Dream bodies you are working towards

dream bodies you are working towards

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Looks like the beginning of a gay porno t b h

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Dude looks like he injected synthol in his delta

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Tell me this is a guy with a bad case of gyno.

LOL dude

Do you want it to be?

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this confuses and angers my benis

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i see the appeal i do prefer asian traps though

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This is confusing

Same height as me, similar frame.
6'3" 230lbs

J..just 50 more lbs guys.

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pic related, unironically

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rick the stick is such a likeable guy haha

getting some JoJo vibes off this one

That is one confused individual

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I'm in love

Who is this

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>grow grow grow

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Would marry in an instant

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Im... not sure how to feel about this

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who is this guy?

Gibs me Dat sauce

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I miss him bros.

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how deos he manage to look so dyel when all the gooks and russians are ripped

Could an above average female acheive this natty, or is this way above the line. My natty radar is busted for this. All I know is that my boner points in her general direction.

Klokov looks like a real fucking Soldier

Just this is demonstration of such pure strength and genetics

>dream bodies you are working towards

Haha faggots, you'll never know what it feels like to already be making it

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Where is this woman and how can I be her paypig

So that’s what those CrossFit girls look like naked... kind of gross actually. No wonder they get their tits done