What's it like having siblings?

What's it like having siblings?

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No different than not having siblings if you never interact with them. Unless you give a shit about inheritance or something like a greedy asshole.

horrible, it's better to be alone and get more shit and not share anything. Yea when you're a kid there's a lot more memorable stuff but you don't feel as free. I'm sure people with less siblings were able to be more free without having to worry about their sibling fucking their shit up.

Pretty amazing. I have a twin sister and we're close as can be and do everything and spend all our time together even as adults.

My brother and I are super different. I'm pretty much a brainlet but I'm super athletic and always played sports. My brother is a genius and always read books and taught himself how to code. My dad always thought my brother was a loser and was pissed that he was always on the computer. He thought I was going to be the successful one. My brother ended up going to a top University in the US for free and I dropped out after one semester at community college.

my older sis is kinda fucked up, sounds ironic coming from someone that posts on r9k, but shes a nice person, used to always look out for me.
younger sis is based, i watch anime and pla vidya with her all the time, i consider her a close friend, really smart kid too.

Looks like your dad is the dumbest one

i used to be close to my brother, but then he turned into a total piece of druggy garbage and i dont want to even talk to him anymore. he's a scumbag.

Yeah which doesn't make sense because my brother is going to the same university as he did. I guess it's because my dad grew up the same way I did except his IQ is probably way higher than mine which is why he was able to balance sports and school.

My older brother is a psycho with low self esteem and anxiety. He's 30 and never had a job or gf and can't drive. I moved out years ago to get away from him because I didn't wanna go to jail for beating him into a coma.

My littler brother also moved out later because he was trying to avoid my older one so much he stockpiled food in his room so he wouldn't have to come out. Now me and little bro live together.

Living with him was hell. But at least he taught how to kick people's asses by pissing me off so much.

My younger sister does nothing but bully me in front of her friends. I don't give in or feel that bad, but it doesn't stop them from constantly laughing at me.

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Pretty good. My little brothers look up to me, it gives me strength.

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kill yourself faggot

My brother is a NEET who's 10 years older than me.

I haven't spoken to him in 6 years. We live in the same house ...

sounds like he belongs here and not you faggot

Kek what would he do that pissed you off so bad? I had an older brother that would fuck with me sometimes but not bad enough to kick his ass or anything.

So you guys neet at separate ends of the house? Sounds pretty alright, you got a roommate to split rent with when you guys have to move out

They beat you. See .

I was raised in rural areas and homeschooled. My brother is a violent monster who will stab me with screwdrivers and destroy my laptop because he lost a fistfight with our Dad and wants me to suffer too.

Not judging, just stating the facts; having a sibling is incredibly violent. The violence you will commit against each other and no one goes to jail is insane.

its good until they turn out wrong like you or unlike you. my little sister is turning into a hypebeast i think. fuck this shit shes not allowed to get older

>its good until they turn out wrong like you or unlike you
fuck that's too real man.

It's kind of like having friends but no one likes each other

in childhood/teenage years you're frenemies. sometimes friends, sometimes enemies. its a mixed bag really. I had some good memories with my bro, like playing video games together or random stuff, but also a lot of bad memories of fighting and hatred.

in adulthood you rarely talk and constantly feel guilty for not talking, but in the rare occasions you do you are quickly reminded why you dont talk - you dont really get along like you used to.

so yeah, a mixed bag + constant anxiety & occasional good memories until you die. thats what its like

when i was younger my older brother used to beat the shit out of me too many time to count. verbally abused me to tears almost daily. embarrassed me any chance he could and made fun of the way i look.

didnt see him for almost a decade.

now hes a super chad. firefighter. build like a super hero. plays sports. tattoos. money. has a super hot gf that is also a firefighter so shes super fit.

my brother acts like all of the shit he gave me never existed and tries to start fresh and be my friend. i get it. i play along. but im gonna blame him in my suicide note. and say its all his fault.

My brother has always been kind as fuck to me, it's nice having someone who will unconditionally love you.

consider yourself lucky


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>have 2 younger sisters
>one in highschool, another in college
>both are super entitled shits due to my dad's constant pamper

>highschool sister constantly acts like billie ellish
>cant even listen to billie's song without picturing my sister
>always wearing designer shit
>force my dad to buy her an iphone
>acts "emo" when anyone in our family tries to talk to her

>college sister
>constantly having mood swings
>would get mad for no reason EVERYDAY when you try to talk to her
>out of nowhere she's happy again to talk to you
>force my dad to buy her an iphone as well

mind you all of these happened after my dad lost his job and my mom is the only one supporting the family wage slaving away but both of them still don't realize the financial situation our family is in, and continue to fund both my sister's entitlement habits
I have a part time job but its just enough to pay for my own tuition

fuck sisters and fuck teenagers
I occasionally beat them by punching them in the face when they piss me off and our parents aren't home

