Do you like thick, chubby girls?

Do you like thick, chubby girls?

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Yes. Having her on top with her tits in my face and my hands grabbing her tummy is the easiest way to make me nut.

Yes sir, please post more images of that nature. I love chubby gals so much.

fuck I want to fondle a fat girls tummy

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not really, slightly chubby girls are ok (like 20lbs overweight). anything over that grosses me out like 90% of the time

I wonder why some of us have this fat fetish. It's definitely not normal to be turned on by obesity, so I can definitely understand your position. But I like em fat fat fat.

Yes, I have a certain thing for them but it also depends on where the fat is. Of course I'm not into morbid obesity.

The things I would do to this chubby redhead if given the opportunity. Just clear a weekend to go nuts.

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Saw her posted earlier. She have a name? I need more.

Funny how anime chubby girls have cute, slim faces and the fat on their body is distributed nicely to make them look curvy and not bloated while IRL chubby girls are bloated and disgusting

It's not really that funny. 2D will always be perfection compared to 3D. It's the nature of it. But I still like 3D fatties.

Yeah me too. It's a real problem for me, skinny women don't even give me a boner, at this point the only thing that turns me on is a thin chick gaining a hundred pounds of lard

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curvy_ariel, my dude.

lol at thinking this is chubby
This is morbid obesity
You like obese girls, not girls who are maybe a few pounds overweight

You cant get hot slim girls so you cope by dumpster diving

This original dude has the original source

Retard tier reasoning

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Obesity is not attractive
Also hilarious how fat cunts will have simps orbiting while fat men are unwanted by even fat women. Fat men deserve slim cuties by this logic.

>You like obese girls, not girls who are maybe a few pounds overweight
I like both, but I prefer obese
But I legitimately don't get turned on by slim girls. Never did. Sure I can look at a thin girl and think her face is pretty, but fat girls make me so hard.
Yeah I found the instagram. Thank you, frens.
>Obesity is not attractive
It's literally subjective, if you're a man. We know women don't like fat guys, but we can't control their subhuman instincts. I just like what I like. Can't speak for anyone else.

Yes, my ex gf was 5'10" 180lbs 32f. Body built for sex.

and you are why fat men cannot even get fat girlfriends
>a man: be in the gym 5 days a week for two hours a day, lift heavy, do steroids, eat extremely clean for the rest of your life and maybe you will get a single mom
>women: can be fat as a balloon and can have sex with fit men and date them

>and you are why fat men cannot even get fat girlfriends
I'm literally fat myself, though I wasn't always this way. I've never dated a girl as big as I wanted. Just one girl in high school who was kinda chubby. Don't assume shit about me, nigger boy.

I doubt you have dated slim girls, fat boi. Slim girls want Chad with abs, too.

Keep telling yourself these dumb pitiful lies incel.

at least I dont have a gross fat fetish lol
Im actually trying to get shredded so I dont have to settle for fat girls

I said she was kinda chubby. She wasn't slim. Why would I lie about some high school bullshit? We were both about the same level of chub at the time.

You see, you're not in the "settle for fat girls" thread. You're in the "I have a fetish for fat girls" thread. Go back to Jow Forums, homo

You are increasing the standards of bottom tier women, making it impossible for bottom tier men to find anyone
If fat bitches deserve love then fat men deserve it too

you're assuming i'm a chad, and you're assuming I actually fuck fat girls. I agree with you, completely. Fat dudes should be able to get love from fat women, and their egos are too high. But what am I supposed to do, not fap to fatties on the internet?

Fat men are unwanted by even fat women
Imagine dedicating a ton of time to your body and having to settle for a fat girl

Yes, I agree. What is your point, though? Shit sucks, that's life. I'm still gonna fap to the things that get my rocks off at the end of the day.

When fat women can get fit Chad boyfriends then fat men should get cute fit petite girlfriends

You have five seconds to explain why you didn't marry that sexy mommy.

Yes. IRL thought definitely has to be built in a very particular fashion and strike a good balance though.

Give me that good chunk.

