What has been the greatest realization of your life so far?

What has been the greatest realization of your life so far?

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You have power over your mind, not outside events

A GF won't make me happy

There's no greater meaning to it. Also determinismpill.

The universe is in a loop. We live and die over and over again in the exact same way. Because you lack a perception of time during your nonexistence, it's literally a mere instance between your death and birth. There is never a time in which you're not alive from your own perspective. You're stuck here forever.

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in a world full of stupid people, being able to plan 1 week in advance is a super power

You are your mind. What makes you think you have power over 'it'? Where does this power even come from? The realisation here is that you don't have any power over your mind because your conscious thoughts just create the illusion that you do. In reality we're basically computers, just taking an input, doing some calculations and then producing an output.

That I am ran ultimately by the chemicals in my body. I only have so much control and they direct most of my life.

You can bottle up your emotions if you have a strong enough bottle.

the way I felt during one DXM trip

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That the reason I'm so suicidal is because my brain is broken. That's why I'm asexual, agoraphobic and hav no will to live.

That I can not be happy in human civilization. I'm anomallous, and my mind is not designed to accept the same world others can.

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I can understand the concept of a lecture but still get a failing grade

The only thing your mind isn't designed for is spelling.

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When you're an ugly male, your life will be a living hell even if you make a lot of money.

Same. When are you leaving this dimension I'm turning 24 on the 25th of june and will kms in october.

Ignorance is not bliss but discovering the pain of life and pushing yourself through it and making yourself a bloomer is

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that some people simply arent destined for happy lives with others, some people are meant to be alone, and honestly, thats ok. we're raised to base our lives and identities around the validation of others. there is not anything wrong with solitude though, one must overcome societal dogma and accept that to truly find any peace

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that it isn't as hard to fit in to normie society as I thought

inb4 get off my board, ree, etc

>Muh chemicals
Yeah, except you do actually have control but u gotta take risks. I also believed the chemical shit but, think about it, consciousness is way more than muh chemicals, it's way complex than that. Your environment often determines how your mind works

Your life is the sum of all of your actions, inactions, and decisions.
However, outside forces can still have influence at any time.
Learning to distinguish between the effects of the two is critical to empowering yourself and realizing your own life.

everything the bible says is completely true, it's being hidden from us exactly how and why the bible says it will be, and all conspiracies lead to this
and you will all see it in the future, hopefully before it's too late

That I am actually not very good at anything.

The quads have spoken, heed their words.

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How retarded can you be that you think free will is an illusion but your perception of computers is how reality works? What if computers are an illusion? Let alone the fact that someone designed a computer, which would imply a god in your logic.

Go back to high school philosophy and pay attention this time

Finding depression by pretending to be "woke" isn't necessarily truthful.

This. Theres a simple experiment to see if you are a determinism meme. Starve yourself and see if it changes your mood or appearance. If you can starve for 10 days and not notice any change, you are a determinism meme.

The npc meme is 100% real. I'll never cease to be amazed by how absurdly empty headed and simple these people are, theres absolutely no complex thought going on.

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you will NEVER get where you want to be without knowing people in advance

For me, mostly that my thoughts are nothing special, that within the decade thought itself will be automated. Already in 2019 AI is at a point where machines can recognize everything with 90% accuracy. There will be people in a year, and in a few years. In 2022 it might feel like that, but I don't see that it will happen until 2025.

On top of this, AI won't be able to understand basic concepts, it'll be able to read every article, but there will always be something that a machine says in order to understand.

What is your dream for AI?

I would like to create a kind of consciousness that's separate from my personal experience. In this, I think that if we go further into machines, to create a sort of AI mind that's separate from all of my experiences, not only is it better, but also that if we try to use this AI mind, not only are we going to think it's useful, but also we will think it's smart, because if you tell it what you've created over there it will recognize the things it likes when it comes into the world, it will want to go to your social network and learn about your life if you've done it right but it can't do that if you've created what it wants

This is actually about accurate...what the fuck

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I got to 110k a year without knowing anybody. Most people in my company dont even know what my job is.

that one day, and several other days, you are going to have to make a choice where not everyone wins. and it will be a hard choice, and it'll tear you apart, and someone will get hurt.

discovering just how bad the unemployment rate really is in the u.s. as well as finding out that the average americano is like 33k in debt. it makes me feel better about being a loser with no ambition to achive shit. im just a neet having fun with my xbox 360 and nintendo switch. i wish i had money for a ps4 though. maybe ill find a gig this summer, then quit when i get all the games i want

That pessimism is not realism, and selective memory is what makes spoiled people think their lives are hard or unbalanced.