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3 younger sisters. Two are cute autists. I don't spend enough time with them.

coming from a split family, i have one adoptive brother from my mom and dad, one half sister, two step sisters on my mom's side and a step sister and brother on my dad's side. my adoptive brother and step sis on dad's side live on their own, step bro i rarely see cause im rarely over there, step sisters never come over cause they hate my mom. the only one i regularly interact with is my half sister, which is pretty alright all things considered. she can be a pain sometimes, but thats just cause of her age. i have fond memories of my adoptive brother from when we were kids, but by the time i was old enough to have memories he was in high school so theyre pretty few. all in all, its pretty whatever.

>feels threatened

FBI go away, come another day

my younger sister when on her period made the house smell weird. girls dont know about his since men dont say anything, but we can smell when youre on your period from the pheromones, but if you live with a boy....he can smell the stench of your blood. no matter how much you try to freshen up or whatever, the bathroom, your bedrooms, and yourself smell like uterus lining and blood. its thick, metallic, and reminiscent of old meat thats sitting out for a few hours longer than needed.

Two sided coin. Love my brother to death and feel bad for him putting up with my autism all these years.
Hate my sister with a passion. She lies screams and manipulates.

>sister is a borderline sociopath when dealing with the family, would always steal, lie and cheat long after children usually grow a conscience
>seems to have normal relationships outside the family
>was the favorite but after she flunked out of school and turned out mediocre at best I was able to show my worth

>brother is retarded and with an extremely hot temper
>spent a combined 2 years in psych hospitals
>only under control on meds in the last 18 months, he's 18

Complete shitshow from age 4 to 19 who knows what my life would have been if I had been the only child?

no i feel your a stupid normal faggot that needs to get off my board i hope you die

Like having a wife you can't fuck.

It's a fucking nightmare. I wish my two older brothers never exist.

(1/2) sorry for blog post but here goes.
Myself and my brother are a weird case I guess.

Growing up I was considered the "smart one", so I did all the autistic shit like spelling bees (which I took way too seriously and made it to regionals every year of elementary) and I had alot of things that made me easy targets for bullying because I probably came off as a know it all (I read books basically nonstop, I even got in trouble one time for reading in class). I basically had 3-4 friends max who were as autistic as I was. One became a stoner NEET Nas dropped off the map, one sells Tesla's and plays in his garbage band, and one is going to school to become a director and has a shitty podcast.

Anyways I always saw my brother as the face of normalcy. I thought him always teasing me as a kid was because he was just a normalfag who knew how weird he was. As a result I always avoided him and was even scared of him at times.

Now that we've both grown up, and talking to my parents, I came to a realization. My brother is just as smart as me, but unlike me he didn't embrace it at the cost of having friends. For example, my parents remember that my brother used to read like crazy until he reached middle School where it became "uncool" and he stopped suddenly.

One time I was chatting with one of his best friends and he comments that I am a much better talker than my brother (a major wtf because I can't communicate my way out of a fucking McDonald's order). Then at his graduation party I hear one of his friends chuckling about the time they offered to pay my brother just to approach a girl at a bar and he flat out refused. I realized that he had picked on me because he was projecting his insecurities onto me. He hated how he wanted to talk about world history or something when everyone around him talked about the latest family Guy episode, and how lonely it made him feel. There was a reason why we were both single are whole lives.

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Nowadays we still talk but since he lives on the other side of the US it's hard to see him. It's funny, but we have almost identical sets of political views and senses of humor. However because we never really had any other channels of communication form in childhood, that's all we ever talk about now. I kinda want to ask him about it but we both just want to move past our younger years I think so we just pretend it never happened.

I know so many brothers don't care for each other, but I love my brother. We've sepearated a bit over the years, but we're still very close. He's been my best, and often only, friend and I really look up to him in so many ways. I hope to be half the man he is someday.

Being the youngest and only son, out of four children. I was treated as an experiment. Confined to this autistic world I built in my head, because interaction with others was frowned upon for "safety" (because that's how they raise girls, to be safe). But while I couldn't experience what a boy should, I couldn't experience what girls did, either (because that is girly).
Until I was 20 I basically had no identity. No masculinity and some femininity, especially because my ass is fat and my upper body is skinny, and of course I could never exercise because going out of the house was seen as "dangerous".

It's a double-edged sword, and only very rarely does it pan out. By "it" I mean 'having children', of course.