Grade-A Cunt

>Grade-A Cunt
>Abused her powers to torture helpless and defenseless men
>Gets off scot-free after a year in a comfy military prison

Really fucky shit my boy.

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She used the pregnancy defense to get special treatment. Blame white knights.

torture queen is head of the CIA now

Of course she did. This is really an example of our world just being a big lie. I mean, this could've any of us being treated like this just in a different scenario.

>you can't just torture terrorists and get away with it
>that's where you're wrong kiddo
She's exactly the kind of woman I'd want to wife.

wtf am i looking at? whats the context for this pic?

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god i wish that was me

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>work for a party that is in cahoots with government
>get benefits from said work
I don't see a problem here, just typical government benefits.

no shes not, fag.

she tries to blame everything she did on men

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were the soldiers she abused bad people that also tortured people?

Are you the kind of cuck that admits to everything and never lies or blames other people? Yikes

So you are just jealous you don't get paid to do this? Because it isn't like the average robot has any kind of moral superiority.

WTF is wrong with these people geez

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>wrote letters home about how disgusting the way they treat them is
>goes on about how she needs to let someone know
>all the pictures proved she fucking loved it

Are you Female or Gay? Jeepers

Reminder none of the architects of the Iraq war were executed or even put on trial

Just a few pawns here and there

>Because it isn't like the average robot has any kind of moral superiority.

Are you insane? The average robot isn't torturing random sand fucks after a false war.

99% of people in the world are inherently better than these psycho fucks

That dude has a bigger PP than me.... feels fucking bad.

Most of the edgy fags here qould love to do that,yes i was wrong in saying they don't have moral superiority,but it isn't as if they wouldn't do the same if they could