Why is it taboo to still live in your parents house past the age of 18?

Why is it taboo to still live in your parents house past the age of 18?

I see no problem. If anything it's the smarter choice; why would I fork over my money to greedy landlords when I could live with my parents for basically nothing? It's incredibly easy to save up money when you don't have to pay for rent or food. Realistically speaking, you could buy your own place within a few years if you play your cards right.

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is taboo because its usually lazy manchildren that do it, nothing wrong with it if you just want to save money

there's nothing wrong with it. as long as you have intentions to move out eventually. i mean, i've been working 10 dollars an hour for the past 2 years, and i havent spent much. pretty soon i will have enough to get a 4 season rv. that's what i'm gonna do.

I'm pretty sure that's only an american thing

It used to be easy to survive with a high school education but now it's not but the culture hasn't caught up with modern challenges

In the culture where it's taboo, it's because independence in children are encouraged. They're meant to go on and build their own social lives.

This. it's only really a problem for N.E.E.Ts

its pretty common among spics in my neighborhood. I think the problem is that most neets dont even contribute to the family. Most of the spics make money and help out around the house at least and live in the same house as a way of saving money or tradition i guess.

I'm 23 and I've lived with my parents on/off since graduating high school. I lived a couple of years in dorms for college, another year at home and another year living in a house with friends. I'm currently back with my parents because I'm finishing up school and I'm not in a good enough financial position to move out.
I hate it honestly. I miss having my own place. we have a terrible relationship and we were much happier out of each others' lives.

some people are okay with living with their 'rents. I'm definitely not.

its not as long as you are working towards eventually moving out

I completely agree, edgy kids think it's cool to live without their parents. I think it's comfortable, saves a shitton of money, not shameful.

It's not, in these hard times is the regular thing actually.
The taboo thing is to be a NEET leech.

Why would you want to i couldn't wait to get out and my parents were cool af. I graduated HS at 17 and moved out 1 week later.

No matter what unless you can afford to buy your own home and live in it (which will have so many benefits it doesn't make sense to stay with parents to "save"), you are a total loser and will eventually end up facing major consequences economically, socially and others.

It's not a bad idea to be working full time and saving for a home... but if you didn't get in at ~200k back around 2010 you're pretty fucked ATM. Many places are still affordable but the cost of a home is always related to the jobs available in the area.

High paying jobs = high cost of living + high rents + high price for homes.

So you're mid-20s living with parents. Do you have an account with 200k+ in it? Then you failed to take advantage of your low cost of living.

A NEET is always implicitly a failure at life.

this is so fucking retarded

>unless you buy your own home you're a loser

yeah why pay rent when you can sell yourself into indentured servitude to tie yourself to one property in one city for a significant amount of time, lol millenial retard kids

>moving from you parents house at 18
you have to be crazy to do that, I couldn't afford living on my own until I was 21, and even then I decided to stay a little longer with my parents

Seriously just live at home and NEET it up if you can, there's no point in buying any of these shitty overpriced houses when it's all just going to be irradiated dust in like 20 years

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>lol millenial retard kids
FYI I just made 200k profit selling my last home.

It's only taboo if you're a man that plans on having sex with someone else. Women seem to like dating a guy who can provide for/take care of himself.
I only moved out when I was 19 because my parents basically told me I was getting kicked out for being too old to be living with them if I'm not in school. My younger siblings apparently don't have that problem, the youngest is 22 now. (But she desperately wants out of that nuthouse...)

It's because the possibility of having your life together, or proceeding further in your life (like getting a girlfriend/wife, socializing, etc.) are very low in that situation.
That said, I'm doing the same and I give zero fucks. I managed to save the kind of money this way that I would under no circumstances could have done otherwise if I moved out and spent more than half my paycheck on rent/mortgage.
If anyone asks why I do this, I always give them this reason, and so far it shut everyone up.

This only works though if you are okay with being that weird guy.

Not an American so that does contribute to what I'm going to say massively, but anyway.
If I had an account with ~200k in it, I could fucking retire right now and live out a modest life in my country without working, god fucking damn it. That's a lot of money here that I'm confidently able to say that more than 90% here never had.

My parent were unbearable to live with so the first chance i got i moved.
If you have nice parents and you contribute to the household it's okay

Matt 10:36

Wherr is it taboo? I never heard anyone say it would be a bad thing. Nobody my age (23) can afford their own homes, if you can stay with your parents to lower costs it's ok, you can also rent, although I don't encourage that. The only people I know that have their own homes have received them from their families.

I think societ by this point has accepted that early 20s people will not be able to afford their own house. If they can, that's extremely out of the ordinary.
They expect you to rent. To which I say fuck that, because to me it's not worth spending more than half my paycheck just so I can say I don't live with my parents anymore, when I could be living with them and save that money instead. Financially it just makes more sense.
It's a different question if your parents are terrible people and you can't wait to get the fuck out of there. But if they are nice, I see no reason to rent instead.

It's normal here in London. Rent is so ridiculously expensive, people usually move out by age 22+ and even then they're forced to move up north for affordable housing.

Western Boomers want you to move out because if you don't then you won't be paying into the housing pyramid scheme and supporting their unsustainable retirement. They buy up all the low end housing stock and then rent it out at extortionate rates so you end up paying off the mortgage and buying the house for them. If their not going to build affordable small homes or create alternative low cost housing then fuck 'em, not wage slaving to pay off your mortgage cunt.

what are you doing with that money? i moved out at 18 and had no money problems.
i could bring girls home, friends home, do anything i wanted anytime i wanted, be loud, etc....
>buy your own place
ya okay if you lived with parents from 18-20 and then bought a nice house, that's great. i think the taboo shit is when a 22 year old moves back in with their parents because they are mentally brain retarded and couldn't find a job. those guys don't buy houses, they become homeless eventually.

