out of the lifting game for a while. How long do noob gains usually last for and when do they peak? I appreciate any and all responses guys. If it matters I'm hispanic and most of my family is pretty tall and "big" 215+ lbs. I'd consider myself alpha considering my girlfriend is a psychologist at an all male prison and tells me all the time if I was in better shape I'd be capable of keeping myself alive. Which feels good to hear that. Now I just want to get in better shape. Should I put current body pics for critiquing??
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Judo, also if your BJJ is that good either
A)you need to find a better gym
B) you’re a pro
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I train 2x + per day, work and coach at my gym. We have produced several UFC champions. Judo is better cardio than BJJ, but not as good as wrestling or MMA.

It also explains your post because a rather large amount of people who do Judo are autistic.

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Post medals and belt

There's no reason for a professional athlete to be natty. Yes, they get tested. Yet they fail from time to time, they compete untested for years before getting to the big leagues and if you know what you're getting tested for you can plan around it.

If you want to look like a pro athlete, just fucking roid. Detach from the natty idea. It's stupid.

But it's also stupid to want to look like a fucking pro athlete. You'd probably be fine just being you, but better.

It's literally their job to train. I go to a gym that has MMA and boxing and the pro fighters are in there training all the time. You shouldn't bother to ask if a physique is possible natty. The question is whether it is possible for you to get it natty. When you have legit plateaued and nothing is working, then ask yourself what you are willing to do and bridge the gap. I'd wager that if you had genuine discipline in diet and work hard, you'll get to a point you are satisfied within about 2 years.

Op here. Thanks bud. Legit answer. I appreciate that. To be honest I'm not trying to get crazy big or anything. I just want people whoever may happen to glance my way and say damn that guy is in shape for being 30, 40,50 etc... and probably hild my own in a bar fight every once in a while. I think being 6'1 185 of 10% bf and muscular is my goal. We're all going to make it guys. Peace.

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Hitting a bag and running, not joggging, will help.
i had the chance to train with the best judoka of my country, best karate fighter and the best mma fighter of my country; their dojos were in a 2km radius, the closest one (Ben Reiter) was behind my house so it´s possible...i couldn´t because i was young and poor and now nobody can teach me wrestling, fuck