Alright, so let me get this straight...

alright, so let me get this straight. women will go to absurd lengths to argue with us about how looks are not all that important, but at the same time they put all this shit on their face.... which significantly improves their appearance. i guess it's sort of arguable if it improves their appearance, but that's kind of besides the point, they believe using makeup makes them more attractive.
makeup is only one part of it too. fashion and hair are just as important to them. they are absolutely obsessed with how they look. are we really supposed to believe people this obsessed with how they look don't judge others based on how they look? that's ridiculous.

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she looks better on the left
stupid bimbo

This is why you should never date a woman on looks alone.

I never found girls who wear lots of makeup attractive. It just strikes me as them being insecure that they need to paint their face so heavily.

they believe it makes them look better, thats more the point. there are probably femanons who slather their face in this shit reading this thread right now and they will still stick to this 'looks dont matter that much' bullshit

Not only that, though, because you also have to work to maintain that look. Same with hair. When you get crazy weaves and shit, especially like they used to do back in the day, you can't exactly be fooling around or you'll fuck it all up. Like, it's not a joke that women would often just sleep sitting up just to keep from fucking their hair up.
Also, I'd just prefer to be able to smooch my gf's cheek without getting a face full of chemicals, personally, and she shouldn't feel the need to peacock herself that hard in an attempt to mask her imperfections. I ain't some delicately greek god carved from marble, either.

If your arguing with 20 billion women at the same time about how attracted they are to looks, you already lost the point of life. You sound extremely gay.

If women cared more about looks and that was the gate to more pussy, male makeup and fashion would be bigger. Most guys dont care how they look because they know it wont matter to most of the women they fuck. Youre over here talking about female judgment like it counts for anything. A girl will happily fuck someone she thinks is ugly if he is funny or confident. If looks mattered then the entire Asian race would not exist

Make up is not masculine, that's why guys don't do it. There's a gay stigma about it.

Wrong you big fucking retard. People accept when guys buy fancy sports cars which help with getting pussy. The make up stuff having any sort of stigma is a direct result of it being pointless because women dont care how the guy looks as much. But it doesnt anyway, lots of guys put product on their face and no one minds unless its drag queen level

lol most of the ugly guys that get pussy are only getting it because the girl wants some of his money, not because she's attracted to him physically. you have to be a woman if you're defending betabux.
men don't wear makeup because it's just a queer feminine thing to do. actors do wear makeup though... all the actors you see in movies sat in a chair and someone put makeup on them.

>only physical attraction is real attraction
Oh look we have another one. Literally proving me right

yea, you're a woman. so obvious. you do care about looks, you're just terrified of saying you write off most guys because you find them ugly.

If looks were the key to getting more pussy or better pussy, 100% of men would be wearing makeup. Theres no barrier. Being called feminine by some random guy is not a big deal

so you'd be able to fall in love with a guy who is 400lbs? hahah
nope, i can tell you're a woman because you just don't understand how fucking gay putting on makeup is for a man. it's almost at the level of taking a cock in the ass.

>if i call him a woman it will change the millions of women who happily date ugly guys
if you say so, gay boy

> If looks mattered then the entire Asian race would not exist

What did you mean by this? Asian women are conaideres the most beautiful on earth and asian men surely look better then niggers at least.

Women still care about men's looks it's just that men are forced to use natural beauty. We can't use cheat codes like make up without being called sissies. Yes we can compensate buy owning fancy cars and having nice watches but we can go from 4 to 7 like women can

for money, and that's pretty much it. keep denying it, its funny to me

>look better
pffff hahaha

if anything you're just saying that people have different ideas of what "good looking" means, which proves my point as well.

