I've come to the conclusion that Reddit is the lesser of the two evils...

I've come to the conclusion that Reddit is the lesser of the two evils, so I will be moving there and starting my new life as a Redditor.

Yes, it may be hard, but at least I'll finally be able to talk to real people, with real opinions. This place is filled with racism and porn. I think Reddit is the answer.

Have fun rotting in this tranny paradise, you degenerate cucks.

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>He doesn't know about the other imageboards
Normalfag please go.

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you sound like a good human bean :) enjoy yourself be amazing to each other :~) also this guy fucks haha :

it's sad that people will fall for this shit bait

i love trannies so thanks

If you don't feel happy for the people in this picture, you deserve NOTHING good in life and I hope your full blooded white baby has autism.

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Would love if there was a nice offtopic sub, but it's hard to find.

Yeah, there are many, but they are all dead because they dont have regular posters.

>real people
Go outside and talk to people irl you massive fucking sperg
The people on reddit are just as retarded as the people here, they're just in denial

Oof yikes y'all yassssssss

I find this place to be a refuge from stupid bullshit desu. I hate when the dumbest comments get a million upvotes and everyone says the same stupid shit to try and be popular.
You can't call people out either without getting downvoted to hell, and boards you haven't even visited before ban you for posting on others. Here i can call people niggers when they act like ones.

Edit: thanks for the gold

This is now a reddit hate thread

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At least there you can see something funny or interesting. Here its all porn and incel tears. This website is just an overall negative influence on anyones mindset

>be me
>cellphone is rekt, only a very few apps work
>accidentally notice reddit app works
>sign up, browse default subs
>pathethic libtard shit everywhere
>Two fuckin retarded X chromosomes, the literal shit
>eventually unsubscribe everything but r/space and a few regional subs
>r/space is mostly retarded kids talking about stupid things they should have googled first
>get massively downvoted somewhere because I said "if it was a man, everyone would be criticizing"
>get absurdly banned by local sub without a reason
>basically any feminazi SJW with a few dozens alt's can get you downvoted to hell and then "banned because downvoted"
>start over with a fresh clean screen name and style
>accidentally call out a faggot's double standards
>he gets downvoted to hell, I get banned
>start over, avoiding dangerous subs
>get absurdly banned by AskMenOver30 because I subscribed (note: never posted, only subscribed) to r/MGTOW

Reddit is literal cancer.

Seething nigger. GTFO

Reddit can be useful for niche subs. If you're reading any of the main ones you're dumb .

considering you probably are already shadow banned and talking to yourself, go for it. nobody is going to argue with what you say.

>reddit mgtow
Ouch laddie
Mgtow on reddit is the worst, how are they men going their own way when all they do is talk shit about women? You still think about women all day but now you just seethe too.
The best post i saw on there was some dude showing him in a canoe saying it was his new favorite hobby, never saw anything else that was really men going their own way.

>This place is filled with racism

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This is how Jow Forums autists cope.

That's fine for me newjew.
We won't miss you now fuck off

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