Tfw the prostitute you lost your virginity to calls you sexy

>tfw the prostitute you lost your virginity to calls you sexy
d...did i make it bros?

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how old are you?

I'm 23, considering the same thing

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Monitoring this thread in case I need the advice in the future

Incels in denial. Just join the blackpill brotherhood already

Based and snap pilled

You can’t lose your virginity to a prostitute, virgin

They're literally paid to say this shit how stupid are you?

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Will occasionally check the thread.
Considering this because I'm 27, not a virgin but I haven't had sex in, get this, about 10 years. Technically a virgin, yeah. Don't think there's much else for me but paying sluts.

>implying woman would ever tell you the truth after you gave her money.

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Jfc... what happened?

I lost my virginity to a stripper who had track marks all over her arms when I was 17. She was like 38 and keep calling me daddy. Kek those were the good old days.

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tried kissing a hooker once but she dodged me, she was really cute too :(

Yeah what’s the deal with hookers not kissing you?

why would you want to kiss a hooker

You can fuck her in the ass all you want but kissing her is a sincere action only reserved for those she actually cares about

You have to pay extra ffs is everyone on Jow Forums retarded?

Because I like intimate sex

>tried kissing a hooker once

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>implying she isn’t doing you a favor by not letting you put your mouth where Tyrone just shot 2 tablespoons of AIDS

Want a long story?

Used to be a normal ass teenager, then effectively lost 2 or so years of my life studying abroad. Wasn't the fun 'exchange student' experience from my animes. I was really uncomfortable with my poor language skills and isolated myself from everyone. The only good thing is that I developed a taste for sports. With nothing better to do after classes I went to the park and started running alone for hours on end.
Anyway I left my country a kid and returned a grumpy old man. Lost almost all my old friends in the meanwhile, got so blackpilled on life I couldn't make new friends either. Lost another year working a shit factory job. No money, no friends, no free time either.
By this time I was already 24 or so. Then I got the job I'm still working at right now. Comfy as fuck job in the field I studied, got lots of free time but I'm still a pessimistic fuck. I run directly to the gym after work, do my workout in about 1-2 hours, then spend another 3-6 hours of the day 'active resting', which means I walk back home taking the long route, maybe stop in the park to skip the rope, maybe get in another gym to hit the bag, maybe stop by a restaurant to eat, maybe just chill somewhere. Alone.
Then I get home, cook, clean, shower and shipost until bed time.

Yeah, it's a pretty lonely lifestyle and I honestly see no way out because I want to way out. I'm too comfortably set in my own ways to complicate it with relationships. I'm not really sad or depressed or anything, I can even say I have a good life, but looking forward to pay some sluts sounds pretty sad.

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nice blog post faggot

he asked, and I needed to vent a little

>You can fuck her in the ass
That's usually extra.

Thanks for sharing. Hope your situation gets a little better. Have u tried going on dates or anything

Most of them actually have a no blacks policy.

Then why the fuck would you have sex with a hooker you moron?

Too simulate intimate sex kek

Welcome to the real world motherfuckiner

to this day, it baffles me that all of you dont just go out and talk to girls

the lot of you sound like some of my friends who complain about an aspect of their life, but literally dont even try to address it.

>implying you wouldnt want to kiss this

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literally where tho
not tryna get b& from the grocery store

>that filter
At least she is trying to hide the cigarette burns

i’m fat short and brown

cute boy

Bars, at the park, on the train, on the streets. Sports games. Look strangers in the eye and smile at them. If they smile back, go say hi. Don't just do qts, do ugly girls too to practice and get comfortable being social.

>Look strangers in the eye and smile at them
fucking burgers

You don’t look people in the eye and smile?
>fucking third worlders

yeah, tried dating alright, but after failed after failed attempt, I just gave up. Then tried again, then failed then gave up.

And then I tried again just last week, and she ghosted me so now I'm here.

plenty of ways to go about it
I've personally dated 3 different girls- I met the first by randomly approaching her when I was a highschool student,the second from a new years eve party, and the third from a college class. Outside of relationships, I've had sex with 3 other girls- one from another college class, one from work, and another from a party.

