Eating meat is Satanic. I need to stop eating meat...

Eating meat is Satanic. I need to stop eating meat. No loving God would condone torturing and murdering animals to eat their flesh.

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Jesus performed an exorcism and let the demon possess a herd of pigs that subsequently jumped off of a cliff and died

God put animals on this earth for you to eat, so why wouldn't you?

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"Dominion over animals" =/= torturing and murdering them to eat. Maybe it means we should take care of them?

Like the dominion a parent has over their child.

why did god give you canine teeth and the ability to digest meat then?

To have the ability to not starve to death in an emergency that warranted eating meat. Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you should, everyone has the physical ability to commit murder too so should they? Even the Bible says to eat meat sparingly, yet most "Christians" eat meat with every meal.

Women are just objects to fuck, same for some animals, born to be eaten

Animals don't have souls. It's okay to eat them.

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why did god create animals that could only survive on meat, then?

>To have the ability to not starve to death in an emergency that warranted eating meat
retard. One could just ask then why did God create situations for us where we needed to eat meat?

>"Christians" eat meat with every meal.
christians are pork-eaters who are hated by God according to the bible.

Why do you say that? Do you have anything to cite, or is that just what you tell yourself to feel better about killing them?
I've heard many different explanations, here is one.

Even if they always ate meat, we are blessed with higher intelligence than them and it isn't a required part of our diet, it is the right thing to do to refrain.

Did you read animal theology or something. Fuck off this board faggot.

>One could just ask then why did God create situations
>"if God exists then why do bad things happen!!???!!"
Fedora tier argument, kill yourself retard.

why does killing it make it torture? are you actually that stupid? maybe someone should torture you until youre begging to be killed and you will realize the difference, retard.
anyways, animals have no souls.

Animals are npcs.

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You fucking retard, I'm not an atheist, I'm making an argument that would still hold true against YOU you damn piece of shit. My belief is that animals were created by God for us to consume, obviously. You have no argument against this. And when someone asked you a question you yourself even said that it was so you can eat meat. Well there you go.

>why does killing it make it torture?
Do you not know what goes on inside factory "farms"? They don't live a good life before they're slaughtered.
>anyways, animals have no souls
Tell me why you believe this.

>And when someone asked you a question you yourself even said that it was so you can eat meat.
But SHOULD you? Do you even eat meat sparingly like the bible tells you to? Modern Christians are a fucking joke. Just confess to a priest (a man in a fancy robe) and all your sins are washed away.

So your claim is that: A LITTLE BIT of torturing animals is fine? Make up your mind, otherwise it's difficult for us to address your arguments.

So do you claim that:
a) eating meat is torture and immoral
b) eating meat is torture but moral, as long as it's done in some unspecified amount
c) eating meat is fine and not torture

also, not christian.

animals are not created in the image of God.
Then God said, "Let us make man in our image, after our likeness. And let them have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over the livestock and over all the earth and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth."
The souls of man are the only kind that can be allowed into heaven. maybe animals do have a "soul" in a sense as well, but it is very clearly stated to be different from a human soul, and does not go anywhere after death.
read the fucking bible or just use google before spouting off your gay vegan bullshit.

>They keep making me angry by sneering at me, while offering sacrifices to idols in gardens and burning incense to them on bricks. 4They spend their nights hiding in burial caves; they eat the meat of pigs, cooked in sauces made of stuff unfit to eat. 5And then they say to others, "Don't come near us! We're dedicated to God." Such people are like smoke, irritating my nose all day."

killing animals is always fine

does god care about the billions of microorganisms we kill on a daily basis?

You're just baiting. You know there's a difference between insects/microorganisms and large animals with nervous systems and complex brains.

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Animals are cute but tasty

genuine question dude. what if we dont even fully understand smaller things like that? what if they do feel pain but we have no way to know? same could go for plants.

They do probably feel pain in some way, since it's a necessary survival mechanism. I just have no idea how, since our perception of pain is reliant entirely on our nervous system, something they and plants do not have.

>Bible is literally full of God commanding priests to eat animal flesh.

>Jesus literally only asks for animal products when he is resurrected. He specifcally asks for honeycomb and fish to eat.

Vegetarianism came from Satan.

>to eat animal flesh.
not all. Eating pork for example makes Him angry.

Did you try Beyond Meat burgers yet? They're pretty good. Really filling. I can't eat more than one. You have to cook them at least medium-well done. You don't have to cook them all the way through; a little pink inside is okay, but if you undercook them they don't taste right.

More like mobs

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I don't see that pain perception is necessary to survival. There are people who are incapable of feeling pain, yet they do in general manage to survive.

Individual cells also survive, but it is doubtful that an indvidual cell feels pain (like a blood cell feeling pain as it dies after you bleed it out...unlikely).

>Aaron and his sons have to eat animal sacrifices as ordered by God.
>God says animals are here to do with what see fit.
>Jesus literally picks fisherman whose job is to kill and consume animals as his apostles.
>Every single meal Jesus eats in the Bible has him eating meat or fish.

Are you literally fucking retarded?

It's almost as if most of it is arbitrary bullshit.

God does not condone torturing animals, and the Book of Genesis includes laws which prohibit the eating of live animals. However, God is OK with the killing of animals to eat. That's because from an animal POV it's better than starving (which would naturally occur if nobody was killing them) and animals which are eaten are valued and usually taken care of. Animals which are farmed are not in any danger of extinction.

No loving God would torture newborn babies, either, but birth defects still exist. Maybe there's just no loving God.

It's not arbitrary for God to create some animals for us to eat, and some for us not to eat, like pigs.

>in an emergency
doesn't work for hebrivores though. Good thing we aren't one of those

Just when I though vegans couldn't become more retarded and obnoxious, here comes this thread
Hey, you autists, gonna go make myself some steak that I wouldn't had made otherwise, if not for this thread and would've gone to bed. Hope you're proud of yourselves that you just killed an animal with your stupid antics