I do not want to rent in the same city where my parents live. I discourage people from renting because it's spending money on someone else's home, If your folks are really dense or hate you, it is an ok thing to do, otherwise you can buckle up and save your money. You can spend 10 minutes calculating your possible budget for a long time, it shouldn't take you more than a day to figure out what your options are for living alone, some people will never earn thd money needed to buy a home, that is also a position where renting is an ok thing to do. I myself can afford a small apartment so far but I'm saving more money to afford a place with 3 rooms.

i want my own house

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>Why is it taboo to still live in your parents house past the age of 18?
because law states that before 18 you're an underaged faggot who can only live off leeching parents

In California, the housing market is absolute shit and there's no way I can afford even a cardboard box in an alleyway.

Because you are legally an adult and are expected to live your adult life now. Yes it's kind of retarded, especially considering how pointless it is to pay rent when you could be saving for an apartment or house of your own, but that's just how it is.

>be faggOP
>turn 18
>"hurr durr I'm an adult now"
>parents demand you get a job and go live on your own
>"hurr durr parents don't want me to leech, reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"

You mean your parents wouldn't charge you rent?
Pathetic. A man should stand on his own two feet and support himself otherwise he is not a man.

Imagine being a bootlicker like this three stooges

People might take the piss out of those living with their parents but it's not really a taboo, especially when it's acknowledged rent and housing prices are fucked and it's better to save.

United States has one of the highest incomes and lowest rates of taxation of anywhere in the world... but once you factor in healthcare and other potential costs similar to other 1st world countries like Sweden, UK, Canada and so on.

The housing market in large parts of the USA is still totally affordable while wages are still very high. Almost everyone should still be able to afford a home (50k?) in some backwater after working a few years and saving.

24 and i have no intentions of moving out. it's normal to live with your parents if you have a big house. i would be retarded to move out. we have a nice garden and my room is big enough for my friends to come over. sure it's a turn off for women but who cares, no women ever showed interest in me anyway. also lol at burgerland. who moves out at 18?

>In California, the housing market is absolute shit and there's no way I can afford even a cardboard box in an alleyway.
Yeah... and starting wages are 80k too. That's the cost of living + cost of accommodation + available jobs and wages relationship.

Work in California for a few years living in a shithole apartment with 4 other guys and bank a few hundred K, then move out to shithole utah and buy a house for 80k and retire on the other money you have.


its just boomers and real estate cock suckers trying to make you feel bad


soon I will achieve it brother

I will be free and one day you will be free too

>being able to pay for your own house + car
>having a permanent job
>married with 2+ kids by your 30's
It was only possible post WW2 boomer economy and was the norm right up to the end of the 90's. So yeah you're boomer parents who have it made and are oblivious about everything will not even offer to help and just ridicule you.

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You should probably be aiming to own a home, even a modest one by the time you're 30 to 40. If you hit 40 living with your parents you messed up big time and will never live it down.

A home is better than cash because in most cases while the real estate market does fluctuate, home prices increase faster than general inflation and cost of living. So you should almost always be able to buy a small home on the outskirts of a growing town, live there for 15 or 20 years and then sell it for a profit to be ripped down and replaced with something worth twice as much. The lot you own becomes more valuable than the house on it in some cases, especially as a neighborhood develops around you.

That's usually not the case though so you have to plan well ahead for that sort of thing to happen. If you get lucky enough to buy low (1995?) and sell high (2018?) you might double, triple or more your money from your initial investment plus cost of living and property maintenance for that period in profits.

It's an old meme passed down from boomers who could afford a mortgage from moving their neighbors lawns at 15. Just ignore them.

I'm not sure if you were dropped on your head as a child, but that graph is showing a drop in total share of "middle class" as a portion of the population from 58% to 52% over the past 40 years.

That's a decline of 6%. If you were in that little 6% segment of the population you are suffering, but the rest of us (50 - 52%) are still middle class and doing just fine.

>boomers who could afford a mortgage from moving their neighbors lawns at 15
I don't know about you kiddo, but I'm from generation Y (why? oh god why?) and when I was 15 I had $1000+ in my savings account from mowing lawns, working part time and similar.

Mow five lawns once per week (all the neighbors on your block?) for $10 a pop. Pay about $10 for gas, that's $40 per week.

Approximately 52 weeks in a year, let's say lawns only get you 1/2 for ~25 weeks (round down) and that's 25 * 40 = $1000. Now you're 14 to 15, you spent the summer with maybe one day a week mowing lawns (or shuffle it around, whatever fits your schedule) and you've got an account with $1k in it.

Problem is you blew it all on skins and dance moves for fortnite, didn't you?

That's okay. I bought a pentium-III 450 mhz pc for $800 for sexmas for myself and used it to fap to anime waifus back in 99.

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Where I live the chinese immigrants have a monopoly on lawn mowing. A caravan of them mow lawns throughout the entire neighborhood from 9-5 all week. I would have to setup my own company and advertise my business to be able to get any offers. Fuck even my parents are subscribed to them and pay $300 anually despite me offering to mow their lawn and give me the money instead. They would rather have their lawn done with professional equipment and experience than rely on some neet with a push reel.

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Are you 14? An adult man should be mowing nobody's lawn but his own...


Unless you're a barber, in which case mow the fuck out of that shit!

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