How do I make anti cancer gains

Is chinese weaponized phone radiation bad for you?

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Your body has mechanisms for adapting to and repairing radiation damage - a clear example of this is sunlight. You don't just fry continually until you die, your body adapts to be more radiation-resistant if its exposed to higher amounts of background radiation.

There are regions of the world with naturally higher background radiation and they actually experience lower rates of cancer.

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That's...not true at all. Your body doesn't adapt to radiation. The cells die.

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>Mistaking natural cell growth and reparation for adaptation to radiation

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Radio waves are no different in their effects on the body from ultraviolet radiation

So I guess I need to wear sunscreen before I turn on my stereo, or I'll get a sunburn.

>Massive doses with near constant exposure at relatively short ranges of man made frequencies is totally natural!


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Totally different things. Yes they're both on the electromagnetic spectrum, way different energies and wavelengths are involved.

The radiation you get from space is significantly stronger.



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Look up the difference between ionizing and non-ionizing radiation (long story short UV from the sun and an X-rays are orders of magnitude more damaging than constant exposure to radio waves)

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