I understand everything I just said can be outside of certain people's access, such as not be being in college or having girl coworkers etc etc... so let me tell you about what some friends of mine and my brother have done:

A friend of mine goes out clubbing all the time, and has a new girlfriend every month that he meets from doing so. Another friend of mine is religious and met his fiance via joining a bible study. My brother used to go out to bars all the time to hook up with random girls, as of last year he decided to marry one. The list just goes on and on- and ANYONE can find the time to do these things.

The fuck would I stare at them and smile? I'm not a phony weirdo

It’s called being friendly DUH

this only works if you’re attractive, if you arent you seem like a creep

You sound like a chill dude. If you want you surely can find some male friends in sports clubs or even the gym. And with male friends comes more social activities and sloots. But I'm not sure you even want that. Also why not contact old friends?

Oh I guess that’s why it works for me

yeah. anyone. I hate myself so much I don't even see myself as a fucking human being and you tell people about some normies living normie life. kek.

Prostitution is fine. There's no difference between marriage and whoredom, one is just a socially glorified trap to turn you into an eternal wage slave, the other is a low cost alternative demonized by a the globo homo(globalists governors).

Prostitution is a useful tool for virgins to gain some experience and alleviate stress.

>at the end of the day since most men are not attractive alpha males
>the vast majority of interactions or economically motivated by females

not the guy youre responding to, but bare in mind that attraction is relative. Do it to someone in your league, and stop caring about some unimportant random thinking youre creepy or not. Not to be rude, but your words are the words of a coward, and you need to realize that and change.

You have the time to go out to bars.

You have the time to join some kind of group, whether it be something like intramural sports (like ive done) or a religous study (like my aforementioned friend)- whatever your interests are.

You have the time to go out clubbing, if you live in a big city.

You have the time to go to festivals/events in your living area.

You have the time to strike up a conversation ay the gym (one of my brother's friends is dating a girl he met at the gym).

So many options, and yet here you are, acting as though you cant do anything about it. It's time to take responsibility and actually do something, user.

all of you are still virgins. you lost your fake V card.

you only lose your TRUE virginity if you cum in a girl raw with no birth control as she screams she loves you

Just because you fuck a hooker doesn’t mean you haven’t fucked non hookers. You’re the one who sounds like a virgin.

I've had quite a few bros.

[spoiler]One of them moved abroad as well, after I returned home. He effectively walked in my footsteps, distanced himself from everyone back home the way I did. Haven't spoken to him in at least 6 months.
One got married in the meanwhile and has a kid. He works every day and goes straight back home to his wife and kid, understandably.
One is on his way to get married but we simply lost touch, I changed, he changed, we aren't buddy buds anymore. It's understandable, he's got his own life, I got mine.
Another accused me of cuckolding him and hitting on his gf. I barely spoken to her, barely exchanged hi/bye but he must have heard / felt something, maybe she told him something. We didn't argue, I explained I never even talked with her when he wasn't around. We talked less and less and eventually we lost contact altogether. He also broke up with that gf. I haven't seen either in some 2 years
One bro moved abroad for some years too but came back really blackpilled on life. Even worse than me. Started with sluts and drinking and drugs and shit, got really damn fat, I haven't seen him in years until like a week ago when we randomly bumped into each other on the street. We exchanged pleasantries, said we should meet sometimes but we stopped there. Was supposed to meet with him today but he said he's out of town. Whatever.
And the last bro I kinda still see him from time to time but he keeps treating me like shit because I don't drink alcohol. We weren't that good friends from the start anyway and (my bad) I kept beating him when we were kids, and now every time we meet he gives me that mocking 'still going to the gym' spiel, so I kinda avoid his fat ass.[/spoiler]
spoiler because maybe not everyone wants to read this blog

Long story short, life moved on, everyone is doing their own shit and I can't / won't make new friends.

I think you only lose virginity if you
>cum in a girl raw
>after she actively and willingly sucked your dick
>and swallowed your cum before and without all the 'ew' whore bullshit
>and took it in the ass without a flinch, with a smile on her face
>and after you came into her raw she squeezed your ass, whispering 'deeper'
>and as you went deeper, she scratched your back
>yelling 'I LOVE YOU'
>and after sex you both enjoy sleeping into each other's arms without a second care in the world
That's what losing virginity is. But you virgins wouldnt't know, hahaha

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How can I safely get a prostitute so I'm not a khv anymore? I'm a medical student so I don't want to lose everything.

