Hey I would like your thoughts on these titles for a thing I made

hey I would like your thoughts on these titles for a thing I made

no contact
black shoe
hot water
no risk
I want to tell you
bureaucracy bias
your call

which one catches your eye the most?

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Bureaucracy Bias catches my eye the most

no contact imo

bureaucracy bias caught my eye


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btw this is for a poetry book if that changes anything

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i like 'i want to tell you'

i like nigger shoe

no contact sounds pretty cool


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This is an oil painting thread right?

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sure. go right ahead

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op are you the artist? i love that piece, i had it saved on my old phone but lost it when i changed it. i'd call it "Brancolo nel buio"

personally, I really like "hot water"

I am the artist! thnx

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how come no one is smiling OP

why would anyone ever smile?

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one more bump then imma go to bed ok

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seconding this one right here