Tfw as a cute femboy you give head to your awesome bf while he plays his favorite games

>Tfw as a cute femboy you give head to your awesome bf while he plays his favorite games

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i'm sure thats a nice feeling

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Plz be my cute femboyfriend

Why not give head, to your virgin friends too?
They were there for you when you were lonely and even when you weren't qt. It's not fair to only give some new bf the benefits and not the bros who stuck with you

Femboys don't have boobs. That's trap territory.

I'd love to have someone under my desk.

Lol depends on for who?

haha ok

I can do that

I mean i took HRT i have tits

I love being under the desk worshipping cock

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so you're a femboy with tits? Is it particularly obvious?

If you live in England you HAVE to be my femboy gf

>I love being under the desk worshipping cock
I wish you were under my desk rn, playing with my cock. I'd give you headpats while you're busy sucking my cock.

tits or gtfo dumb tranny slut

whats your hrt routine

is that riven?

but i'm an semi-masculine man with a muscular body

Nah, I'm pretty sure this is Riven.

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go away then, I want a smol femboy to mate with

no that is not

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That sounds hot, too bad i find anal and man disgusting, and that i'm ugly, balding and hairy in the rest of my body.

>ywn find someone that will sacrifice their throat under your desk all day while you work

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Die you fucking faggot piece of shit

They are big and i'm a smol fragile looking guy who was never good with women but attracted men even some straight men in private would hit on me

Nope U.S lol e-dating is fine

I can work your cock as long as you'd like while you are busy

cock or gtfo

I can't reveal my plans to take over the world by using my femboy body and how i got it silly

Idk who that is lol

That's suck


I'm OP lol and this is also me Cute

As long as you have a nice dick and good income i don't mind

I can do this lololol

I'm sorry you feel this way

My Discord

I'll add you and chat with you when i'm not busy!

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>trusting this

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Lololol nah i'm serious i wanna meet a chill BF and get to know him so market is still open

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Whats your hair like? Is it long or short? Also since youre taking HRT wouldnt that make you a tranny rather than a femboy?

And they wonder why we hate gay people.

Why would I want femboy when I can get full tiddy tgirl?


that's a really hot image
fuck the rest of the thread tho

I can sport both depending on what my future man wants also i'm male but i'm so short small and weak looking i have been called a girl my entire damn life even my female friends said i should become a trans and use to want to put make up on was so embarrassing i just stopped hanging out with friends after awhile because i use to be straight but after some years i caved..oh well fuck it

I don't blame straight men for finding this creepy or disgusting most trans men look awful

Lololol i have no idea but i do have some nice full bewbz


Yes it is

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I'm a twink but it seems like most other twinks want more masculine guys and I just want another cute twink to cuddle and give blowies to and we can take turns topping eachother.

my bf won't let me do that
he won't even rape me

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Thats akairiots art you retard he doesnt even draw trannies

don't forget all of these ugly fags look like this behind their anime pics/ masked photos posting
don't fall to your own depravity , discipline is power

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I would definitely want you as my cute femboy bf/gf, pls be in the DC area you cute little faggot

Honestly I wish I could pamper my gf while she played videogames but shes outta town

just pump him full of hrt. problem solved.

Oh lolol i'm too short and weak looking to be dom


I don't know who that is i just like giving blowjobs and thought the picture was hot

Naw i don't even grow hair properly i don't look anything like that but i know what you mean

Nope sorry! e-dating is fine tho



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>Nope sorry! e-dating is fine tho
That could work since im lonely and horny lol, i will add you on discord sometime, not now though cause im too tired. one more question, what race are you? im half white half spic

Green text how you got on hrt and first dicking?

pussy>>>>sucking dick>getting dick sucked>>>giving anal

Never been fucked yet

true man of culture, i'd put receiving above giving.

White lolol need to get some mexican in me

nice lololol


15 because lack of getting girls and basically being treated like one having bigger men who were my friends saying i sounded cute and a few slapping my ass during parties when i would walk by and other men laughing and girls so one day i just had my sister order me some cuz she was open to it and that was the end of me being a guy pretty much..As for my first time it was with a best friend he was super tall and built he cracked jokes during smash brothers like "Hey if i win this round you have to give me a blowjob lol" i lost he stood up grabbed my small hand and placed it on his crotch CUE a few weeks of staying over and one night while i was on my knees he reached down picked me up throwing me over his shoulder and going to the bedroom ((he lived in an apartment by himself)) he tossed me on the bed ripped my clothes off and rolled me onto all fours and i resisted at first but i was too damn weak so he grabbed my hips and pushed my head down as he slowly inserted his cock then he pulled my hair back and started slowly pounding me

>will continue

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At this point i am just gripping the bed sheets as he starts to thrust faster and faster into me this was well into my HRT years so my boobs were big as they bounced wildly while he slammed me he was grunting and also breathing hard and i was moaning as he reached down to squeeze my titties and twist my nipples he was like a fucking mad beast let out of the cage for the first time as he pumped me so in no time it wasn't long before his groans got louder and louder i braced myself while he pushed my head down telling me he was going to cum

>Finale is next

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I grabbed a near by pillow bit down on it as he went balls deep and groaned out loud flooding me with his hot thick load it felt amazing better than anything i can describe so far then he simply said "You're better than some chicks i've fucked god damn" which i still don't know how to feel about that as it basically just confirms i am not fit to be a man and dunno why the fuck i was born one lmao..oh well

I know all this but too late to go back now!
>Die Alone
>Be femboy

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heavily doubt it

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