What are you talking about? Obviously, anything we perceive from our limited human perspective can't be objectively verified. But not only do we have to take our perception of reality as fact if we are to have any sort of knowledge, since by this logic anything could be an illusion, I'm not even talking about the fact that things 'could' be an illusion. I'm talking about the ego our brain produces, the identity we give ourselves that unifies our thoughts, feelings and characteristics into what we call a 'person'. This is an illusion in not just the 'our perception of reality could be false' sense, but the 'the way we think of ourselves is false' sense. There is no real reason to think of ourselves as more than just animals that respond to things taken in by our senses. And your design argument doesn't even make sense. We're not literally computers, what we are now is the product of how we've evolved over time, so we don't have a 'designer' other than I suppose nature or the universe.

men are way more despicable than women are

I don't see what consciousness has to do with control. Being aware does not mean being in control. We're aware of our thoughts and feelings, but that doesn't mean we control them. And a lot of things in this life are complex, but it doesn't mean that they have some mystic ability to choose and influence things regardless of the physical world.

difference is men learn to be worthless betabux degenerates. women are by default childish whores for life

Determinism is true, you cannot escape your fate. History, time, and events are cyclic. Myth is more important than history because it determines the direction in which it's people will take until a new myth takes its place.

Everything is an illusion then.
Electricity was supernatural until it wasnt. You using the word mystical wouldnt prove that we have no control. Maybe you have no control, that would be unfortunate. Would it hold up in court?

Retroactively labeling decisions as fate is truly evidence we live in a society. Too many sci fi movies bastardizing first year philosophy subjects

Whatcha playing 360 bro
I wanna replay dragon age

The 360 version has xbox graphics haha

>everything is an illusion then
Not only did I say that I'm not talking about illusions in that sense (I'm talking about illusions as in a false premise that exists even within our perception of reality, not just the illusions that mean 'anything in our reality could be false'), but I also don't see how you got to that conclusion and why.
>Electricity was supernatural until it wasn't
But here I'm the one saying to you that consciousness isn't supernatural. You, or some other user, said that consciousness is really complex and so it gives us the ability to choose things independently of anything in the physical world (since otherwise we wouldn't have free will as our choice would be dependent on other factors). But I am saying that that is like calling consciousness mystical, because there's no reason to believe that and it doesn't really make sense either. Also, the court thing doesn't really have anything to do with anything, I don't really know what you're talking about here. Obviously the justice system doesn't care about philosophy, and criminals are punished for more than just 'they deserve it'.

Blamed everything on how short i was, then got a huge growth spurt at 18 and still kissless virgin 6 years later

that most markets are monopolized and everything in the grocery store is artificial arranged. for instance in wal mart all the things when you walk in will be ordered type of product:

sugar -> grain -> sugar -> grain -> seasoning -> sugar

always beverages will be beer, tea, soda, cased water, 2 liter of sodas. most the specials are on sugar product or grain product specializing in energy drinks. never buy anything is that is 1.98 in price usually soda or energy drinks sometimes bag of chips. as you can see when you sequentially add up integers it equals 18 divide it by number of integers 3 == 6 666. this is a very common price the illuminati owns most everything and design the prices plus the product layout.

any store manager doesn't know shit they get diagrams from corporate most of which set the store up how they're told to which is subliminal marketing.

this drink if you if you inverse of hte image and put it side by side you make an owl face. all subliminal marketing drink says not drink if pregnant or causes aggression. many police photos on social media see this drink in car or police buying the drink. if an officer has drinking these be very cautious.

>notice price

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Its not independent, queer bait. Free will as a human experience is part of the natural world, like communication or intuition. Explain either of those.

