How do you sleep at night knowing no woman has ever wanted to spend time intimately with you and that you'll never have...

How do you sleep at night knowing no woman has ever wanted to spend time intimately with you and that you'll never have a gf?

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i close my eyes and wait for the screaming to stop
sometimes alcohol and weed

I don't sleep at night knowing that because that isn't true and I dream about all the tits that have bounced in my face while riding my dick.

See ya later loners!

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Eh, fine I guess.

I'm not bothered by such petty matter. I'll rather be with the people I enjoy spending time with.

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>implying I've never had sex
Y'all are larping as incels right?

>Y'all are larping as incels right?
Well dude posted some photo of an uberslut with a hash filename of some sort implying it's not sourced from anything remotely decent.

Either they're LARPing or they are Elliot Rodger v2.0

BTW FYI acronyms rule, also back in my day we called an uberslut a slag

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Dont talk about her like that.

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I sleep like a baby knowing that I will never get cheated on. good luck having a loyal gf when her phone is a bag of dicks.

stop bullying suicidal people, please

Slag is the amalgam of impurities from the source ore left over after smelting (refining) a metal.

When applied to a woman it refers to the expected end product after she has had her "ore" "smelted" into various sorts of alloys by amalgamation with our "secondary" elements repeatedly until there is nothing useful left.

who is she? i think shes cute and not an uberslut

>How do you sleep at night
drunk usually

I sleep well knowing I'll never have to deal with HPV or any other STI

>About 80 million Americans are infected with one of the many types of HPV, according to the CDC. It spreads through vaginal, anal or oral sex with someone who has the virus. Certain HPV types can cause genital warts, which are considered low-risk. Others can cause cancer in different areas of the body, including the genitals and throat, and are considered to be high-risk.

Of course your first thought will be "but user, you have nothing to live for." That may be true, but at least I wont die a diseased ridden whore.

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Here's a video of some slags being beaten with a mace.

"alright now grab those ankles!"

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why is the dating market so so so sooo unbalanced???
fuck this clown world!

I drink a lot and try to build up the courage for suicide. I dont sleep much. I just want to be loved honestly why does that feel like I'm asking for a lot and being entitled?

>I drink a lot and try to build up the courage for suicide.
There's your problem. Suicide has nothing to do with courage.

You can commit suicide only when your fear of living another moment outweighs your fear of death. Apparently your life is just too damn nice, as awful as you think it may be, which says you're a fool.

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That's real edgy and deep there bro but every method I have easily accessible seems like it would hurt like a bitch and I only like pain when a girl causes it

>I just want to be loved honestly why does that feel like I'm asking for a lot and being entitled?
Advice v2: It feels that way because you are an entitled little self-obsessed shithead. Do you believe people treat others differently than they feel they deserve to be treated?

People treat others based upon how they think others "deserve" to be treated. This is based upon assumption and usually a reflection of a person's view of themselves (AKA self-esteem.) People with very poor self-esteem generally have trouble making friends and tend to treat others poorly.

The answer to this problem is to accept yourself and love yourself. That is the only way you'll be able to accept and love others, which is the only way you'll encourage them (if they've done likewise as you have to yourself) to do the same for you.

There are reasons for everything, whether it's simple physical determinism or psychology and behavior. The key to understanding these things is to ACCEPT and RESPECT them for what they really are; NOT what you THINK they are.

Step 1 is "I don't know" and "I don't understand". Start by accepting that and a whole new world will open up to you. You don't seem very comfortable dealing with those basic facts ATM.

Also: kiss kiss hug hug muy love

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That isn't asking for much, but it's so rare nowadays that it's become a commodity like everything else. However assuming you have family members you probably are loved in some capacity.

escapism usually helps

It often bothers me but even if I got a GF it would almost certainly end in failure and probably just make my life worse. What I want and what I would actually get are very different things.

I'll think about my current crush. Sometimes cry myself to sleep.

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I've always had garbage self esteem
I've also always treated others kindly. Especially friends. I've been an excellent wingman, a great errand boy, I've even gone to a guys house with his favorite drinks after he broke up with his gf, when he didnt even ask for it, just to support him. Know what that got me? Abandonment. I can generally discard and ignore my low self esteem but that never seems to make a difference, and my therapist ignored my pleas for help

By not being a faggot,you should try it

>I've also always treated others kindly.
Have you though? You only know what you've done and you measure it on your own little scale based upon weights you've crafted yourself from your expectations of what people "deserve" or what you "ought" to do.

You need to realize that is all self-obsession and narcissism.

What matters is what other people think/feel, and we can see they've abandoned you.

Does it rationally follow that you've been a great and valuable asset to them?

