What are some hobbies you guys do that helps you cope with the lonliness...

What are some hobbies you guys do that helps you cope with the lonliness? Please suggest something that ISN'T anime or vidya.

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I like to paint or sculpt.

Its a nice distraction

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Reading poetry

I swear

guitar and databending

searching friends online is a good hobby by itself for that user

Cartography. Lets do it together user.

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Just get into something that involves talking to people. A language group, meetups about whatever, online courses where you can make discord friends, self improvement groups, reading clubs, stuff like that

something that involves people, I would liek to know also some club or hobby that involves people (normal people preferably)

There is no such thing as internet friends. Noone gives a shit.

>this attitude
>why am I alone?

Code. Also write programs that let you autoplay games. Also programs to process images and video. Also make videos, images and use them in games. Then make a video of you programming a game based upon a video of an image of an anime you saw on Jow Forums.

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Playing guitar, reading books, learning pic related.

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>online courses where you can make discord friends
How on earth do you make discord friends from online courses?
Is he wrong? Everyone seems to leave eventually even if you try not to mess up, he's probably gained that attitude after actually trying or seeing what happens to others who do.

Some courses and stuff have a discord, or a forum or whatever. Study groups are encouraged so you join one and make friends.

walking. Outside, in the daytime. Going outside is genuinely so cathartic and makes you feel like you're doing something. It's also the perfect midpoint between forcing yourself to socialize and being a shutin.


tv and movies

>Is he wrong? Everyone seems to leave eventually even if you try not to mess up, he's probably gained that attitude after actually trying or seeing what happens to others who do
I won't say that I didn't ghost and been ghosted by 90% of people I've talked online but there are 2 people I've been talking to for years and they are pretty much part of my life now even though I've never seen them. Hell, that number would be much higher if I was not a leaving bitch. I found them from social sites though, imageboard users are probably too mentally unstable to obtain long-term conversations.

Also, I've only suggested to randomly write to strangers as a pass-time as it can be rather a fun thing to do to ignore the loneliness and he may get lucky to get rid from it at least for a week.

Lucid dreaming. It's a completely different life.

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DRAWING and sleeping

everytime i have any kind of dream it's some terrible nightmare or something i hate at the least

I play the Sims 4 to cope with being lonely. The trouble with that method is when I inevitably get bored of the game, between 30 minutes to a week depending on my attention span, the loneliness compounds itself more than if I did something else that wasn't a simulation of my social desires.

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Nightmares are very useful for lucid dreaming.

>Nightmares are very useful for lucid dreaming.

Fear makes you lucid more-so than regular dreams, and nightmares rarely let you out because of that fear. So you get lucid, take control, and go have fun making your own dream.

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>What are some hobbies you guys do
>suggest something that ISN'T anime or vidya.
Well fuck you too, you say my hobbies aren't good enough for a normalfaggot like you? Then read a book that's my 3rd hobby book reading. Do you disregard that too? Do you want to step on my face too? Thank God this isn't an anime image board there

i always just kill myself or wake up though

learning about history and other languages

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Model trains are mine.

I had fun getting into Lockpicking. I later got austic with it and would bring a chain of padlocks around with me to pick out of habit. People would come to me and ask about it. I would give them my picks and teach them about. Also would sell them a set. Got to know a few people, even if it was just a big crie for attention.

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my hobby is begging femanons to be my gf, its going quite well so far

my hobby is using random chat sites to get skype friends with benefits and nudes from girls

HEMA (Historical European Martial Arts) is a blast.

I specifically enjoy German Longsword. Nothing quite like 100 cm of heavy double edged steel to make a scrawny manlet like me feel like a king.

is that an lgbt thing

proofs required tbqh

Not op but what got you into HEMA? personal interest, schools, acquaintance.

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cooking, good i love cooking. cooking is so fun please stop giving me timeouts nigger

So LARPing except it's someone tricking you into paying for martial art lessons

Build palm-sized plastic daughterus and sometimes robots.

