I absolutely love Marlboro. No cigarette could beat it

I absolutely love Marlboro. No cigarette could beat it.

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Nat Shermans are better.

personallly I like L&Ms, though marlboros are a good choice .

No cigs have ever beat Dunhill for me.

I prefer Newport's, port life short life.

Ahem, monkey mints?

Oh hell yeah, man. I too love my breath smelling like putrid shit and the brief weak high you get from inhaling literal smoke into your lungs.

You've clearly never had one

>The superior Philip Morris brand
Parliament, only flavor touches the lips with the one of a kind recessed filter

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cigarettes are for frogs

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I have. And it's just not worth it. Find other ways to relax.

triple 7's speak truth

I agree, too bad european versions are not even close to the american ones.

I stopped smoking long time ago. Gives you cancer and stroke not to mention expensive as hell. A grandparent of mine died of lungcancer at age of 55 because of intensive smoking . Nah smoking is not for me

why are menthol's so superior?

>Italian-named cigarettes

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>why are menthol's so superior?

If you can't live with those little death sticks, at least make your own. Less money for (((them))).

For me its Black and Milds

are you trying to bait or are u legit retarded?


Camel>>>everything else
their the only ones that didin't change ingredients after in my country

i started with boro reds back in the day, smoked them for a long time actually, they have a very solid body. Now i mainly smoke lucky reds or pic rel

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ayee same here. the red pack slaps

i smoke newport 100s. i also like camel silvers, L&M reds, and malboro 27s, but i inevitably go back to newports

camels are objectively better

I used to love Red 100s. They were my first choice brand for years. Lately it's been a toss up between them and lucky strike studs without additives.

I've been meaning to pick these up.

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Partial to these myself.

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>no one takes my light hearted bait

I cry every time.

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its over, smokefags on suicide watch

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Triple 1's confirm truth

lol i think you got it the other way around user..

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Lucky strikes anyone?

Although I started smoking them to try to quit I like Winstons better than Marlboros or any other smokes. They're less addictive which is why they help you quit but that also means you hardly get any cravings or urges when it comes time for your next smoke. There isn't the rush of pleasure you get from other smokes, and when I first discovered that I felt like I was punishing myself, but I got used to it and now I don't miss it. You also get a lot of cravings when you first switch to them, but that also means the overall weak feeling goes away dramatically. NAS are also less addictive but the Ultra Lights are hard to find and it's harder to take a drag which is why I switched back to Marlboros after I smoked them for a little while.

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We been on suicide watch

I smoke some locally made shitty mini cigars from the indian reservation that come in packs of 20 for $1.50.

55 is too old. I hope it kills me much sooner than that.

It only kills half of the people that smoke it.

I wish they would lower the price so I could kill myself slowly in peace

Don't smoke, you'll increase the chance of having lunge cancer from 0,005% to 0,010% in 30 years. It's very dangerous.

Actually most tobacco companies are operated by white men. It's one of the few industries (((they))) haven't fully co-opted. That's why there's such a large anti-smoking push in the media. You really think they give two shits about your health? If they did then they'd be more anti-junk food than anything. Cigarettes and twinkies do have something in common though. They'll kill you consume a full pack every day. You'll be just fine if you can moderate yourself to some degree, even having a couple every day isn't that big of a deal.

I wonder why they push marijuana but look down on cigarettes like they aren't doing the same damage

Conservative men smoke tobacco, liberal faggots smoke marijuana. Not hard to figure out.

based. Camel is a pretty good pick, hopefully the price doesn't go up too much.

man never made any black friends at school all ripped him off... ruined his first drog experience mammy say eyy boy where ur allowance ting?

Good point. Niggers also smoke marijuana.

I have no idea what newports are

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For me, it's Winston

Cigs you smoke a pack a day of if not more, weed you smoke like half a joint of the same mass whilst passing it around in a circle with zero pesticides on it. Weed is 50 times the tar, yet you smoke 50 times less. The same damage if not for the fact that weed doesn't force your brain to keep smoking and weed isn't filled with poisons for bugs. Weed is easier to grow so less poison would be used.

Tobacco would be fine if it were not kiked to hell and back by the capitalism issue of things being cheaper when less healthy. Cigs without pesticides cost a fuck ton more obviously.

>gov stamp cig
>gov doesn't actually bother to pass regulations on the poison

Hilarious. it's just hilarious really.

Not him/them btw.

Right now I'm smoking these.

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those look gay as hell

you be calling them niggers until ur local sexy aunt jemima negress drains ur incel balls out of pity after seeing your suicidal cry-for-help okcupid bio. cant foo me white boy.

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Expensive tho

You god dam right, usually I smoke luckyes but the gas station was out of it.

>weed doesn't force your brain to keep smoking

true but I smoke a pack or two a week so I can afford them

It's not physically addictive. It's fun.
>oh gawd I'm addicted to video games I have to keep playing!
^^^^ what you sound like faggot.

are winstons more expensive than malboro? where im from they're the same price. i quit smoking but winston reds were by far my favorite. pall mall reds and lucky strikes were ok too. never liked malboros

oh and LM's reds are good too
and parliament

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I just started rolling my own

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I like winston. Flip top box.

is that more expensive

idk that is my first bag we'll see how many smokes I get out of it

unfiltered cigarettes are more potent anyways so I'm guessing yeah

the bag was about $6-8 at .65 oz

Nice covert advertising

I was thinking about buying a rolling machine, but that's a bigger investment.

lucky strikes are based, except for the price tag. ten dollars for a small pack is gay

i meant they're probably cheaper

A fellow man of culture, I sea

Tfw no dunhill where i live
tfw only shitty cigs

i prefer luckies unfiltered but most don't carry them so marb reds king size are my alternative
solid choice
UK cigs?
see first cigs i smoked not bad

Smoking gay

its relaxing desu, work is stressful

Nothing better than a "palheiro terra tombada"


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im too much of a pussy to stand for anything... real nigga asscrack shit.... i get elevated so i dont get committed (on tha gang)

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Yeah I agree I really love smoking and fucking up my lungs. It feels really good to smoke a couple of cigs after beating my wife.

if you dont break your wifes nose on the daily? she's gettin dicked down by black guys.

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