They've abandoned me
I've made myself a great and valuable asset that no-one would ever risk losing


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It could always be worse. For example, I have access to clean drinking water, whereas many do not. Therefore life isn't all that awful, in comparison.

I had every single one of the people at some point call or text me about how great of a friend I was. I didnt ask for it or anything, it came out of absolute nowhere. I'd plan birthday parties for all of them, I'd help with any issues they had, I was more than happy to pay for dinner if they were short on cash. All I asked in return was to spend a bit of time with me every couple of weeks or so and not flake every time.
I wasnt this bitter and self obsessed before they left me, I focused on them. I was actually pretty positive before.

>I wasnt this bitter and self obsessed before they left me,
Did you just fill in the "follows from" correctly?

They've abandoned me
I turned bitter and self obsessed

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*poke poke poke*
Hint: "I don't know."

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You can keep saying that but that doesnt make it true, man. You werent there, you dont know how much I focused on these people just cause they were my friends and I cared about them
It took a while after they left for me to become bitter. But you'll probably just say I'm self obsessed or something again anyways. Thanks for your help or whatever that was supposed to be

Its the dismal tide, I take to the deterministic approach to lazy reason and accept it for what it is.

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By drinking until I black out.

>but that doesnt make it true, man.
That applies to anything you can hark on about the past. Try to focus on a future with other people in it. That's what you want right?

You'll fail ninety-nine times out of ten up to the point you just get lucky. A lot of people claim they "worked hard" and "deserve" success, but that's pure unmitigated bullshit.

We all just get lucky sometimes. Life is fucked up that way. Sometimes you can do absolutely everything in a way you think is right, then get sick and fucking die in horrible pain. You can try an infinite number of times and fail over and over every time.

Real courage is not far from idiocy. We go on to try anyway.

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That looks pretty gay mad lad.

Stop responding to that pseud mate.

I dont know how to make new friends though to get past it. My therapist said to get a job to make new friends, but the only job I've been able to get since then is a night shift where I work alone. I've tried various social groups on Meetup but it just didnt work since everybody flocked to the girl in charge. How the hell do you make friends as an adult?

Its ok. The only place where the idealistic love that I long for actually exists is in the 2d realm. No girl will ever love an ugly, poor, manlet like myself, but media has so far helped ease my aching soul

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>How the hell do you make friends as an adult?
That's that "99/10" thing I mentioned. It doesn't make sense, but sometimes you just get lucky. There isn't some ideal way to meet people so you just have to go kind of nuts and try everything until something works.

There is no making sense of it. It's "destiny", if you meet someone it was inevitable you would eventually but impossible to predict how, why, when or where.

A friend of mine met her last boyfriend just walking down the street. She stopped to read a message on her phone and he asked her a question. Nearly a year passes and they were living together in a relationship. Then dude died. She went to his funeral and met his mom for the first time. His ex-gf started stalking her and impersonating her online (messaging her friends from her hometown on facebook.)

Life is fucked up that way. Don't try to make sense of it.

Shit happens.

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Don't go that far OP. "No woman has ever wanted to spend time with me" is enough. Intimacy is a completely foreign concept to me.

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>File: licking.jpg (576 KB, 1034x685)
>Intimacy is a completely foreign concept to me.
Your mommy/daddy never hugged you even once?

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Better thread:
How do you sleep at night knowing your mommy is the only woman you have ever been inside?

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I became a narcissist.

I'd sleep better had it been that instead of being used by an egirl :/

No. Before you may ask, they never said they love me.

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Girls do want to sleep with me, but since I live with my parents its hard to have sex with them without it being awkward.

I sleep very soundly and easily. always have

>no woman has ever wanted to spend time intimately with you
not true
>you'll never have a gf

I don't really care desu

>No. Before you may ask, they never said they love me.
How do you know it's any good? How do you know you want it? It might be awful.

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>but since I live with my parents its hard to have sex with them without it being awkward.
1st place taken out of context award.

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i get by knowing theres more important things in life than fucking brauds

its nice being with a woman but it just shouldnt matter too much focus on yourself user. build yourself and then theyll flock to you.

Melatonin. Phenelzine. Despair.

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I just fapped my pepis in front of a girl(female) on skype and she liked it
that's basically sex

>build yourself and then theyll flock to you.
It never works like that. Shit doesn't just up and happen on its own. You need to be making it happen by making yourself available and putting yourself in situations where it COULD happen, even though it usually doesn't in most cases.

You can't get lucky if you never play dice.

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I don't think I want it anymore. I'm too old and hate new experiences. But I see it is one of the requirements of not being a trainwreck.

>one of the requirements of not being a trainwreck.
I've had it and I can assure you it made me less motivated and more of a trainwreck. If it had any effect at all it definitely did not make me less of one.

