Happy Valentines Day lads, have a drink on me tbqhwy

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Who /running/ here?

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Poleaboo has now ostracised his best friend.

not even in britfeel are my feels related to by others

brutal blackpill for trannies


you will never be this feminine

arse, tits and beer.

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Fuck off

Looks like I need to find something else to do

only 2k?
good job but go further

bought a nice new beanie for one pound from primark, bargain
feeling like a bit of a twat for spending 20 quid on a beanie last month but i have two beanies now

No lass I'm no.1 so why try harder

Thicc Noelle Easton is one of the best, only rivalled by Gianna Michaels

cclub and tonic
not too shabby, happy vday boys

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For a while those two were my go to wanks.

>implying all trannies want to be feminine
butch transbian master race

Not even finished 2 weeks of regular running

2km is the furthest I've gone so far

I'll push it to 2.5km next week or the week after

She's a negress

what the fuck is the point in that?

>a man who wants to be a woman who acts like a man
Is it possible to go further?

Very nice. Shame Noelle lost all that weight

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I wish I was a chad who could reject dirty roasties and make them feel like shit

>198 cal
How many cals is a burger meal?

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>moving soon
>need to move my sex toys across in advance
>paranoid they're going to fall out of my mini suitcase somehow

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pizza time for me lads. will play some more of leg ends whilst it cooks me thinks

didn't she get ill as fuck or something?

I don't do burger meals anymore

Why do you whiney british assholes need a constant feel thread going?

it might be too harsh for you but one day go two or three times the distance you normally would
go 10k one day
you will be in pain but walk if you have to, just get into your mind that distance is but a number, you can do it
dont limit yourself

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>tfw no 2003 gf


fed up of this whole site being amerifeels

It's a good place to talk about britannia in and feel threads are a staple of the board
If you don't like it go back to burgeristan

what's the point in anything lad? It's just how I am, no point to it
No lad you mean
>a woman with a wimbus who acts like a dyke

30 min left till the end of valentine and i haven't seen my scottish friend yet

maybe he stopped browsing this general ?

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fair enough, i have nothing against trannies in reality but i don't see you as real women. i'd refer to you how you want though.

are you going to stop posting about this now?

So mum didn't offer her body to me today.

whats your favourite card game lads

Who the fuck is this scottish friend you're on about lad?

shhh youtube.com/watch?v=egAIhsuHwu4

yeah but you did in the past, the calories don't disappear because you stopped eating them those calories are still in your body, how many calories is a burger meal ????

to make yanks like you SEETHE

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>go 10k one day
Won't that kill me? Isn't that the reason you need to train for marathon and half marathon runs?

>how many calories is a burger meal ????

Anyone else hate lad culture?

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I had to admit it but I feel sorry for Amer. He's got no friends and only gets abuse (people saying he looks like a man, people saying he's fat, and all the other things like he's a sex offender and a nonce).

Poker lad

It's sad when people say he wanks over his sister as well

Just eat well and you won't need to run that much

Yeah, basically anybody that isn't a 'lad' hates it.

He has zero willpower, even he knows this. he likes to talk about he'll do something far more than doing it - i.e. his diets which he breaks sometimes within a couple of hours of embarking on them.

I like Moni

I don't know how to hit on women.

I posted just to see if it was original or not tbqh. I am a bit sad now


Oi you cunts, we don't use these strange foreign units of measurement

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Gaming on a budget because I'm a NEET too impatient to save up my NEETbux, lads. Just ordered a used 980 Ti and now I wanna get a 144 Hz monitor. This one on eBay I'm eyeing up explicitly states that it's owned by a girl. Do you think that adds additional value?

All the kebabs and KFC he eats doesn't help

If you get really close you'll probably be able to smell her leftover scent. Worth [aying a bit extra

Adult Swim boxsets coming to All4 tomorrow. Hope they have every season of Robot Chicken. If you watch late at night I never get an ads. Would be cool if they had morel orel and squidbillies too but they'll probably just have meme shit like Rick n morty

I remember once poley said he'd started a diet and by the time someone asked how it was going, couldn't have been longer than 10 minutes after he posted it, he was stuffing his face with a halal burger from Arizona

drank some codiene syrup today was pretty good
i fell asleep though so i missed a lot of the high

It's actually really cheap considering it's a good monitor. Accepts offers, too. Might do the same thing by lowballing 20 quid then after a rejection 10 quid like I did with the graphics card.

