I'm cool. I'm nice. I'm unbannable. I'll outlast every single one of you. Keep seething, moids

I'm cool. I'm nice. I'm unbannable. I'll outlast every single one of you. Keep seething, moids.


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what the fuck is a moid? also why are you talking like kashii?

"Once the heart is filled with hatred, it'll unleash its true power."
A wise words from myself indeed, but still don't let it consumes you.

>what the fuck is a moid?
You are.
>also why are you talking like kashii?
Because both Kashii and Aiste are characters created by me, a Discord tranny. Why else would Kashii be so persistent with claiming I'm a girl with no proof?

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testing 1 2 3


So you were the tripfag Nagi? The famous tripfag from /a/ and /jp/? Leader of IRC Brigade? Current resident of /meta/ and Twitter? Nice!

No. I'm Kashii the discord tranny.

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Nagi is kashii

Aiste is cun



>using my avatar for whatever that fucking thread is

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Reminder Aiste is a tranny shill psyop trying to placate itself as me

youre in a world of your own, good lord.

Skinny Kashii with no soul and a big pole
Twin Dracos Twin Glocks with extendos
I declare war fair game on your kinfolk
Catch you at the light boy I hope you got your pistol
l just broke you off that was janny in the rental
Oh you like to talk? .223 to your dentals
Finger fuck the Glock
Let it bust its a nympho
Not to late for scams but I grew up on that kick doe
Drop a hundred round left with shells thats the intro
Yellow tape
Shots fired make you limp hoe
I believe in making niggas bleed like a menstrual

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>aiste tries to say he made based kashii

you idiot. i liked you. but youre actually a girl. not anymore i dont like you.

Good. I don't need any pathetic orbiters.

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youre just making people hate you. womena re stupid, mentally ill people are stupid. youve proved everyone right all along.

Hey man, take it easy. She has a mental illness. Must be symptoms of not having a dick inside her. She even have the nerve to pretend to be a tranny to fit in lmao

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You sound like a tranny yourself when you say that.

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talking to yourself again fat spic?

youre and idiot that lied to me and now i hate you aiste. i wanted to be your friend and be with you bu youre the very thing you hate. a manipulator and a liar.

You are now imagining yourself being raped.

kashii gang kashii gang kashii gang bitch

Aiste made it clear from the start he's a schizo. I don't think creating multiple personas and talking to himself is too far down the line

How have I lied to you? Why hate me?

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hes also homura poster & I just discovered im trans poster

That's not what schizophrenia is. Stop watching Hollywood nonsense.

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These posts are conflicting

Impossible, Kashii's more of an oldfag that 95% of current Jow Forums posters and it's no exaggeration. Kashii can't be Aiste, but Aiste can be Kashii u kno what im saiyan

are going to have the same discussion everytime? i fucking say the same thing everytime but newfags just keep materializing

who are you buddy?

Turns out Aiste is Brooke

Honestly, I couldn't care less if you think I'm a Discord tranny, or Kashii, or a girl or whatever. But how you people are willing to hate me just on the assumption that I am a girl is revolting and only makes you disgusting, not me. How does it make sense to like someone, make friends with them and then 5 seconds hate the exact same person because they're not the same gender? Do you ever think what your thought process behind this is? Tell me, because I don't understand. Goodnight

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i think aiste is a girl that wants to be kashii's gf

kashii is having my baby already so hes not available

retarded incel.j

kashii is a good league of legends player youtu.be/I9B4ZKgDAZI

>kashii has a gaming channel

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kashii is also a rapper youtu.be/X-LOKsv_yJ4

im starting to feel bad honestly, this looks like some shit we werent supposed to see

No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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