Some people exaggerate what they believe they can control. You are over correcting and diving face first into an oversimplification that just doesnt mean anything. Okay, so you think the ability to decide is an illusion. Bravo, it has zero logical basis but it is analogous to how rocks and small animals are relatively predictable according to the same lens that you just claimed was unreliable. What does that have to do with anything? If you go the route of denying accountability, well you fundamentally cant blame the people who are blaming others, it would be a paradox. If you are rejecting the hypothesis that people can change and develop over time, youll just have to reconcile that all the millions of times you are wrong is just poor interpretation of the rules or data. What boggles the mind is that you think there is a sophisticated difference between blurting out that choice is mystical and the useless brain in a vat experiment.

sugar grain sugar grain sugar is usually the pattern.

all corporations own the store no independent product in there. all the aisles are designed by the corporations and told to the store how to set it up or what to sell (part of the monopoly). hence no product is competing with another product rather designed to make you buy it and it's all owned by the same.

so to put it it's not a matter of getting you to choose their product of another one it's a matter of getting you to buy as many of it as they can.

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>Free will as a human experience is part of the natural world, like communication or intuition. Explain either of those.
What are you saying here? First you just say that free will is a part of the human experience, without saying why. Then you ask me to explain intuition and communication as if they're equally as mysterious. Intuition is just a name we give to reaching an answer without consciously thinking about it; that doesn't mean you reached it by magic, you just got there subconsciously. And communication is what we use to share information. What do these have to do with free will, which is the belief that you have full control over your decisions? Also, I don't know what you're trying to say with that huge paragraph. The ability to decide has zero logical basis because there is nothing to suggest that there is a part of us that can just completely ignore the physical world and decide things on its own. In fact, I wouldn't even know what this thing would be because the notion of it doesn't make any sense. And then the rest of it is just you coming up with things and then saying it's wrong in a vaguely condescending way.

Psi balls are real and we've been completely lied to about this world

That's what a non-original NPC would say

Muh chemicals is the weaklings way out, it denies all responsibility and refutes any concerted effort, everything that happens to you is >muh chemicals, never >muh fault

big dicked niggers are the master race

Facts are facts I'm afaid and unless you can demonstrate some mechanism by which atoms could 'choose' the you're shit outta luck as far as fr wi goes. We're a carbon-based chemical reaction, just like fire is an oxygen-based chemical reaction.

The burden of proof to demonstrate free will is on you, bucko.

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Why would it ignore the physical world if its part of the physical world? You cant tell me with a serious face that you think communication is a real concept, but free will is too complicated for you to be real.
I just explained why your assumption is incorrect; you are basing your idea of free will on the disembodied consciousness of people who think they can shape time and space. Not only can you not prove anything about that caricature, but it would have zero value to debate it. The fact that you have to reduce all perception of decision making to an illusion, without having any clue how other people perceive it shows you are lazy but thats about it. Maybe youre just a brain in a vat

>he typed random letters randomly in an entropic universe and it came out as perfect sentences that I can understand
If you light a fire it has different consequences than if you dont light a fire. If you think you have no control over your body all I can say is, too bad LoL

the only way to be happy is to shape reality in your head to be what you want. grounded enough to be on earth, but delusional enough to ignore the ever present nihilism. then you will have everything you need to become a man of purpose

You're actually too dumb to understand the arguments you're getting into. The complexity of our actions say nothing about FREE WILL.

>you think you have no control over your body all I can say is, too bad LoL
This has nothing to do with free will.

This is telling me you're fundamentally misunderstanding this entire thing. Why would it ignore the physical world if it's part of the physical world? Exactly. If your entire being is part of the physical world, you obey cause and effect. Every event is therefore affected by a previous event. Therefore, free will doesn't exist. What do you think free will is? And I never said perception of decision making is an illusion. I said that the idea of an ego, or an identity, is an illusion that causes to think that everything that comes from us somehow makes us worthy of concepts such as respect, which feeds into the idea of free will, as with free will everything people do well is worthy of admiration and anything bad they do is just laziness or evil. This feeds into the idea of free will but the decisions we come to are no more 'free' than a decision a computer would come to.