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thats cool af. i remember when i was a kid i had a train set and it was kick ass. i could totally imagine having a track in my room and working on different trains though i bet its expensive

Okay lad this is my advice to you
Watch Tsai Ming-Liang films
He deals with loneliness better than any other director imo
So what I want you to do OP is download this film (rebels of the neon god) tonight. Not too hard to find an hd torrent for it but I can give u a link if I want. I think a lot of ppl on this site will resonate with the main character
And after you watch it watch the rest of his films chronologically from there. Again they aren't too difficult to find
Bare in mind that these are not plot heavy films. They are about characters and atmosphere.
Hopefully it will chAnge your life as much as it did mine. Also if you like them be sure to look at hou hsiao hsien too who is my favourite director ever

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I've always liked swords but I never knew where to begin. That is until I learned that there was a martial art from the region in Germany that my grandfather was from. I never knew him so I thought this would be a great way to explore my interest and get to know him better.

Drugs, art, guitar, writing and working out.none of them do shit desu and it is just a minor distraction to make me feel better

A hobby I usually do when I'm bored is make alternate history flags, which I have a skill in somehow.

That was a very honest answers. Have a fulfilling day user.

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>0 results
What the fuck is wrong with you all? Ultimate robot hobby. Go out before the crack of dawn, before most people are awake, sit on a lake in a boat or on the shore alone, release what you don't want or keep what you want to cook and eat yourself.

Archery is fun
It takes focus so it at least gets your mind off it

I'm playing the sims too these days for the same reason. Do you want to talk? I don't know anyone who plays it

Salsa dancing, running, swimming, biking, hiking, yoga, writing in my journal. I don't want to be with anyone, I do all those myself

Started working/out/ at night recently
Pretty comfy

>how do you deal with loneliness?
>i go out into the middle of the lake by myself for hours

90% of history is fake

Drawing is good though not everyone can draw

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Thank you for asking. You too.

are you familiar with a french movie about a student being depressed and just like walking the streets alone and shit
its black and white (by choice its not that old) and the only speaking is a 2nd person narration.
even with those details i can't find it, maybe i'll try searching for it in french

Yes? The vast majority of these hobbies don't involve other people either.
>Painting and Sculpting
>Reading Books
>Lucid Dreaming
To name a few off the top of my head.

Go to the anime club or the vidya club

Learning this autistic language

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Its called Un homme qui dort

Why she got monkey ears though?

Not the same user but me too, I prefer the sims 2 to other parts though. It has that comfy feel, especially without expansion packs

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No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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Have you considered chinese cartoons?

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I got into Warhammer 40k to help with my loneliness. The GW by my college is pretty chill with decent guys who just want to talk or play games. Whenever I feel lonely and want to socialize I would head there. It feels nice when the manager and some of the regulars say "Hey [name]" when I walk in. Also, I find the painting very therapeutic.

Music + Cardio has damn near cured my depression. Possible cutting out the complainers and "friends" who try to drag me down to their level has helped as well.

Also bought a cheap guitar and have been learning from youtube tutorials. Making some real progress so my hope is in the next few months I can play at the park and make some friends.

I like making maps and actually roleplaying in rpg's. Getting completely immersed in a good rpg is my favorite form of escapism.

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I read comics. Specific comics and imprints. I just finished reading Neil Gaiman's take on Sandman again. Phenominal art, decent conversation piece online, and inspires me to keep going no matter the cost.

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Yes, I'll talk to you, user. I go back and forth between making fun, vanilla sims/stories and sick, deranged shit that makes me uninstall it in shame and reinstall a week later.

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this is out there. if you're still around, maps of what do you draw?
downloading but i have low motivation for movies. might watch in the next 5 years.

i do gaming, anime and manga, books(cyberpunk is fun).
since i started living at night and sleeping during the day i see a lot less people which makes you less lonely. don't have to cope with seeing couples and friends as much.

I find that drawing or photography helps. I try to camp more often do I can draw/photograph better looking stuff.

define hobby
how can a hikkineet afford most hobbies

Yes like the other user said that is un homme qui dort
Also one of my favourite ever films

Getting out.
Maybe go see a movie, buy some mangas, go to the japanese garde, and go to a cafe.

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please recommend some good ones that's easy to get immersed into user. would really appreciate it.

Motorcycle is the big one. Wish I had someone cute to take on rides with me. It's really nice under the stars.

once you get past the initial learning curve of figuring out how to even hold/lay hands on your instrument you can learn sheet music and just comfily play your favorite songs all day

we are the loney ones

No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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Composing and producing sub-par music, although I've only uploaded 3 songs and have about 20 ideas on stand-by.