At least I know it won't be from a teenage boy's bedroom crusted up in cum or something nasty like that.

I have enough will power to run, I've kept it up for almost 2 weeks now

I think you're all at least my acquaintances

I guess it depends on what you're defining 'real' as here lad. If you're saying there are differences between trans women and cis women, well I think we agree there and I wouldn't suggest otherwise.

I am going to refer to Amer as a paki from now on.

After he called me Banbury fatman I am happy to use the powers Nick Griffin gave me revoke his honourary white status.

You are just another paki to me now Amer Abdullah Hussain.

Just had a nap. Trying to shake the cobwebs and feel like drinking some more

Fucking done with girls. Just put yourself out there you'll get someone it's fucking bullshit. Never interested in me just want some attention while they go off and search for Chad. user your attractive you could get girls easy just not me of course fuck off.

>Running in Rochdale at night

Saving myself for a munchy box for 2 (for 1) tomorrow night. Gonna be mint. Hate Pakis buy love Paki tier food. Simple as. Might get the Chinese munchy box that comes with ribs and stuff then I'm not supporting dirty nonces.

>Just put yourself out there
What does this really mean, is it normie short hand for something?

As in talk to girls and ask them out rather than waiting for them to come to you. Done that and I've got fuck all to show for it, I just look like a cunt.

i just think only "cis women" are women. it's just an opinion.

don't have that round here. would give it a try. are they pricey?

>i went to the gym once and i am still fat

Thats what men are supposed to do anyway, I have never heard of a woman making a move on a man

fashion hasn't really changed dramatically in the last 20 years.

not like it used to anyway.

are you obese?
>kill you?
just walk that distance if you have to, take a Saturday and do it, Sunday to recover and stretch and walk about, no real distance but just move again, it is bad to exert yourself then just sit

we are living in a cutural decline

Honestly think fannies in general are absolute monstrosities but I still want to fuck one, would never put my mouth near it no matter what though.

Nah mate like 12 quid for a shit ton of food
Really good way to get a feast on a budget of just shit tier comfy food
Try the local Takeaways on just eat half of them have their own munchy boxes

Go up to every woman and say hi.

And that's connected to people wearing the same style clothes how?

na night ziggeh, see ya in the mornin' pal 268

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Think I might order from the local pakistanis, hungry af after the wine

choosing what to watch on netflix
might watch this kdrama called Black, not too sure though.
might re-watch something i've already seen, Luther or Dirk Gently im thinking

I don't see how that will help.

>woke up at 11 pm again
>going to play some video games all night again

Well, I've well and truly kicked the burgers this time

Genuinely think I despise you more than any other poster here

Some misgender me
Some call me a paki
But you're the only one who does both and sincerely means it

Yeah, streets are dead, only a few druggies around.

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imagine seeing world peace on a channel 4 platform
nah it will probably just be rick and morty

Surely 1 in 1000 will give you a positive response. It's a lottery.

Like I don't see how approaching women on the street is constructive in any way.

>But you're the only one who does both and sincerely means it

you are literally a pakistani man though

I am not the only one who sincerely means it.

because the cultural decline causes stagnation in creatibity

Dont forget that ShipAnon never misgendered Tilde

Watched a whole 12 episode anime today haven't done that in ages what a life I lead feel like I just sleep and 5 hours isn't e en that much PATHETIC

unironically you have a great life, would you rather be wagecucking?

>we are living in a cutural decline
can you expand on that?

No, lad
I'm just mad at myself im not watching more TV and films and spending too much time sleeping
Atm I'm happy being neet I'd probably. Be suicidal wagecucking

It's in our nature mate, we see something, we colonise it, we spread our culture, we build the modern world

we're the fucking Plymouth Company mate.

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Honestly having a great evening.

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