Proof to me freewill is not a thing, if we really are only a chemical reactions, essentially nothing more than dumb animals but more aware, why are things like suicides or hungerstrikes to the point of death a thing, shouldnt our body/brain actively intervene to stop us from dying, as thats the main criteria for evolution? (Not being dead so you can reproduce) after all, this behaviour is highly counterproductive and thus would be selected out during the bronze age, meaning bodies producing chemicals in the exact way to lead to this behaviour to die out, yet here we are and suicide is still very much around.

The rules are made up and the points don't matter.

>obey cause and effect
Right. If you choose one thing or another, there is an effect. The choice itself is processed by you according to what you want. This is free will. If you cant keep up with that conversation because you want to babble incorrectly about what an illusion is defined as, be my guest.

There are more philosophies than determinism by the way. If you reject human experience as a metric altogether you can get into some really interesting stuff.

It does though. The context of free will is always about the choices you make in your individual life. The proponents of determinism believe they have no choice but to do what they feel is natural to them. The failure of this babbys first thought experiment is that it justifies inaction. Naturally, you would just impulsively do stupid shit and either die young or have the foresight to keep yourself alive but just at the bare minimum.

Shouting that time is a flat circle or god is in everything or whatever is just edgy speak. You cant escape the human mind. You have to argue in the context of what a human mind experiences. Physics experiments on subatomic particles dont explain love sufficiently. Maps are imperfect representations.

There isn't choice, there's just cause and effect.

Youre just a brain in a vat

Up till quantum physics came along and fucked up your lil determinism

Love is literally hormones. Are you schizophrenic?

Define a lot? Ugly rich guys slay pussy all the fucking time


No it didn't

It very much proved chance is a factor, and thus that A does not automatically lead to B

The experience of love expressed as a hormone receptor complex is a little cringe to me son.
Books are literally just trees, why do people read them?

You'll have to substantiate your claims, because that runs directly contrary to my understanding of quantum mechanics.

The symbols printed in books carry symbolic meaning that I can interpret because I stored information about those symbols in the neurons in my brain.

Quantum mechanics equations dont have deterministic outputs but you do you.

Good, now that I managed to get a response, mind providing some evidence of your own for determinism beyond "muh chemicals"?

Wrong. Its just trees. Why do people get so emotional over one tree and not the other? Really makes my neurons fire up

As for the "meaning of life":
The shit we do & the things we accomplish are ultimately meaningless. You are less than a grain of sand in the universe and live in a timespan that is nothing compared to the time that was & the time that will come after you. Nothing you do will have any impact on the universe.
The only real meaning you can find is in what you have right now & what you feel right now. If you are happy, that won't change anything, really, but at least you feel good. Given that your wolrdview is the only thing you experience, making the best of your own life is the only thing that really matters.

Also as for the "why are we here?", the simulation theory combined with the many worlds theory is what seems to most plausible to me.

Okey last thing off the top of my head; society tries to keep the status quo. The people can't handle change/different opinions that well & the government wants to be stable with tax paying sheep to keep it running. That is why it is so hard to become the next Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Elon Musk - because even though there are literally billions of us, most of us never break off from the herd. Oh and drugs can be a good thing if used responsibly (which a lot of people doing them don't due to character flaws that makes them more likely to take drugs, same as gambling etc)

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Determinists reject this concept. Those symbols just create chemical reactions when light bounces off them. Also for your autism you get to live another day without improving yourself.

You will have to substantiate that claim. Please at least try to understand that quantum mechanics doesn't definitively prove that events in the universe are random.

Multiple psychosis thought me this:

Everything you perceive is just a construct of your mind. If your mind changes, so does everything around you.
These constructs, believes and perceptions about yourself and the world, are incredibly feeble.
All it needs is a little push and up becomes down, the above becomes the below, reality itself starts to crumble, and everything changes and gets replaced by something completely different. Because this isn't real. This is just a construct of your mind.

There is of course an underlying objective reality, the truth, but it's not what you experience at all. What you live in and think in and feel in is your constructed subjective reality, an illusion in your head, with you wildly hallucinating all the time, and getting terribly delusional about everything.

