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first post for have a great weekend

Approved Intermediate Programs for PLG

>Bro Tier (trying hard, having sex, loving life required)
5th Set (great for late intermediates)
5/3/1 (read the book bitch)
Westside for Skinny Bastards
Madcow Intermediate (great for early intermediates)
Destroy the Opposition (J. Lewis)
Cube Kingpin
The Cube (+ Predator)
Conjugate (max effort + dynamic + repetition)
Spotoshot (bench only)
Texas Method 4-day Split Model from PPST.
Juggernaut Method 2.0 (a more periodized 5/3/1)

>Nerd Tier (must have high IQ)
RTS Generalized Intermediate
RTS Emerging Strategies
Nuckols Average to Savage
Nuckols 28 Free
TSA 9 Week
HLM (Heavy Light Medium)
Blevins Skynet AI
Juggernaut AI

>Meme Tier (might work if you love memes)
*NEW* Hepburn x Sheiko Blend (pending testing)
Candito 6 Week
Texas Method 3-Day
Texas Method Trappy Version
Sheiko (great if you're in meet prep)
The Bridge
Smolov Jr.
Bulgarian/Bugenhagen Method
Slavic Swole
nSuns 5/3/1 (written by a 1200 lb totaling Redditor)
Hepburn "Power and Pump"
Programming 2 Win (by Jack Black)

>Voluntary Ever-Late-Beginner
Barbell Medicine

>Retard Cuck-Tier
PH3 (need a tourniquet to choke yourself, and it has a 100% injury rate)

*all of these programs work (except PH3), but the effort and attitude of the athlete is most important

za warudo


> W84 & W84+,
Followed by M105.

A GROUP(S): Olychannel.
B GROUP(S): youtube.com/user/powerliftingtv/live

No user.
It's over, for them.


but 120kg+ fatties lift later.

so say that lift goes wrong and they need to assist him with the bar, do they rerack it, or take the weight off so he can get out and then dump it


Yes, they will start taking the plates off while the guy is crushing under the weight in bottom of squat.

Has anyone done Conjugate as a natural and gained results without getting morbidly obese in the process?

Lol moran

What a fucking shit OP.
>*all of these programs work (except PH3), but the effort and attitude of the athlete is most important

>how you lift determines your body composition

hey be nice

What determines my strength and composition is calories, volume and test enanthate.

The answer is NO. Just do percent or rpe stuff, by good trainers with good systems.

Has anyone done Sheiko as a natural and gained results without getting morbidly obese in the process?

Brian and Eddy are a hilarious duo

> Brian broke the bed in his Airbnb condo
based and fatpilled

>The answer is NO
Are you retarded? Lots of guys get brutally strong doing conjugate style programming

>now youre just skinny fat

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I have a squat question, and OP webm is a great example of specifically what I want to ask about.
When the guy is at the bottom of the squat, as he stands up, he lets himself hinge forward slightly at the waist, which makes it easier to get out of the bottom of the lift (that is, he raises his hips without raising the bar, so that his quads are no longer at their full extension, where they're weakest).
He straightens back up as he finishes the lift, of course.
I understand why you do this at a competition level, but for training, would you consider this proper form or should you try to keep your hinge angle constant through the whole movement?

> That's not very nice Brian.

for training I wouldnt consider this proper form. If you were pushing your glutes up before bringing your back up to level, you have a risk of rounding your back and sustaining some sort of injury

It's generally just form breakdown at high weight. Most people that are stronger in the hamstring and glutes will do this. It's not an ideal way to train all the time.

Eddy is annoying af desu
He's that "friend" that's just an asshole all the time. There's a difference between banter and just being a dick.

>he lets himself hinge forward slightly at the waist
He doesn't 'let' himself pull forward, he is too weak to lift it with his quads alone so his body has to find another path so he hinges so his hamstrings can engage better.

Train like you play. Or not. Mileage may vary.

yea i can see that but fortunately for us we're not his friend so we just see the funny bits between him and Brian

>tfw i can do one arm hangs at near 4pl8 bw

It's probably just a bit exaggerated for the camera. But yeah, it gets kinda old after a couple of vids.

Thanks for the response.
I catch myself doing this sometimes when I'm doing work near my max. I've been backing off recently 'cause I want to clean my form up, and wanted to confirm that this is one of those things I should pay closer attention to.
/plg/ is always the most helpful thread on Jow Forums

Have sex

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Y-yeah who has friends like that h-haha

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>There's a difference between banter and just being a dick.
And you're too autistic to tell the difference. Have friendship.