>If it had any effect at all it definitely did not make me less of one.
Though on the positive side I stopped obsessing over being a virgin and how nobody ever loved me and I'd never get a chance.

I just replaced all that youthful idealism and optimism "if only I could find love!!!" with "love is fucking pointless and not worth it."

It isn't the center of the world. It's one small part of a much bigger picture. If you haven't painted all the other parts you'll just end up left with a blank canvas with a shitty looking tiny heart on it.

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that's why i want to die. It sucks dude

Not true, a few have wanted to spend time with me, but i autismed out of it...

"I want love!"

Too lazy to find that part, the "MALEMALEMALE EERRAAZZZ FEMALE... MALE MALE ZZZZZFFFPHT FEMALE... FEMALE!! DING DING DING" is fucking hilarious though.

That is why I said it is just one thing. I'm a wizard, I could pay a prostitute to at least try sex but I don't see any reason for it. Chances are high it would be a negative experience because I'm still me.

Audio from the "I want love!" part:

Stanley H. Tweedle is like the epitome of Jow Forums.

it sucks being virgin while you are 21...

I'm beyond the point of giving a shit. GET OUT OF MY LIGHT!

I sedate myself with beer and weed.
Ironically that's why I'm not going out and doing stuff that would lead to meeting girls.

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I drink espresso to cure my depresso

t. you on a normal day

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Drinking helps a lot. it really does. fuck what any other of these alky anons say, alcohol is man's gift to man to survive the tough times

I've got HPV. Not really that big of a deal desu.

You endure, keep hoping against hope, keep working your ass off for them and proving you're a good guy and would make someone happy. You keep to your principles, try to be helpful, remain positive. You work out, get education, get a good job, and are always there when needed, and you work on yourself and take responsibilities for all your failures throughout your entire life. You believe in the dream of comics, books, movies, media, and folk stories that there's one out there for everyone and if you keep being active and working for girls, sooner or later one of them will notice and care about you back.

Then you keep doing the above for 25-30 years, eventually get depressed, suicidal, angry, desperate. The pain becomes so unbearable you drop out work, depressed, and cry yourself to sleep for every single day for over 300 days straight.
During, you begin to realize that in this age of equality and equal opportunity, you've spent over 25 decades including some 10 000 hours of work, time, money, heart and emotional investment on women. You've always accepted that you're to blame. That you need to improve. That it was something you said, or did, or thought, or didn't say, or do, or think, that was wrong. Never them. Never, ever, them.

You realize that you've been living in some kind of a haze. A lie. That in a truly equal world, women would have worked just as hard for you, as you did for them. Instead, they didn't even put 0.000001% of the effort on you as you did on them. You get angry, desperate, you feel lied to. What used to be your unconditional love and admiration for them changes, as their beauty no longer blinds you, as their personality revolts you. You undergo more emotions. Betrayal, disgust, hatred. Then more time passes, and eventually, you move on.

Slowly, your blindfold is removed. You understand there is no such thing as love. You can't even imagine it anymore, in your dreams, in your random ponderings. Your hatred finally dies off. You come to understand that what women are, whose fault your life is, none of it matters. You worked for over 2,5 decades, few people on this planet have ever worked for anything as hard. There is no shame, the blame doesn't matter. It is what it is. The effort is done, those years wasted, and all you can do is move on.

Threads like this no longer matter. Every time you bump into yet another relationship article, sex thread, or romance scene in a movie, etc, you just skip past. Because those things don't exist in your dimension. They no longer invoke any feelings in you, aside the mild nuisance of wasting your time with irrelevant garbage. The worst thing about it anymore is having to pretend give a fuck when your friends, colleagues or others discuss these useless matters. The best is reading up about various relationship problems, infidelity, abuse, divorce arrangements etc, knowing thank god you never had / have to deal with that shit in your life.

Now, you're free. And the pain is so long forgotten it might as well have never even existed. The only question now is, what do you do with all your time? Because few people realize just how many hours daily they use on stressing about relationship issues.

Why the FUCK haven't you joined this server yet?


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alone with the window open and twitch on, bruh

I just do not think about it. I have other things on my mind

Same boat, except I have been vaccinated, so my risk of contracting it from any physical contact is very low.

I sleep just well, it's during the day that it fucks me up

Right so...

You're a dick and an asshole.

As for you, look at what's coming. Motivate yourself with Sword Art Online. Look at the shit in Black Mirror. Look at where AI and natural language robots are and where they're going. Consider that billions is being put into optic CPU and quantum computing research which in the next few decades will revolutionize the entire IT-industry by increasing current computing power by 100 - 10000-fold (even the most conservative estimates are ridiculous). Consider that AI and robotics development, graphics etc are all related 1-to-1 to available computing power, meaning when those advancements come, literally everything will change in the span of but a few years.

