Is this bitch really selling her bathwater?

Is this bitch really selling her bathwater?

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No, she's selling her bathwater

ah yes thanks for the clarification

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It isnt even her bathwater though, just water she sat in for a minute while fully clothed. If I was desperate and stupid enough to buy some thots bathwater for 30 bucks Id have to know she actually bathed in it to make it even somewhat worthwhile.

Can you actually do that? Something about selling unregulated fluids seems icky and not really legal.

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Bitch looks really downsy without makeup on

Just a heads up, I'd mastrubate in the water for you :two_hearts:

She put "this is not for drinking purposes" which means she can't get sued if some based fag drinks it

>daily belle shilling
fuck off nigger


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>its actually toilet water

We truly live in a society.


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>implying she'd sell that for only 30 bucks

Good for her. She's just actively trolling nerds who keep giving her money, and they'll never stop.

I'd buy her piss for 100 bucks

The USSR should have been the ones to win the Cold War.

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I don't see the appeal in her anyways, her face looks 6/10 at best and she built like an ironing board, she does disgusting shit like cuddle a dead octopus which makes her annoying, unattractive, and gross.

>built like an ironing board
she has a decent sized ass

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>An ass

Come the fuck on, bro. It's all angles. She's arching her back and leaning to one side, this pose is fucking everywhere. Stand her up straight like a soldier's salute and while her ass might not be like Hank Hill, it won't be far off.

Look at her leg thickness compared to her ass and try to imagine straightening out all the angles. She has no ass and she must scream.

no she sold out her bathwater

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How often does she shower? Don't you think she can go longer without one, and then sell it for even higher?

she probably won't sit in it.
She is probably just selling a bottle of water and soup.
it's a scam OP don't buy it, you can't verify if she actually sat in it and what would you even do with water with soup and some sweat from a whore?

If I could look into the future and see what 2019 would look like as a kid, I would have went insane and killed myself in childhood.

yes, sex workers and roasties on suicide watch

>what would you even do with water with soup and some sweat from a whore?
yeah, imagine all the cooties it must contain.

if she is selling her bathwater use it to extract her DNA.
You can do this if her cells are in the water.
you combine the water of soup and her cells with some ethanol (alcohol) and mix it, this will extract the DNA by breaking the shell of the cells.
have fun virgins.
if you got access to a lab that can analyze her DNA do that and add her DNA structure to a public DNA sheet so anyone can track where she as been, if they find her DNA somewhere.
I love living in a dystopian world

kek the glow in dark niggers can track the thot

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This might work but I doubt any of it is her actual bathwater, it's probably literally all just tapwater. Can't believe there's that many retards out there who buy this shit, but I guess there's a sucker born every minute.

This desu. Most asses look good from the right angle. It looks pretty pathetic here even with a thong or whatever the fuck defining it

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what she sells prob isnt even her bathwater. its prob just regular tap water lmaoo
cucks gonna cuck

yea I know, it is just probably just water and soup she mixed or someone else mixed in a bottle or any other container with a sticker.
it's just a scam.
Do she specifically say that she has bathed in it?
if she has then you can sue her if she doesn't.

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Looks like she just filled a jar full of regular tap water and sold it to beta retards.

>Bottled while I'm playing in the bath ^-^ This really is bath water.. disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.
lads, we can stalk where every she goes easily when the technology comes or sue her and get free NEETbux.
Let's get the lawyers working or Jow Forums and /sci/ working on a easy DNA extractor and analyzer.

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>Bottled while I'm playing in the bath ^-^
>while I'm playing in the bath
>W H I L E
stfu retard, it says while, it doesn't mean that she actually was the the same water as the water she is selling.

can't we use the DNA to make more Delphine's and sell them as sex slaves?

Do retards actually think she's not just filling them with tap water?

good for her honestly, i too would take advantage of thirsty beta losers if i could.

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Her tongue stick out for me.
I have her sex pussy and fuck it. Nice bitch parts for fuck.

Why? Filling them from the tub would almost go faster, and it's not difficult to just sit down for even a second.

Fuck off pajeet please. I can smell you from here.

why cant I be a roastie and have thousands of beta orbiters I can sell my shitwater to and make millions of dollars from thirsty hentai beating neckbeards?

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no, we might (probably not) beable to use her DNA to make a biological clone of her, aka make a child that got her DNA but she won't be exactly the same.
She will be a complete other being, other morals, mind, feelings, maybe even appearance.
She maybe maybe not look like Belle but she will decently not be like Belle.
A person is defined not just by how they are built up but also their information they have gathered, their experiences in life. How they been treated by others or by the environment they grown up in or live in.

I was implying making clones you idiot.

>oy vey, nice shill, shlomo.

No fucks given. Literally.

Any cuckfaggot wasting money on a random girl (3D or 2D) who will *never* happen to become his wife, just deserves to be scammed.

>that ridicolous filename

yea I know that is why I said "NO" in the beginning and said "biological clones" instead of "clones"
also you can't make a complete exact clone of anything because of quantum mechanics.
also even if you could make a complete exact clone of something down to the spin of the quarks, they would still not be able to be the same exact object because other matter would interact with them and particles react in probability do to quantum mechanics and they won't do the exact same physical interaction all the times.

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>forgot to add this line of text:
the only way to have a exact copy of a object is to have the exact same matter in the exact same space-time, so it would be the same object it wouldn't exist a clone.
there is only on object

Used bath water would unironically smell like tuna, it's likely perfumed tap water or some shit.

How will she keep up with demand from all those thirsty robots? 20 Baths a day?
Bitch hasn't thought this through.

Women really have no Soul.

Imagine if ever crossed her mind what would her children think about Mommy when they find out she was Showing her holes to degenerate perverts on internet for money for whole her teenage life.

Jesus I guess braindead people dont have shame what should I expect!

>what would her children think about Mommy when they find out she was Showing her holes

She's clever enough not to do that.

This girl is the punishment orbiting trash deserves. I hope she takes every last orbiter dollar and leaves those fuckers to starve in the dirt.

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truly a fucking clown world, at this point all i do is laugh instead of getting mad

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Given that her children will be raised in luxury due to worthless betas, I'm sure they won't mind too much.

>due to worthless betas

I really wish I could get a list of everyone who's ever given this girl money so I could mercy kill them.

I'd happily kill each and every one of them with an ice pick. And I'd never get tired. I'd just stand there all day, hacking away with that ice pick, as beta after beta bled out. It would be bliss.

lmao thats fucking sad

They will come from a shameful household! Who cares about luxury?