So I am an absolute beginner dyel and I just started lifting a month ago. Currently I am on 5x5...

So I am an absolute beginner dyel and I just started lifting a month ago. Currently I am on 5x5, but It feels like I have nearly not enough upper body volume. After my Workout I often work my arms and chest, which is very satisfying, so I thought maybe changing my workout a bit, please roast my program:

Workout A

Machine-assisted Parallel Close Grip Pull-up 5x5
Squats 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Barbell Row 5x5

Incline Chest Flyes 3x12
Barbell Shrug 3x12
Barbell Curl 3x12
Cable Pushdown 3x12

Workout B

Machine-assisted Chest Dip (kneeling) 5x5
Squats 5x5
Overhead Press 5x5
Deadlift 1x5

Incline Chest Flyes 3x12
Pulldown 3x12
Barbell Curl 3x12
Cable Pushdown 3x12

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Don't change the program, either keep doing what you're doing or find another program with more volume.

Don't try to program on your own when you don't know what you're doing.


just add chinups to workout A and dips to workout B and do core and you'll be fine. too much volume means you cant actually move the weight up which is what you should be doing as a begginer

sorry for the silly question, what constitutes as core?

STOP falling for the squat every workout meme please (assuming you lift for aesthetics). You're gonna look dysproportional and it's stressing on the cns, you could be doing other shit.
1.5 times/week squat is plenty.
Also, get rid of the shrugs. There's simply better exercises you have to do.
Add face pulls for those rear delts and to not fuck up your posture and rotator cuffs.
Also, add lateral raises, most important exercise when it comes to shoulder aesthetics.
And don't listen to those elitist dyel clowns telling you not to change the program. SS, SL and 5x5 are meme workouts, designed for fat powerlifers entering t-rex mode. That's a well established fact.
Rest looks good. Keep it up.

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So what are we supposed to do for aesthetics ?

I heard squats are excellent for test-boost, so I thought keeping it is a good idea.
Why no shrugs? I feel like my traps are weak as fuck, I pulled a muscle while OHP some time ago, so I thought I might get them stronger.
What do you think about core exercise, like the other user suggested?



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your a dyel beginner with no idea how to program and you want to change your program. Just stick to the program and add Chinups and dips and do cardio and core exercises like planks, hanging leg raises, ab rollouts and cruches ect on your rest days

what do you mean, user-kun

why the fuck would I want to do cardio tho. your reply sounds kinda bait, even if I'm an absolute newfag.

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Something like this:

Workout A

Assisted Pull-up 5x5
Squats 5x5
Bench Press 5x5
Barbell Row 5x5
Incline Chest Flys 3x12
Face Pulls 3x12
Barbell Curl 3x12
Cable Pushdown 3x12

Workout B

Assisted Dips 5x5
Overhead Press 5x5
Deadlift 1x5
Incline DB Bench 3x12
Lat Pulldowns 3x12
Lateral Raises 3x12
Barbell Curl 3x12
Cable Pushdown 3x12

Squats are fine, squatting 3 times/week is not.
Traps are not important for aesthetics, as a matter of fact your v-taper will look worse with big traps.
Core isolation exercises are fine but you can't do everything in a routine. Gotta set priorities, you already have a LOT of volume.

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You're adding a lot of extra stuff. I think that's probably fine for now. But once you start plateauing on the main lifts, you might want to cut out most of the stuff you added.

I would also recommend replacing the stuff you added with chin ups on workout A and tricep dips on workout B, like said.


Your program is pretty good as is, there’s just a few small changes I would personally make:
-grip wider on the pull ups on day A, shoulder width or a bit wider for more lat activation, good for that V-taper
-as other anons have pointed out, you can squat less, go to 3x5 on one day and maybe 3x8 hack squats on the other day, that’s enough to be proportional
-a hamstring exercise would be good like 3x8 RDL instead of rows on day A, and then move rows to day B as that day lacks back volume
-you can remove the push downs on day B, there’s enough tricep volume, especially with the dips, but see how your arms feel and decide based on that, you can also keep it. Personally, I would replace the push downs on day A with triceps dips for sure though, its a much better exercise.
-finally, as other anons have said, doing a bit of core work and cardio is good for aesthetics, will make you feel way better and is healthy, do do that if you feel like you’ve got the energy for it. Ideally on rest days (don’t even have to go to the gym for that), but at the end of a workout will work as well
Really the most important thing is to be consistent, I would recommend every few months to take progress pics as well to see how much your body has changed. Keep at it and starting from a year from now you’ll always be the fit guy to normies

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The program also has some suggestions for adding more volume

thank you senpai

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I am basically copypasting this program, thanks user. What do you think about boosting Deadlift to 3x5?
Thank you for your input, too. very helpful.

technically you can do whatever you want to do but your results, whether it be bad or good, are going to be gained simply by accident. After a certain point, you will not know how to continue to progress and you will most likely switch routine again just to feel like you are progressing even though you aren't doing the same routine. You can stick to what you got but make sure to read up on how to program a routine based on personal fitness goals to be able to continue progressing.

Wouldn't recommend doing more DLs, you already have a ton of volume, almost too much but it should still be fine since it's only three times a week. Make sure though to eat enough and sleep and all that shit.