You think you're cursed, living without love? I can tell you right now that in my 40 years of life I haven't met one single woman capable of love. Natural, biological love doesn't exist. It's just chemicals, fickle, unreliable, and always bound to end in betrayal. The definition for the word love is something far more than what humans are capable of (at best a crush that lingers for few decades). So unless some kind of WW3 comes and fucks things up, we will in our lifetime, in the next 2 decades or so, get technology with which we can exist in a world of our dreams with AI-driven companions that are capable of TRUE love. 100% guaranteed they will never betray you, never use you, never discard you. That's a guarantee no flawed human will ever have, woman or man. Not even close.

Sure, this will happen in stages, and whether we'll ever live to see Matrix level VR or Surrogates level sex bots is another matter entirely. I wouldn't hold my breath. But we don't need perfect. All we need is good enough.

Live for that. Because good enough is quite literally around the corner. And we only have one life. Whatever pain you or I have to endure, it'll end some day no that far off anyway. And then it'll be gone for good.

I literally got asked out yesterday, by a total stranger. Not the first time this has happened either.
So clearly some women do, but I'll probably still die a virgin. I use sleeping pills

sleep well knowing my balace is safe

This has only bothered me when it's time to sleep about twice, both times I was drunk.

I had a girl tell me her and her friends would masturbate while thinking about me when I was like 14, but I didn't care about girls at that age. I squandered some good opportunities to get laid multiple times. I honestly look/feel better now than I did then, but I'm engaged now so fuck it, same pussy for the rest of my life I guess.

I actually no joke think no woman has ever been attracted to me
I've tried twice women walking up to me and initiate conversation when I went to a few bars with my friends, one even said I was handsome, but they all just walked off so I'm convinced they were just pulling my leg

I have nightmares and unpleasant dreams, usually. No rest, even in my sleep.

Nice. I've never been asked out once, ever. And I was extremely social and outgoing, went to a lot of parties, pubs etc all the way to my early 30's. Also never had my looks complimented on, or anyone display any kind of interest in general. And I really am not hideously ugly either. Just a bit chubby.

Kinda funny actually. I have no idea how humanity ever made it this far, and I always laugh at movies and TV-series where it's like "new boy starts moves into town and starts in class and immediately makes eye contact with a girl and then they fall in love" like, lol what? In which universe does shit like that *ever* happen, right?

The world I live in? Women don't do shit like that. Not ever. It's always men who ask them out, men who make the plans, men who close the deal, men who pay the bills, men do literally everything that requires any risk or effort at all. Meanwhile, the whole of western media, company policies, legislation and public talk is filled with how women have it so hard because there's no equality.

The whole thing is a fucking sad joke. It's like they live in some kind of a fantasy world that has nothing at all to do with reality. At all.

Like a fucking baby. Genuine love and emotion is something that no longer exists in todays world and I would rather have nobody than some whore who is only capable of mirroring real emotion

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It's worse for me because 10 years ago I was actually capable and even had a fling with some girl - now I'd have no chance in hell and all I can do is look back at how I could've been happy had I not regressed so much.

I sleep very well at night knowing that I

- had a gf
- got laid
- she loved me
- i loved her
- she started abusing me
- got out of it with my sanity
- in a better position than before i met her

I'm just going to keep swiping right and enjoying my single life. Can't wait to get back in the saddle.

No, you can get laid. Literally just show up places. You don't have to be ultra charming or have anything going for you.

Just show up, and respond to people when they talk to you. That's it.

How can what you feel make you a fool? I will agree that someone who has not committed suicide yet and has the means to has no current desire to commit suicide, but the fact that they hate their life doesn't make them a fool. It simply means their life is terrible but they aren't yet in a state where they would kill themselves. Telling someone to start looking on the bright side is easy, but actually starting to feel positive is literally impossible for most of these people and that may not be changeable.

Yes, and unicorns exist. This is the same kind of myth as "sports is fun, you get endorphins and shit"! People are wired differently, and our lives work differently. I spent decades showing up, doing jokes, making conversation, having dozens of friends with GF's, wives, children, had plenty of female friends.

And not once. Not ONE time, did a single one of them, even for a moment show an ounce of interest in me. Not ugly, not stupid, not awkward, just inexperienced and of course, got increasingly tired of it all.

This is the thing people don't understand. You don't need to be a hideous monster. Women don't need to be disgusting whores. All you need, is 8 billion people, and basic statistics. They will automatically form a bell curve, where some people for whatever random reason will never get the breaks, chances, random strokes of luck that most others do. And this is what happens.

It's no-one's fault, it's just life. And no amount of "do better, just go out there, have confidence!" will fix it.