Dating tips for incels

Dating tips for incels

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Hi from britfeel
Also I saw her first she is mine :( I am in need of a new waifu

I feel like only 1 minute of that was even remotely relevant to incels.

Retarded cunt

what does a roastie know about the struggle of being an incel?

hiiii guyyyssss xD please subscribe and share so i get clicks and revenue so i can keep being a lazy useless bitch at home all day thx guuyyyyysss xD

I dont know whats worse, the roastie or the retarded editor.

Don't make posts like this if you ever want to see a vagina in real life.

I ve seen vaginas and fucked them, did you?

i stopped at 30 seconds. who the fuck edited and filmed this lmao, i feel like i'm in middle school watching one of those out of touch science documentaries that have Cool Kids in it haahah

when i want to see a vagina i go to a hooker

The only thing I learned was that Skyrim isn't pronounced "sky-rim".

This was pretty funny.

Also, I'd be rolling in bitches if I had a jawline like hers.

Your video skills are bad and I could easily see one with the money in my wallet.

such a soulless being, i'd unironically be a virgin than follow this advice, holy shit

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>Dating tips
Wait what?
You mean Incels go on actual dates?
Forget about not having sex I haven't even managed to go on a date in my life.
I think I might of ascended everyone here and become a datecel at this point.

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Unironically find this girls looks, voice, and attitude (even if it's just acting) extremely hot. Too bad the only thing I could find of her online was an instagram with

What have i just watched?
Young roasties have too much free time these days.

>woman trying to be funny
just stop pls

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I liked it too. Only thing better would be if she cut her hair short.

Is this what "meme girls" act like in real life? This is the most repulsive behavior I have ever witnessed.

Funny video. Though didn't find it that helpful because don't do/have none of the things she was talking about.
t. incel

those who find this funny, can you tell me why?

If it makes any of you feel any better Macks is more autistic than anybody on this board

That ain't Soph.

Mostly the aggressive attitude and I bet some of the points hit a nails head on people here. Reminds me a bit of Sam Hyde.

based and redpilled

cringe and retarded

Fucking cuck. She's not going to fuck you. Please kys

holy shit that vocal fry

Does she even know what an incelis?

I lol'd how stupid and passive aggressive this is. I don't think this is real. That funkos-part ahahaha.
I don't want a "bad bitch". I want some cute introverted girl that cares about the household and doesn't spout shit all day or wears ugly clothes.

It was the combination of having real points while also being over the top. It's not laugh at loud funny, but it's something silly to watch.

>Ascended everyone here
Every true robot is a datecell, including me.

Real men prefer debt free virgins without tattoos.

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Incel is a reddit term. People here are called robots for a reason.

Who the fuck is Macks?

He's right but Varg is still a pathetic lowlife faggot who lives on welfare like a nigger. I hope a bear will maul him down. Ded srs

There is nothing wrong in exploiting the system for your benefit, especially when it is a shitty one.

I agree though I think it's still a good length, better than being super long





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Doesn't change the fact that he's a retard in the woods. The guy who claimed that he got raped by a female Bigfoot makes more sense than this fucking sped

This. Only gay men deserve our love and attention.

Found this funny desu what i liked most about it was she mentioned some points that normalfags wouldn't understand the joke although she sometimes teeters between being a normie


You sir have Newton IQ

Nope they deserve extermination as well

i can't get through much more than 20 seconds of this, even the trailer park bitches spouting Jow Forums memes and pretending to be self-aware and critical can't help themselves from doing nauseating quick cuts and le random edits

can somebody just give me a tl;dr? her ears are weird, she's all shunted up with piercings like a pirate, when it zooms in you can see how fucked her skin is, her mouth is always slightly agape and her eyes half-shut with fully raised eyebrows like a tranq'd gorilla - she's just horrid to look at and i bet money she smells like garbage bag with specifically a lot of mcdonalds and monster energy drinks

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holy fucking shit is this the modern female? what the fuck is this abomination.

Why so mad user?
He is living life the way he wants.
And from the few videos that i have seen of him he seems to be atleast of average intelligence.

lmao @ your stupid 3d porn

have sex

>useless parasite
>without the need for sex
user how do you think babies are made?

He murdered someone in cold blood, has never shown any remorse for it, tried to escape prison multiple times, and now lives off gibs. Totally a nigger. Can't see why Jow Forums likes him.

how can I get gf like that?

>he still believe population grows by biological processes and doesn't realize we are in Matrix grown in plastic zip locks

Have fun being blue pilled

I don't know much about that.
But it really depends on what kind of person did he kill and in what circumstances.
I mean if some asshole was trying to hurt my family or friends i would kill him and feel no remorse for it too.

It goes past her shoulders, so no it's not a good length. The only way it'd be any longer is if she was a hippie who literally never gets her hair cut, not a good bar to set.