I had 2 escorts kiss me without asking
I'm quite handsome


thats the gayest thing ive ever read.

>tfw live one 25 minute subway ride away from a redlight district.
Should I do it?


I am 25 years old and I never even kissed a girl

Why not get in touch with the abroad blackpill bros? If it sucks you could go back to your current normal immediately. Interesting read however.

I suggest reading in your free time
Your story reminded me of Albert Camus' The Stranger, which is kinda funny.., I suggest you reading it, also

literally everything is packed with creepy indian dudes driving away all the white women

>I'm quite handsome
>fucks escorts

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whats wrong with indians trying to get some poonani? they are doing the same thing you do

you can be physically attractive and socially crippled

It's not a big deal it'll happen when it happens. Don't pay someone for something you'll regret.

They need to go back.

I’ll be your fren :)

>There's no difference between marriage and whoredom
>what are kids

>one is just a socially glorified trap to turn you into an eternal wage slave
If you're an atheist cuck that follows secular morals, yeah, it can be the case

haha I used to say this too, now I'm a 28 year old khv. You can't wait for things to change you have to put yourself out there.

Well, yeah. If you stay inside every night and avoid human interaction chances are good you'll remain a virgin

>Know I need to go somewhere
>But there's nowhere I want to go

I am an 18 year old KHV that is turning 19 very soon. Should I just get a prostitute now? I am 6'1" and Jow Forums but I have a weird voice and look really old for my age so I dont think any teenage girl would like me enough to have sex. Also have shit social skills and possibly am aspie.

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You're a fucking kid you retard just stop being an aspire. Get a job in retail or volunteer at an op shop or something where you're forced to interact with people and you'll make social gains.

Where do you even find prostitutes here in the USA without getting fucked by the feds? Where do they advertise? Any Boston anons know of any prostitutes in the area?

this, I'm autistic af

Just go out to the bars or something and make friends. Just got back from the bar and played pool with some people I didn't even know cause my other friend got kicked out for being under 21. So I just started talking to these guys and we played pool. If you went again every week and regularly talked with people then you can become friends with them.

Us humans are social creatures. Without social activity you're doomed to become a pessimistic fuck like so many people on this board.

It’s legal over in certain counties in Nevada

Fucking this, i got girls mirin and flirting with me but my lack of social skills always ruins it
>mfw 23 yo khv

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>tfw 27 nearly 28 kv
>terrified of the thought of even going to a prostitute

i dont talk to girls because im humiliated about my worthless pathetic life and dont want to expose that loserdom to anyone. let alone being humiliated over my compete lack of any sort of sexual experience to expose myself to someone in that way. pretty funny because i have no standards and find most girls/women to be cute or hot

Not gonna lie if I don't lose the V card by next summer I'm just gonna take a cross-country roadtrip from NH to California on a motorcycle and on the way I'll stop in Nevada.

I'm not am absolute autist I know how to socialize and somewhat hit on women I just don't go out much and I don't go to college which seriously handicaps me. I usually just go to my friend's colleges to party.

Lost my virginity to a hooker. I told her I hadn't had sex and she just said "why?" I said I'm not good at talking to girls and she just said "why?" I can't really describe how it felt to touch a woman for the first time, have my dick sucked etc. Better than anything. I had to pound her ass pretty hard in order to cum and she said I was really good for my first time.

After another hooker I found the courage to ask out this girl after I already figured out she liked me. She was a crazy bitch, the real crazy, and she had massive natural tits and ass. Again it was an amazing feeling to play with those tits, cum inside and have constant crazy sexting about BDSM.

That didnt last and I havent had sex for 6 months. Thats the true pain boys, believe me. Your dick doesnt give a fuck what happened 6 months ago, it wants it back again right now. Needing sex is a curse you have your whole life.

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It's only a failure if you don't learn from it.

I'm 22 probably following this path or an heroing into a guard rail end like kubica.

Most people don't have a lot of sexual experience.

im so terrified of coming off like one of the desperate thirsty nice guy betas i always hear people say girls dont like that i just dont act nice to any of them and dont show any of them any attention. had the opposite effect, 26 khv