Be me

>be me
>get child abused
>no friends
>this happened
>got taken away from parents at 9
>so basically no childhood
>grow up
>get domestic abused
>get toxic friends
>does alcohol abuse
>stay away from toxic friends and now only have 3 friends who disrespect me
>get over it
>still incel
>wanna die
lmao wtf i had a childhood and i can't live adulthood either! i want to die

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femanon here :P
not to be disrespectful in any way, but you have been raped by a dog? how?

read pic related
changed my life when i was a kid

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dogs are strong af, their paws are very sharp and forceful and just like they can open doors, they apparently can pull down pants as well! and they are very aggressive when they go at it!
i think it is more likely to get raped by dogs than humans because dogs are beasts and strong while humans will cry like a bitch when you kick them in the nuts!

how tf does a dog pull down your pants? why would a dog try to have sex with humans? has he been trained on doing that?
sounds fake af to me, sorry

>how tf does a dog pull down your pants?
clearly you don't own a dog then!
>why would a dog try to have sex with humans?
my grandma says "he does that because you're feminine" but i never understood what she ment by that!
i don't think gender plays any role in this!
>has he been trained on doing that?
dogs are rapists by nature, that's why humans cut off their balls! but they also have to be trained not to rape! clearly you don't own a dog because every dog owner who trains their dog knows this!
>sounds fake
i hope you get raped by a dog one day! rape is not something you can just joke about asshole! i know that you are a virgin but to act like rape is fake is just terrible!
don't apologize if you're not sorry! you don't know what it's like to get raped you dumb whore!

OP said he was a kid. Obviously kids aren't strong enough to defend themselves against rape. Why do you think pedophiles are illegal?

dogs are sexy so you enjoyed it. don't lie

their paws hurt and since i am not gay, i do not like dicks in my butt!

your lying because dogs are sexy and you liked it

stop talking about my dog thread! this thread was ment to be about abuse for fuck sake!

why would a dog rape a guy in the ass? i imagine dogs having other beaty standards than human faggots
just sounds unlikely
i am sorry, but a dog raping you is just way more hilarious than your inability to tell toxic people to fuck off and controlling your alcohol consumption

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i never said i stopped alcohol abuse though! and after this i don't think i'll ever get over that!

>implying i said your alcohol abuse is over
plz quote me on that one

oops i misread
>controlling your alcohol
i guess i should've read it as
>inability to control your alcohol

im sorry user but it is quite funny

You sound like a little feeble bitch if you let ppl bully you. Fight them user, win or lose, stand up for once in your life, losing that fear will gift u the fire of 10 gorillion sun's I promise u

okay you know what, maybe the idea behind it is kind of little bit funny... but overall, the situation really wasn't and i do not like it when people laugh at my pain! seriously, i will never forget those strong clawwy paws!

who says i've never stood up for myself? i always fought my bullies! now obviously i like 9 out of 10 times (yes 1 out of 10 were faggots) but that's besides the point!

lost! not like lost! wtf is with my typing aids?

depends on your sense of humour man
this would please /lit/s dumping ground

>went through the same shit except never made any friends
>still not a cancerous attention-seeking LE EBIN DOOMER XDDD posting faggot who uses the words "toxic" and "incel"

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how? you take anti-depressants?

No, I'm definitely miserable, I'm just not a faggot about it.

i already said
>get over it
so obviously i'm not a faggot about it since i got over it... i just felt like sharing it!
if you based it on my replies, keep in mind what it is i am replying to

Im in tears laughing at this shit