She will be someone's mother in the future

>She will be someone's mother in the future

How does this make you feel?

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a phat white ass and a musclebound BBC wielder, what a perfect combination

It makes me feel like you damn cuck bait spam bots and all your future bloodline (>implying) should get a ban from the internet forever.
Possibly by bullet.

Her ass is made for the bbc. Too bad she didn't whip his big black cock out and suck it right there and then

Race mixing is degenerate though

>racebaiting every day on Jow Forums
What do you do in life, user?
>inb4 I fuck your women white boi

Outside of arousal for the phat ass she has and the motivation to get a body like that guy, nothing really. I find it hard to give a fuck about what a stranger is doing.

she'll be the mother of an autistic half-black kid because she won't breed until after 40

bet she already is someones mom and someones wife

Not really. Race mixing with neanderthals made white people.

so she'll make another Ruggarell? ugh...

someone's single mother

getting a nice boner

>this young female dared to openly flirt with a confident mate she found attractive
idk, kinda nothing I guess?
not really my problem, is it?

>caring about some random whore
Lame and a waste of time, idk why you guys complain about shit that literally doesn't affect your life in a single way kek

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I hope you realize that there are millions of sluts racemixing.

Reminder that big muscles and black skin don't always equate with big dick.

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wait what? what about the bbc meme...

and not a single one of them doing so affects my life in the SLIGHTEST way possible, I still stand by my post you literal mong.

single mother, yes

I bet you believe in the holocaust too

so 6 million jews didn't get turned into oriental rugs?

PAWGs were made for BBC

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BASED actual robot
your kind is diminishing

Imagine having a body like his just to end up with a mediocre fat whore. He's the one getting fucked over here.

she looks ugly and i dont want her, let that guy have her so i can have all the qt latinas i want

Is there a full video my good man?
My lawyer needs a good sperm sample to aid me in a case.

she'll probably be one of those cool moms whose kids are total fuckups but really laid back. probably bad husband relationship. probably buys her kids cigarettes/beer when they're teenagers and/or is the party house

Most people outside of r9k couldn't give a shit less about some complete strangers having kids.

I know nobody will believe this but I actually know that girl. We went to the same highschool and she was super quiet/introverted before moving to florida and apparently getting hooked on BBC.

This thread was made by Ruggarell (microdick nigger incel) and it is being raided by discord cucks
Just report. sage and hide. Like usual

LOL, bbc was always a meme dude

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I'd fuck my mom if she looked like that.

Thanks for proving the original point

>Meet chubby girl in college class.
>Mentions she has a kid.
>Perfect, easy single mom slampig.
>While doing a group assignment, ask her if she's free this weekend.
>"You're not my type."
>Shots fired.
>"And that's why you're s single mom."

She got so fucking angry she left class early.

dang i love average white girls with phat asses

The body langage in that video is amazing. How patient he is before touching her and how she accept it

That black guy is fucking Yakub's son.
You can tell from his forehead height he is GODLIKE.

What's the matter here?

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