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Thanks senpai, I'll try that program.

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>Trying to write your own program or doing one shat out by some retard on Jow Forums rather than one written for beginners by an experienced coach

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>Thank you for your input, too. very helpful
No user
is a pretty decent program, maybe do bench, squats, pull ups in that order on day A though as that will leave you with more energy for bench and more upper back stability for the squat. Personally I would still move rows to day B, remove lat pulldowns in return and add some RDL on day A, but that’s optional

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Welcome to fit

>going with the problem
>realizing that I have enough energy to add a bit more to my workout
>try it out, chest and arms feel pretty fuckin good
>apparently I am a fucking retard for listening to my body

post body

program* I actually am retarded

I kinda don't like RDL, so idk. But I will keep it in mind user, thanks

Other than curls and light assistance, why would you add extra shit to a decent program that's gonna be hard enough as it is?

id say its fine for bodybuilders since its more about volume than actually lifting near 1RM. If you were running a strength routine, then I'd say yes you are retarded.

>strength routine
>in 2019
Most guys just wanna get fit and aquire aesthetics, in case you still didn't get that.
Don't to a fucking strength workout when your goal is aesthetics and not strength.

>most guys
Thats cute and everything but some people like to get strong. I know your tiny mind cant wrap around the possibility that someone has different goals than you but you need to realize this soon. Also, deal with your reading comprehension. I said nothing about running a strength routine if your goal is aesthetics.

At least do some leg curls or hamstring raises then, neglecting hammies completely will stall your dl and make your legs look disproportional

>trying to get "aesthetics" as a natty
Lol just pin and do whatever lifts want nigga, trying to bodybuild naturally is a meme.

are you maybe black, by circumstance?

If you lift consistently for a while you're already stronger than 95 % of all average joes. Even when you lift for aesthetics.

Why would you compare yourself to people who don't lift? Are you proud you can outlift someone who isn't doing what you are doing?

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>I heard squats are excellent for test-boost
the only thing that truly bossts test is taking test. all that meme shit like no fap, muh squats, tribulus, etc. is a tiny drop in the bucket. stop thinking so much and just do a split routine, eat right, and challenge yourself. if you're really a newfag doing literally anything is going to work wonders for you at this point.

Looks like too much for a beginner but if you're handling it then keep doing it I guess

You should always do cardio. It enhances endurance and all you lose is some extra calories, so just eat a little more than normal. Meatheads act like cardio is the number one gains goblin smdh.

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Yea I started lifting a couple of years ago and then I went on a long hiatus. Right now I'm just working on getting my main lifts up and adding weight each workout doing Starting Strength, minus the back extensions and replacing power cleans with rows. All of that shit OP is doing seems like overkill for a complete beginner. 5x5 is taxing enough without isolations. The only isolations I'm doing is barbell curls or standing tricep extensions at the end of each workout.

>Machine-assisted Parallel Close Grip Pull-up 5x5
This is just a worse version of normal pull-ups. Do normal pull-ups.

>Squats 5x5
>Bench Press 5x5
>Barbell Row 5x5
All fine I guess

>Incline Chest Flyes 3x12
Fuck this shit, do cable flyes. You'll probably fucking overextend your arms and fuck up your shoulders otherwise

>Barbell Shrug 3x12
Shrugs are useless at your level.

>Barbell Curl 3x12

>Cable Pushdown 3x12
Alright I guess. I prefer skullcrushers

>Workout B
>Machine-assisted Chest Dip (kneeling) 5x5

>Squats 5x5
>Overhead Press 5x5
>Deadlift 1x5

Only one set of deadlifts? Disgusting

>Incline Chest Flyes 3x12
Again, stupid

>Pulldown 3x12

>Barbell Curl 3x12

>Cable Pushdown 3x12

Put some more variety into this program and add more leg work. You don't need this much focus on arms this early on. Just find a real program and quit making inefficient brosplits.

>why the fuck would I want to do cardio tho
>falling for the "cardio sux lol" meme

It's healthy. You can do both. Don't listen to any idiot spouting that you can't make gains while doing cardio.


add in some more isolation, lose the squats. try hamstring curls with high volume and low weight.
aesthetics gang
dont read SS that shit is outdated

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Do your chins and dips after not before, also I think banded is better than machine assisted for transitioning to unassisted.

Shrugs are pretty useless for a novice, and high pulls are probably better anyway (except for competitive bbers). You can do as much light accessory work as you feel like after your main lifts though, just pay attention and if your main lifts start suffering cut back on the accessory work. Lat pulldowns and triceps can interfere with your main lifts if you go too heavy, but you can do as much work for your biceps, core, and lower back as your little heart desires.


why after?

Because they’re not as important or tech dependant as your compounds. You want to always have your workout ordered with your main lifts first, then your major accessories, then auxiliary things like curls, because dropping a rep or not having perfect form doesn’t really matter for chins and curls. If you do oly or are prioritising technique, you do tech work before strength work too.

Quick question, is running or swimming better? Is it appropriate to even compare the two?

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Whichever one you prefer. Swimming is probably better if you don't have a preference.

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