>mfw I used to be that friend until they finally got sick of my shit and now I have no friends

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>knead and spread some dough to make dumplings
>hand pain completely gone
Man the human body is so fucking stupid, and don't even get me started on the absolute retardation that is the brain.

Yeah, knocking around while trying to take a piss in a port-a-potty then ripping the door open while I'm in between two huge events is definitely just banter.

> mfw I was never nobody' friend because I was always alone
really chessed everyone or did I haha

>vigorously scrub bathroom floor
>shoulder pain almost gone
Just moving the affected area around a bit can help a lot.

So can I like powerlift something REALLLYYY fucking heavy five times in one minute instead of lifting something light for an hour and it'd still work out the same?.


>can I like powerlift something REALLLYYY fucking heavy
>can I powerlift something
We a verb now niggas

OH she did it again!!!

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>every rep has a neutral spine so far on equipped deads

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>Hey bro, you’re kind of being a douche, tone it down.
>Nah mate, it’s literally everyone else that’s wrong.

Give me one good reason to do something other than the competition lifts

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He’s English that’s just how they communicate

My dude did you just trace a photograph of a kike mutt pissing herself, for the memes?

Keeps you from getting overuse injuries

Don’t make her nervous user! Look she’s doing it again!

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>that shirtless twink (not Alex) wearing a bandana mirin' himself in the mirror after a set of fucking machine chest press

You sure it wasn't him? Bandana could have been a disguise

>somebody who I don't think I've ever seen before just said "what's up Jon?" To me as I walked past
Which one of you guys was it?
It wasn't, he was even smaller than Alex.

I only became class 1 obese on Sheiko

How can you get fat with all that volume? You're supposed to add some assistance, you know?

Easy, by skipping it and going home because 8 triples at 80+% was tiring enough

He thought assistance meant eating more food.

Gotta bicep curl pizza to mouth

>You're supposed to add assistance
What spreadsheets are you looking at? There's like 5 accessories a session

4 weeks ago I did an easy 250kg deadlift, probably could have got 260.
Today, I tried to go for 260kg and couldn't even do 250kg.
I did greg nuckols 28 free, 2x int deadlift cycle, which is higher volume than anything I've done before. What the fuck happened.

Some assistance doesn't make sense for everyone. Sheiko explicitly says to adapt the program to your personal needs in terms of assistance.

Yeah but my point is there's nothing that needs to be added. Swapped, sure, but adding more movements would be absolutely killer.

>higher volume than anything I've done before
maybe fatique accumulation

That's called being a faggot.

Probably fatigue. Tried to Squat 285kg 5 days after trying them before and not counting them due to my spotter being an absolute moron. Ended up pulling something.
Be happy you didn't fuck yourself up

Oh yeah and I've got drunk almost everyday for the past 2 weeks. Maybe that's it.

I've just added the McGill 3 and some rear delt shit. But that's just me.

They better put the plates back rather than just throwing them on the floor

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Can't argue with that lmao, but it was still good for gains

Like they said, fatigue plus bad recovery, taper off volume if you really want to try to max or just go back to regular training and peak properly when you're going to test

they would take the bar and rerack it. lifters should be helping them by continuing to push into and support the bar after failure

though I don't think I've ever seen Taylor Atwood miss a lift. He's really, really good.

>everything flying
>back neutral on practically every rep of deads
PRs incoming lads

1 am dumplings done
lets fucking B L O A T

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Why is Candito meme tier

Because it is a meme. It's an effective meme (except for bench), but it is a meme.

Today I lifted!
+bench pr
- back oof owie when deadlifting

I heard a pop mid rep. It's painful to just walk around but I feel better after doing air squats and deadlifts

Did sparrow piss herself again? If yes pls post webm.

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Get help.

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this is why youll always be weak

Good thing I kicked my addiction to drugs

You don't kick a drug addiction. You replace it. What have you replaced it with?

ur moms pussy

Is it ok to use inflated weights for deadlift in the first weeks of c6w. My first cycle first weeks for dl felt just too light.

Wew, sorry lad. You must be a bad case.

No, second week will be hell on Earth.

>>good trainers with good systems
>>don't do conjugate
pick one

Is this about me? Were you at my gym?

Uhhh lifting l guess

And what happens when you get injured?


Nice blog



Where's /our guy/ Sean?


What's a good four day program where your intensity sets are >=80%? I'm curious what accessories and volume days look like.

Where's that little posh twat George Sneeger? I want to beat him up.

>he doesn't know
user I-