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This'd actually be my perfect level of chub irl, not too much, not too little, perfect healthy amount for a perspective long time partner.

Also more chub

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not original apparently

Look, I hooked up with a girl who had the body of OP's anime girl.
It's significantly different in real life than in 2D.
She carried her weight very well but still, the first thing you notice is just how heavy she is. She was on top of me and even though she was only 5'2, it felt much heavier than my ex who had been 5'6.
How heavy a girl feels might not worry you, and it didn't worry me all that much, but it's something you don't think about.
Another factor is that complexion and consistency isn't a smooth and unblemished as you might be hoping for. These girls aren't just bigger, they also jiggle when they move, they have stretch marks and often depending on clothing and posture their fat can bunch up in unflattering ways.
Depending on the girl this might not be an issue, but for many it will be, especially if you want something more interesting than just missionary position sex, and also that if you actually date one there's a fair chance that she'll go from chubby to fat sooner or later and then you have all the consequences of having a fat gf without the specific and transient wonders of having a chubby gf.

Yes, i probably wouldnt long term but for a one time thing, pls yes.

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fat people deserve nothing but early deaths and no children
the sooner we die out, the better off the species as a whole will be

this thread makes me feel better about being chubby thank you op

How chubby are you?
I understand that people who are fat are rightfully upset about that, but it doesn't seem there's any shame in being chubby.

kind of like what
posted but slightly bigger tits

Oh my God you sound perfect. How tall are you? Hair and eye color?

I'm 5'2"
knowing that this is Jow Forums you might not like what my hair and eye color is

Wait a minute, are you a negress, femanon?

Well then you should feel pretty good then. So long as you're healthy you sound great.
Not to be rude, but is your hair and eye colour brown? Because those are the best colours.

Please be something other than white. I love thick women of color.

I'm spanish mixed with native american, so no

Ebony, I never see you here anymore.
You never post, you never make threads.
I haven't seen you since that instagram model was saying she was going to kill herself here.
How've you been? It's been too long.

>tubby Galko
yes I do like that, I'd like more of it

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it's generic user, I have black hair and brown eyes

I am of similar heritage, so you are checking a lot of boxes for my penis.

Wow, that sounds like a rare mix.
Are you cute?

While it's lovely that this thread made you feel proud of your figure like you should be, please don't tease the anons here too much!
They're very sweet and caring, but also lonely and often very self-conscious, so whatever you do, please be careful not to break their little hearts.
Thank you for your consideration.

no lol I don't think of myself as cute, that's kind of why I've been working out and trying to better myself

When you grow up in a 99.99% white area and literally no one has brown eyes and black hair it seems special.
Before moving to the city I think I met one person who wasn't white.

thanks user

Are you doing weights or cardio?
Best of luck to you.
Don't lose too much weight or you won't be welcome in this thread anymore.

well I just lift weights at home and try to eat healthy, I don't like going to actual gyms because I'll feel pretty nervous about people looking at me. the only time I actually go out of my house to work out is to jog early in the morning

That's fair. I found that going with a partner helps a lot.

literally disgusting all pigs should die

man I'm a dummy why didn't I think of that, I'll be sure to ask one of my friends if they can go with me one day! thanks user

No worries. That's how I went from going once or twice a week and only using the treadmill and machines to spending six days a week in the free weights section.
Also, please don't be too afraid to ask the staff for help. If your form is shit you'll hurt yourself.

This thread requires more photographs of overweight-but-not-too-much women.

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Asian chubby, That is rare. At least inside of their native countries.

Also more drawn chubbies for those more into 2D

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I am more tolerant of chubby 2D girls than I am of chubby 3D girls for some reason

Over there, women who are 30+ seems to be bigger for obvious reasons, but that really doesn't do us any good when we're looking for qt chubby early 20's gf.

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Damn, perfect amount of chub.

Yes yes I do i'm trying to marry one atm wish me luck anons

aye exactly this what the fuck am I supposed to do ignore what I like for someone else?

Sadly true, also doesn't help that fertility in women very rapidly begin to taper off when they're over 25

more 2d chubs.

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