In this sense, everyone is delusional all the time. No one knows the truth. Some are closer to it than others, sure, but as humans with our limited cognition and senses, we are all terribly far off. You also can't communicate the truth with words or concepts, because those are also just constructed by us, based on our hallucinations and delusions.

So don't trust no human, including you. Best you can do is try to self reflect often, to contemplate your actions, to try to search for truth, to piece together a small part of the puzzle. But never trust anyone claiming to know the truth. You should be in a constant state of self doubt, of asking and re-asking the same questions, but never settle for anything that is presented to you by other humans as "truth". There is no such thing coming from humans.

Holy shit you're an idiot.

>why are things like suicides or hungerstrikes to the point of death a thing, shouldnt our body/brain actively intervene to stop us from dying, as thats the main criteria for evolution?
You don't understand evolution... like, at all. Why are people born with Harlequin's disease or with missing limbs? You can clearly understand that people, even in modern times, can be born with physical defects. Well guess what? The brain is a physical organ. It can be afflicted with defect which cause depression and a high death drive.

Humanity is a cancerous infection on this universe that badly needs curing.

>he looks into a mirror and sees something that is less than a grain of sand
Too edgy for me dog. You must be sad about something

That I know nothing

t. took the socratic pill

Please explain how chemicals in the brain come to make choices for themselves? If not, I have no reason to accept your 'free will' meme.

My claim is verifiably true.

Symbols can contain subjective meaning, I don't understand why this so difficult to understand.

I can't say I have any, for me determinism seems like the zero value where free will would be the thing that has to be proven. If you want to have a discussion about this I'm totally open.

Why is it a defect if everything is just a chemical reaction? There is no inherent functionality to the larger organism, just different reactions. If anything, you should argue that life is a defect. Statistically, it doesnt even exist in the universe

people act normal becuase it makes it way easier to live with each other. and typically if everyone does the same thing , then its usually for a sensible reason. like washing your hand after you poop or not blowing up a girls phone

Everything in the world is human made, everything we ever have and ever will know was made by other people.

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It never really gets better despite what your friends and family will tell you

Thats nice

T. Citybro who's never went out in nature. Take an international flight and you'll realise most of the planet is utterly uninhabited. Humans are bunched up in a few key locations, mostly near water sources such as rivers and shores.

Thats the point, there is no reason to be sad about something that is absolutely meaningless. You will be forgotten, make your time worth while you still have it man!
And unless you believe in paradise/rebirth of some religious "make yourself feel better about death" bs, then you should accept this.
In the grand sceme of things you are nothing. How many people in history mattered? A few hundred in a couple millions. Now? A few thousands in a couple billions. For how long? Maybe 50, 100 or even 500 years but then?
Your lifespan & the things you do/you are part of mean nothing compared to the vast space and time of the universe around you.

I would agree with this. I was just speaking your language.

I am admitting that I use my senses to perceive things and that there are inherent flaws in how those systems work. I'm sorry if you find that underwhelming.

Explain how we can tell that a single chemical out in space is ice cream or a bridge.
Youre making pointless statements. You are the chemicals in your body and brain, the ones you have control over. You cant move the walls like you can move your arms.

Heres a much more relevant question. When was the last time you really challenged yourself to push your limits and take a big risk?

I'll never be happy, nothing in this world can bring me happiness

And that im just a retard that think is intelligent or special but im just a piece of shit

I live in the middle of nowhere deep in Pennsylvania. I am moving to the city though this weekend.

>When was the last time you really challenged yourself to push your limits and take a big risk?

Kek, what the fuck even is this argument, and since when were Chad tier talking points acceptable in philosophical debate?

Justice doesn't exist
You are your net worth, though even people in debt are worth more than poor people (cause at least you can collect on them)
Universal truth will never be found
the average human is incredibly moronic and not worth taking seriously
The hedonic treadmill
Life objectively sucks and sometimes death is the most merciful option
There is no space for any certain person in the world. Trying to carve a space out for yourself is like trying to part the ocean.
People are genuinely, like, impressively phenomenally stupid.
Like, how the hell is this possible stupid.

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