Anyone else periodically check up on "incel" or "forever alone" youtubers to see if they've made the "I have a...

Anyone else periodically check up on "incel" or "forever alone" youtubers to see if they've made the "I have a girlfriend" video yet?

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No, simply because I don't know any.

this dude looks like a chad. wtf

he may be handsome but he is absolutely unnervingly creepy

attractive men cannot by definition be creepy

that guy has a classic "absolute fucking creep loser" look. good find

I dont know any. How do you find them?

His eyes are surprisingly far apart, it really fucks up his facial aesthetic.

i think he looks ok. and he has a very nice voice

Yes, because being creepy isn't attractive. Attractive-looking men can however be creepy, but like you say, this takes away their attractiveness. I know you meant it in the cringe incel way to mean that attractive-looking men can get away with anything and not be called creepy, but that's not true

i think being creepy is attractive but i'm fembot cunt

No, I literally mean you cannot be creepy if you're attractive.

Try to imagine Brad Pitt somehow being creepy. You can't. It's impossible.

aside from degenerative behaviour i.e pedo beastiality hardvore etc

I want to lick your armpits originally

I don't get it, looks like a regular attractive guy telling relatable relationship stories to me. Where's the creepiness? Have you never had relationships like that or what?


He's just fucking boring and average looking. When did this become synonymous with keeping bodies in your basement?

with the advent of social media

Are you fucking retarded or baiting?

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I don't see what's creepy about this guy, he seems pretty calm. Thanks for the recommendation though, this guys content is pretty interesting.

Women will look for a reason for a guy to be creepy if he's low on the social caste that they create.

brad pitt could fuck a raw chicken and still not be creepy

>In my experience, Woman makes the worse friends. They can be there one day and gone the next with no explanation, nor can you really count on them if you need the help of that of which what most guy friends would be willing to put up with. You usually don't get out the effort of what you put into in to those friendships. It's almost like their sense of overall comradery isn't to the level of what most men's are. You can be in a friendship for years with a Woman only for them to never talk to you again once something of more interest comes up, only for them to come back again when shit has hit the fan in their lives (Breakup, divorce, depression etc)

All true.

imagine still thinking this is real

I bet he hasn't

see that's cute

no he doesn't, he looks like a fucking creep

Yeah it was a catfish, and women were completely willing to ignore his history.

Hamudi the Syrian subhuman is by far my favourite blackpill youtuber

I think the problem with him is that he is too smart for his own good. He really makes a lot of sense in his own videos, but it usually always leads to some sort of ungratifying result. There is really no point other than suffering more than you already have.

Also, incels were never meant to be a group or a community. You cannot expect broken men to respect other broken men. It simply doesn't work and it feeds to much into your negative energy.

I have always said this, but the truth in life and forever is that ignorance is bliss. Once you stop taking that blue pill, you're pretty much committing to the suffering.

inceldom is almost always psychological. Very few people are genuinely too ugly to find a mate and even then many still manage to find pity mates or people with carer fetishes.

This dudes just a creeper sperg with a hint of paranoid schizophrenia. Not even looks can help him there.

>inceldom is almost always psychological
What a massive oversimplification. He addresses very well the life conditions that led him to where he's.


Why would I waste my finite time checking in on "Youtube famous" people.

Seriously, the people who care about e-celebs are pathetic.

I don't understand how you can even call him creepy. He's a calm and low-energy person but that doesn't make him creepy, if anything that makes him kind of a comfy person to listen to.

It woud be less of a problem to have bodies in your basement. That would just make bitches wet. Being boring and average looking is the worst possible look you can have.

It doesn't matter if it is real or not. There are tens of thousands of women in America that would invite that dude to come to their house and fuck them.

>aggressively talk to a girl about her body
>tell her i want to empty myself inside her
>somehow the conversation turns to normal subjects
>apologize for being creepy
>says she liked it and shes wet
>puts finger in pants and it comes out shiny
guys just dont be creepy and you can get away with so much

>I think the problem with him is that he is too smart for his own good.
There's a good analysis of what happens when a kid is too smart for his age here, that's basically what happened to him.

>I've often suspected that if I treated women like children, they'd like me more, and that's sad

And there you go, the biggest "creepy incel beta omega virgin loser" mistake here - treating women like actual people. How does a 200IQ individual such as this guy take 40 years to realize this?

That's because I didn't solve the problem of evil yet, user

Bluemonday has already had two gfs