Either be a Giga Chad/Tyrone or be rich.

I just want a gf user, I HEAVILY prefer medium to short lengthed hair on girls, it's fucking amazing but long hair isn't a deal breaker. I just hate how girls who do have long hair are too stubborn or scared to cut it because "waaah it took me so long to grow it :(((("

No, he wasn't defending himself or anyone else. He straight up murdered someone. That's why I said murder, not kill. His cucked European country had like a 25 year maximum sentence that he didn't complete, even after going on the run multiple times. He ran when they let him out to spend time with his family, which is apparently something they do for murderers in Europe.

She's not going to be your gf. We're not talking about what is or isn't a deal breaker for your non-existent dating life. I'm just talking about how she could make herself more attractive.

I think Chads don't like bitches with bad attitudes

pfft, shut up faggot. Even if I find shorter hair more attractive it's not like everyone likes it over long hair

Her voice is irritating. This is supposed to be funny, I guess, but it's not that funny. The delivery is garbage. Her tone was terrible, and her voice was irritating. There were a few jokes that would have been funny if she wasn't terrible to listen to.
It's very obviously fake.
>trailer park bitches spouting Jow Forums memes and pretending to be self-aware and critical
There's your tl;dr, but replace trailer park with le bad bitch nerd grill xd.
They're probably a dollar a dozen. Just be confident or something.

I'm pretty sure she's a sand nigger female who is trying to blend in as a white girl.
I forget her name though and where I can find her pics.

>SoulBro thread
alright then

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>Pol likes him
They don't. They used to though. But not anymore. Many on pol hate him now see him for what he is : a white skinned negro and nothing else

Who the fuck cares what "everyone" likes? "Everyone" doesn't like any one thing. We're having a subjective discussion as individuals.

Literally what was she trying to say?
Reverse incel btw (get propositioned but always turn them down because the entire world is scum and I fucking hate it all), it's really easy to not be creepy and get laid.
Start with not being ugly and talking to women like you do to male friends.

It was funny and youre being a pussy which is funnier

cringe but lowkey redpilled

tip numba 1: Always agree with your date! Women love being right!
tip numba 2: Don't be so clingy! She just went out with you once to impress stacy for being benevolent!
tip numba 3: Be spontaneous and random!
tip numba 4: don't talk to me unless you're 6'0 and make more than 30k a year, loser

It's funny because she doesn't realize her social status is so low that guys put absolutely no effort whatsoever into trying to get with her and she assumes they're not doing it on purpose.
This is just the type of girl you send a direct message once in a while, she'll put out for any guy that talks to her over a long enough time when she's bored and her bf isn't around (work, out of town, jail, ect). Definitely don't take her dating tips to heart, she's just trying to virtue signal. Or at least signal a lack of them since she's self aware enough about it to know she doesn't need them to get by.

Really fun and comfy Jow Forums discord. Join if you want to meet new frens and have fun!



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Are you going to turn us into trans females?

bois I think I'm in love :)

Dating tip number 1: Never take dating tips from women.

this is written and directed by man, she is just and actress

The fact that she'd be willing to repeat them at all means they're shit.

Based, redpilled and 100% accurate.

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I get it's satire but holy shit that persona she's using is fucking annoying

she Iooks like she fucks black guys

>shoot your shot not your classmates

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Sam ain t as much of a passive agresive bitch trough

Why are women so obsessed with incels? Aren't they more busy getting banged by Chad or Tyrone?

I found it mildly funny. Better than most similar roasties but then I'm a roasty and zoomers have much better senses of humour than my gen.

Whats wrong? Thats fucking funny.

Tip #1 (only tip that works)
Have cuter face.

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DAAAMN, I watched it several times, its quite funny, girl is on fire

This shit pisses me off so much. She has some good points and things that most incels need to think about, but she's such a passive agressive bitch that no one really can see past it.

bro it's a skit, chill out

I am surprised people don't understand why it pisses off women so much. After women realize Chad won't settledown they go for plan B the betas. Incels destroy their entire plan B by convincing betas how much women are fucking them over for only going for the top 15% of males during their highest value years and leaving a used up husk for betas by the time of their early 30s.

>These are the exact type of women that try to date me.
>These are the exact type of women I have zero attraction to.

That was fucking hilarious

What a perfect fucking woman

What the fuck is wrong with you. These type women are all that I want.

I think I'm slightly too awkward at first and they immediately judge me too hard

least Im not khv

fag, where so I find gurls like that?

I'd like to punch her tbqh

I can relate to this feel user. Not trying to date some ratchet skank

Most of it had shit all to even do with incels lmao.

I didn't get the yu gi oh joke. Can someone explain what was funny with that? She has a lot of sex so she gets a collection of yu gi oh?

This is just, so awful. Jesus... It's this tryhard cringe girl larping as a coolgirl. Fuck off