"all alone again, user? pretty cringy if you think about it."

>"all alone again, user? pretty cringy if you think about it."
respond how

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How is it "cringy"? What is your reasoning?

"yeah.. yeah your right"

Keep walking while staring into the abyss just wanting to get away from the mentally ill homeless woman who always hangs out at the wall

You're alone too...?

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you're alone too, cunt, and as a female, which is worse.

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"I enjoy my time alone so I don't have to be socially polite with people like you."

Stfu ugly big forehead bitch

"I think you meant to use the word sad"

1st, get your pants together. No one will like you for hoeing around
2nd, wear some god damn make up, you make Swamp Thing look like a Beauty queen

"nice grandma shorts ya titless freak"

>give a confused look

pretty much this
add some looking at the ground to the mix


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T. #whiteface

>Holy shit how can your wrist bend that far are you okay

Sure, but it's not something I know how to fix

What I'd most likely do irl
>"yeah... haha.."
>walk away
>behind the corner do the same as in the gif

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Jokes on you, I'm happier when I'm alone.

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>look at her like she's crazy and ask
Who are you?

I mean honestly anons, why would some random hoe just talk to me on the street, who is she even.

nice forehead, more like an eighthead.

One time my mom said something similar to me. I said "what's wrong with being alone? I like being alone" and she started to cry. I'm not even a robot, btw. I just like some of the threads over here.

>You have a huge forehead and your eyes are too far apart

This type of shit fucks with a girl's head like you wouldn't believe. If you insult their looks with something specific that they can't change, they obsess over it.
>You look strange when you walk
>You have the stubbiest thumbs I've ever seen in my life

Shit like that. Keep it in your back pocket next time some cunt gets lippy

>keeps walking

only soiboys say cringey

If she's looking at me like that, she definitely wants me, which makes her quip totally impotent.

Punch her in the mouth. Drag her to my basement. Keep her :))

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don't let it get to you really, you're extremely pretty!

think about THIS originally of course

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Well, you wanna give me some company then?

This girl looks like a younger version of my crush

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are you the OP or asking OP?

Dude.. That's what he would respond with

At least I have a chance of finding somebody unlike your homely looking ass

Is your mom a normie bitch?

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