What happened?

What happened?

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Easy times

I’ll take the bait.

You forgot the picture of all the jacked action heroes in 2019.

Man of Steel
Aqua Man
Ben Affleck’s Batman

Hugh Jackman, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans, Ben Affleck, Henry Caville all got decent physiques for their roles. And the superheroes you picked aren’t supposed to be jacked.


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Power fantasies of Chads vs virgins

They stopped roiding?

Cherry picking

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It's not that those kinds of men don't exist, they just don't get cast enough anymore as heroes

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>Who is The Rock
>Who is Chris Hemsworth
>Who is Chris Evans
>Who is Henry Cavill
>etc etc
Cool cherry picking though

Spider man has always been a lean twink.

DC was doing good, Henry Cavil was aesthetic, there were Batman training scenes, fit chicks, etc.

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I wouldn't put Hemsworth, Evans or cavill in the same bracket as Arnie, stallone, jcvd and dolph. They are big but they arnt caricatures of alpha manliness.

>Who is Chris Evans

A skinny s󠀀oyboy

Only Henry Cavill compares to Stallone, Arnie and JCVD.
Hemsworth has shit a shit frame.
The rest are whatever.

>that hairline

Imagine believing that, lmao.

shit taste

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bost pody

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>What happened?

You were born with autism.

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Well Arnie was obviously roiding. It's feasible that Sly, Dolph, and JCVD were natty back then. Although it's pretty obvious Sly is on something now.

is natty reachable?

You've well and truly grabbed the wrong end of the stick there. He meant that the new generation are all roiding to. Except maybe spiderman

I don’t really mind it, in a way its better to have action movie hero physiques that are achievable natty (even if many of the actors still roid to get there quickly). It also makes more sense in context, a school kid, tech billionaire, scientist or surgeon wouldn’t look like bodybuilders, just muscular and lean if they take care of themselves

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I don't even consider Cape shit as action films. They come under adventure I think.

Like woah man

None of the modern guys pictured are roiding, hell they don't even look like they lift. Jackman, Cavill, the Rock, etc are obviously juicing but if you think Holland, RDJ, Ruffalo, and Cumbersnatch are roiding you're a fucking moron.

both are rubbish

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None of them compare to Sly, Dolph, or JCVD. And prime Arnold is on another level all together.

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you big gay

>thread about swole action heroes
>not one mention of the swolest
Can I get this natty?

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Well yes, but none of them are blasting so many roids that they'll need three open heart surgeries before 60.

I'm pretty sure my gf got horny watching that scene

What about Jason Statham, The Rock, Christian Bale when he feels like it, and that guy with the beard who plays both aqua man and some of thrones character?

RDJ is the biggest man on the MCU's list.
New spiderman was hand picked by rdj, the fag playing the hulk and the direction of the hulk is unironically hated by everyone, and dr.strange is at best supposed to look scrawny and limber. like sting from the dune movie.

Retconned into a jokey faggey cuck then a fat weak puss boat. Even his one claim to fame as the man who stops ragnarok was stolen and handed to the cuck bitch MCU version of hulk.

MCU is not kind to traditionally masculine men.

Fag crypto jew who only got to where he is from sucking cock. Look at that ass faced waste of spunk that they've been trying and failing to push as attractive and cool and hip. Goddamnit what has happened. What is up with Disney

I meant that everyone was roiding back then, and everyone is roiding nowadays.
Evans, Hemsworth, Cavill - all of them on something.

>Evans, Hemsworth, Cavill
>Holland, RDJ, Ruffalo, and Cumbersnatch
no way, they don't even lift


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Soideo games

based chernobyl poster

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