Give to me straight guys, is there an afterlife?

i started taking the muslimpill by reading the quran and it makes a lot of sense with applied sufism(mysticism). they say hell isnt eternal but a means of purifying and that heaven is really us returning to our original source/creator. Are we just figments in the imagination of a Higher Power?

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what if this is the afterlife of another life you fucked up

Yes user, there is. It's the life you're living right now, you're paying for your sins or living in heaven forever depending on how well you did in your actual real past and only life. We're in a permanent loop.

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user having mental breakdown I see well to be quite honest this ain't the right place to discuss religion since most of guys here are faggots with 1 iq.
user is confused, is there an afterlife? Am I going to hell? Well my user friend I assure you there is an afterlife just might not be what you expect.

>Give to me straight guys, is there an afterlife?

Yes, there absolutely is, but not because of religion. Just because religions are demonstrably silly, it does not mean that materialism is true and that death implies oblivion. There is a tremendous amount of empirical evidence that suggests that our mind or consciousness continues past the point of physical death and that there is an infinitely amazing afterlife awaiting unconditionally around the corner of a ceased heartbeat for everyone.

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In essence, the purpose of these lives is to learn to be an infinitely loving and kind person despite the fact that the world is demonstrably shitty and it is really hard to develop character here. But the person who is infinitely happy, kind, loving, accepting, and forgiving while they are being tortured, to take the ultimate example, will quite figuratively explode from happiness in heaven. So use your challenges as gifts to develop your character. After all, you had the multiverse as your smorgasbord while you were still in paradise, and yet you chose this life; being this character, in this society, in this world.

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im not sure if theres an afterlife but what I am sure of is that humans have another entity, a soul, and once you die your spirit lives on, wherever that may be. I am sure that exists because my dead brother showed me a sign that he was here.

No he didn't, it's called wishful thinking

there is no reason to believe in one

Its not wishful thinking, it literally happened and everyone else saw it. I wasnt the only spectator in the room.
What basically happened was we set up a memorial for him three days after his death. His body was at a coroner going under investigation.
At the memorial my parents had bought an urn which they had placed on top of a table that was standing behind the podium. The memorial starts. Preacher is up there preaching for nearly an hour. Its then my turn and I go up there presenting my eulogy. I stutter a bit, but thats usual for me as a person whos terrible at public speaking. Anyways, when it came to my closing statement, all of sudden, out of nowhere, that same urn just falls off from the table and creates this terrifyingly loud sound that put everyone in the room in shock mode. Now you can call that a coincidence but I find it odd that the urn fell right at the time I was up there giving him a eulogy, as someone who is related to him by blood and practically grew up with him. The person before me was preacher who barely knew nothing about my brother and preached about other bs that had no relation to the memorial for nearly a whole hour, and the person that went after me was my brothers friends father who gave a eulogy of his own. The loud and unexpected disruption happened during my speech. The urn couldve fell at any time, really, yet why at the point when im up there and about to close off my speech? I dont call that as just some mere wishful thinking. If you were actually there and witnessed this whole scenario you would be thinking the same thing as I am.

>urn falls
>zomg its mah dead bro!!11!

why am I not surprised

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Look at the given context provided. Why did it fall right when I was up there and was about to close off my speech?

I was only up there for 3 fucking minutes. Everyone else took longer than I did

What answer do you want from this shitty board? Lmao, you are just falling for memes if you believe anything byou read in Jow Forums

thank you user, you're a good man.

they say hell isnt eternal but a means of purifying and that heaven is really us returning to our original source/creator
This is the same as in Christianity.
you dont go to hell you go to the purgatory where you are for your sins and then you go to heaven to God
btw all religions are gay and should disappear.
They are just bullshit some niggers came up with to make money and become famous

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Go fuck yourself. I hope some demon haunts your dumbass.

Purely coincidence
So? Gravity doesn't care how long you were up there
Demons are as real as ghosts so I wont worry, sorry about your bro tho

lol thank you for saving me the pain of reading that wall of horseshit

You werent there faggot.

fuck you and fuck near death experience testimony. the brain literally shuts down and doesnt work well. the parts of the brain that deal with time and perception are HEAVILY DISTORTED. all of their experiences could easily be explained as a physical based phenomenon

sorry for near death experiences are a joke. please note, i very stronger believe in god, but i have a hard to believing in a "soul" or anything of the sort. as soul crushing as it sounds, i honestly believe theres a very real possibility that death truly is the end

also i entirely reject the retards telling me im paying for the karma of something "i" did in the past life

if i dont remember it, if my body didnt do it, how is it reasonable to make me pay for it? i was never someone else, i entirely reject that idea as what i would consider "me". the philosophy of self identity is really important here

i really liked this guys lecture on it

as for op, i do think there is a afterlife, but not for me. like for example, look at the pyramids and other technology defying megalithic structures like baal-beck. im sure some insane space traveling civilization built that, but it doesnt matter, because only im "me"

i am not my "soul" i am not my consciousness, my defition of "me" is always changing, but its largely a phisicalist, as we cant actually measure or locate the soul

and even if a soul did exist, it seems to me like a nametag more than anything, "oh yeah bro, you shared a nametag with a guy in the previous life who killed people so in your life be good, so the next person with the name tag gets a nice life"

god is a evil demon

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There is an afterlife, but it's a celestial bureaucracy. You can literally die if they fuck up the paperwork.

>There is a tremendous amount of empirical evidence
No there isnt
>brain fucks itself up and shows you spooky things
>i was totally on the edge of the universe guys!!!!!!

You probably believe in something retarded like "what if what we see isnt real but when we take lsd.......... then we see real............"

That's funny because everytime I fantasized about dying and getting into heaven, I imagined a plane taking me there, then going through some bureaucracy at a heavenly office. It's a cool fantasy because it's not like anything of sorts is necessary for heaven to work but it gives the feeling of being in someone's care.

Unless they fuck up the paperwork.

This is pasta and i hope you get stabbed

Only hell exists.
Everyone goes through it.