>the guy in denial is claiming im in denial
put on some makeup and see if girls love you then

youre bad at this. you can't even throw shit at a wall right, its hitting your feet

yea asian girls do have different ideas of what good looking means, it's generic looking white guys lmao stupid fucking rice whores

no need to try so hard to be funny.

ill never laugh as hard as you do when you look in a mirror lmao

>ill never laugh
what did she mean by this?

haha english totally isnt your first language is it

It's a lot of self confidence. You'd understand if you showered and cleansed more often.

and here is an example of a vagina bitch being a vagina bitch

An ugly dude being confident is called sexual harassment.

wow you are like so stupid
i would drop my panties if this guy approached me and told me i was hot and he wanted my number

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i look like a better version of him
also with hair and no glasses

You guys are literally stunted mentally. I'm not even joking. You think like middle schoolers, at best. Retarded middle schoolers, at that.

Obviously chad can walk up to a girl and say whatever he wants and get a girls number. But that's chad. He's an outlier. A small portion of the male population.

The reason I say youre stunted mentally is because you conflate BEING confident with ACTING confident. Anyone thats even decently socially adept can tell the difference, but because you guys are not decently socially adept, you can't. And you conflate the two.

Acting confident is obnoxious and unwanted (unless you're chad), actually BEING a confident man is a whole different thing. It's more subtle, it doesnt feel fake and try hard. The list goes on.

Seriously you guys pretend as if you're enlightened but youre actually so incredibly retarded that its actually laughable.

the difference between being confident and acting confident is entirely based on what you look like. what you don't seem to understand is women don't even know what the fuck they mean when they say they like confidence. why do you think these stupid whores end up in relationships with abusive narcissists that only give a shit about themselves? because they confuse narcissism with confidence.
they're incredibly stupid and they think with their pussy.

no, she really doesn't user..

>A girl will happily fuck someone she thinks is ugly if he is funny or confident.

>Being called feminine by some random guy is not a big deal
But it's not just men. Women will ridicule men for wearing make up as well. How old are you. You sound extremely young and inexperienced.

>Asian women are conaideres the most beautiful on earth
By whom? White beta boys

men did wear a lot of makeup in the past. in the 17th century men were wearing powdered wigs and powdering their faces like fucking idiots. it all fell out of fashion because it was just unbelievably gay.

BEING confident doesn't mean shit when it comes to dating because women won't associate an ugly man as being confident.
The retard here is you

>it's almost at the level of taking a cock in the ass.
Fucking what hahaha

Yes, only high class males did that. Most wealthy women were fat as well. What is your point?

that is basically what i was getting at though? ugly guys can act confident, its just not going to work

that makeup for men is gay as shit and shouldnt even be considered an option

>women will go to absurd lengths to argue with us about how looks are not all that important
Yes, and you beat them to submission with your selfish shallow preferences. They aren't into makeup because they love it, they are into it because literally everyone forces them to do it or face ostracism.

There's no analogy applicable for males, we have never had that kind of absurd chains

id truthfully rather you all stop using makeup so we can all see how hideous you all actually are

>There's no analogy applicable for males

Sure there are.


they arent forced to use it make up gives them an advantage. its a mask they can use to boost thier looks 4 points

im not stupid, looks matter a fuck ton. which is why i thank god for makeup. stay salty scrotes

how does it feel that i can just walk outside after a shower and you have to spend like 30 minutes slathering shit on your face like a fucking idiot hahahaahaahha

>If women cared more about looks and that was the gate to more pussy, male makeup and fashion would be bigger

That's true but women do care about looks anyway, they consider the majority of males ugly and the absence of male makeup popularity is a reason for that you retard

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Opps, I meant to quote the guy you quoted

I can agree. It is gay.

how does it feel that I can just take my clothes off on the internet and make more money than half of the wagecucks on this board?

i dont like being a woman but being a man would be way worse lol. at least i have a vagina.

>Opps, I meant to quote the guy you quoted
the penalty is you have to fondle my balls now

they're narcissistic. they care about how they look 100 times more than about how you look

Just find girls who don't wear makeup. There are plenty of them around where I live.

if you're posting on here i doubt many people would pay to see your tits or vagina. if you look the way i think you look you'd probably have to do some weird fetish shit to actually make money

ok, but since when are narcissists kind people? if they are so self absorbed with how they look, how do you think they are going to treat other people? they're going to treat them like shit unless they are very attracted to them. can't say i've ever met a nice narcissist lol.

