Hypothetically what would be the best gun to shoot up an anime convention with...

hypothetically what would be the best gun to shoot up an anime convention with, like something with god-tier accuracy because when you think about mass shootings most of them are low kill counts.

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what is considered a high kill count to you? anything in the hundreds seems like a genocide

at least 75-100, like if someone wanted to murder a bunch of weebs what gun would kill the most in the shortest amount of time just curious.

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also no im not gonna shoot up an anime convention dont report me to the FBI.

Start with a volley of grenades. That should get you 30-40+. From there, some kind of drum-fed magazine assault rifle should get you into the 70s and 80s. After that, you reload and just fuck around.


A TC contender will work. You only need 1 bullet to kys.

Why are you going to hurt autists? They outnumber normalfags at these conventions.

even if i gave a retard like you the most accurate rifle in the world you would never hit a shot. buy a 300 dollar ar 15 with a good gas system that wont overheat. Now spend thousands on rifle training, maneuvering under fire, blah blah tactical shit. become a god on iron sights. also just cause you can hit anything you see with irons at 500 yards doesnt mean you can hit anything at 10 feet in a combat situation. That texas guy had good enough equipment he just freaked out and got shot running away. you will freeze. The problem with these shooters is that this is there first time shooting anything other than stationary steel plates without anybody trying to shoot back. your weapon doesnt matter and those low kill counts arent the weapons fault

Too lwte we've already traced your ip

Also your first shot fired is the only one guaranteed to kill. Then everones running away but be prepared for everyone to be running towards you. Killing 100 people in a month is beter than 10-20 in an hour and then getting shot. If you REALLY want to reak havoc learn how to take out phones, internet, cable, the power grid, gas lines, poispolice can still figure out EXACTLY where you are from blood spattering so dont fucking camp. these are all the things you never see happening because the phsycho mass shooters are actually mentally retarded and think real life is call of dutey. also if any of you retards do this you WILL get yourself fucking obliterated by the police because your a fucking retard and im not telling any of you to commit crimes but simply highlighing the weaknesses all around us. Hell most americans dont think twice about what happens if a criminal decides to not give a fuck about their lock or alarm and come into their house anyways. so fuck off fbi because these retards are never gonna do more than slit there skinny wrists and hope black people magically dissapear overnight.

Any weapons can be deadly in the hand of the "right man".
But i woudn't do that if i were you user.

I'm going to anime expo tomorrow and if I get killed while wearing my seifuku I will haunt you from hell

Posting in this FBI monitored thread.

Don't do it, you fucking faggot. Stop ruining gun laws for the rest of us non-autists.


This thread glows hard as fuck

Please don't, there are a lot of us there. You'll probably see me following a cute/hot girl around and acting like her boyfriend but I haven't gotten anywhere with her and don't know if I ever will.

glock 19
Trench Gun
Colt 1911

No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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no they don't, autists are hikkis.
hide a bomb in a duffel bag or a dustbin, i guarantee you will mess up with a gun.

What? In ur retarded crusade against degeneracy you shoot up a anime convention. The normals have done enough brain washing to the point where they are pitting autists vs autists.

In minecraft? Maybe an enchanted ar 15 but idk i dont really play Mc anymore

Be careful, those people can teleport behind you and slice you into hundreds of pieces. They are so fast your eyes cant see them. Their waifu pillows are like impenetrable shields, and you dont want to see what the Dragon Ball fans are capable of doing.

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I'd recommend using a gunblade, user. The gun vibrates the blade and makes it cut better.

>doesn't know practice makes perfect
Doesn't matter the gun you dumbfaggot. And yes, although anime conventions are full of whites and the like, there are plenty of /ourguys/ who go there to attend panels and the like.

Gas is already proven to be better for conventions, it was already tried on furries. The fursuits held in the gas even after they left the building.
It should be simple, it's a matter of blocking the entrances (at least the main ones) and then pumping it in through the air ducts. The whole building becomes a gas chamber.
>inb4 making gas is hard
Gas and IEDs are easy as shit to make, none of the stuff needed to make gas is restricted and can be easily bought in stores (ammonia and bleach will make chlorine gas easily). All you really need for safety is a gas mask, or a piss soaked rag if you're really that poor. IEDs and detonators can be made from a Nokia or two and some batteries. Tannerite and such is also easy to make. All you need for IEDs is an extremely basic knowledge of wiring, or a simple instruction manual/image.
It's honestly the best way to go, especially if your country has already banned guns. You could also do it from a distance, meaning you can survive and not get caught. Nobody ever escapes after perpetrating a shooting, too many witnesses. Plus, not many people even die with a line gunman, it's mostly injuries and a couple of deaths, usually, and the survivors are healthy after recovery. Gas will fuck them up long after the attack, and many will die afterwards from melted lungs.
All hypothetical FBI, just discussing GTA RP ideas.