That's a difference you just made up in the moment. And you sound really retarded saying "being" confident implies subtlety and not trying too hard. Explain for example how the guy in pic would be able to get a hottie interested in him?, i personally think no amounts of "subtlety and not trying too hard" will make him get her

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>he bought the "i put makeup because if i don't you guys get mad" lie that e-thots tell

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that guy is just one of those red pillers that thinks you can shape your reality through your behavior. they absolutely refuse to accept that looks play a massive part of this game because it goes against everything they believe.

>It just strikes me as them being insecure
of course we're insecure fuck you reeee

awww if you were my gf id tell you you were pretty without the makeup so pls be my gf

i made 50 bucks an hour as a cam girl

did you play with your asshole?

i put a butt plug in a few times
stopped before long because it was degrading and depressing and my dad raised me better. but wagecucking suckssss

wanna be my gf and you can watch me jerk off to your buttplug videos

There are more ads around to shave that stuff than to keep it and groom it like all your worth depended on it

i dont have videos or pics or anything. plus i thought you thought i was ugly

Women wear makeup even when they're in a place with no potential partners to impress with makeup. I.e. they will sleep with prison guards in order to have makeup smuggled to them.
Make up is much like taking a shower or flossing. You do it often enough, it becomes a part of your daily routine.

well i did think you were ugly but then you said you put a buttplug up your ass and now i want to jerk off
so you did this to me

go ahead and jerk off you fag

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fuck you buttplug bitch HAHAH

that is actually the butt plug i own though, I call it my anal rose (which is a euphemism for a rectal prolapse)

what would your dad say if you saw that cute buttplug

darn now the tables have turned

>Haha I show my vagina and get secret cheat code to life!
>Immediately complains about it being degrading and depressing.
Tell me, what was there to brag about again?

i dont know. i would probably commit a murder-suicide. i love my dad too much to let him suffer my failure

be nice to the buttplug femanon, she posted her own buttplug. that counts for something

again, money, you salty scrote

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have you ever worn it out or was it just for the cam shows

never, i am naturally very vanilla, probably thanks to my dads good influence

It doesn't count for anything until I see the actual physical buttplug.
Okay yeah, so you can become a suicidal whore with no dignity just to earn some money. Wow, that sure makes me envious.

no daddy kinks or anything?

im not suicidal though, im fine. im wagecucking like the average citizen these days but i have money saved up from camgirling which is nice. im over it and i dont feel too bad and it was basically free money that a guy at my equivalent attractiveness couldnt get.

That's nice and all, but what you are basically telling me is, you're a shameless whore.

Imagine being so autistic that
1, you think this is funny
2, you think you can piss off someone with this shit on Jow Forums

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uh looks don't matter sweaty, i wear all this makeup just for myself

yikes i can smell the zoomer radiating from this post

ok im a shameless whore
is that what you wanted?
here is another butt plug also

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what other toys do you have you goddamn shameless ho

I'm sure I asked for the real buttplug shameless whore-chan.

18 inches long and 4.7 inch girth. but it wont fit so i cant use it. i would give it to someone but that is really fucking weird and goodwill doesnt accept sex toys

well i guess you could always use as a self defense weapon

i am house sitting so i dont have any of them

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ive thought about it, its also very satisfying to chew especially for someone who used pacifiers up until age 6

so youre like a dog playing with a toy lmao

I guess so. do you ever see something that looks squishy and get the urge to chew on it?? i know its not just me. pic related is one example, i fucking love these things

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no i dont get that urge, but i have an oral fixation because i used to smoke. now i just use a lot of cough drops

smoking is so bad. ew. cough drops are way better. good for you

im going to sleep now, good night shamelessfu