Am I being a moralfag if I don't want to fuck this 16 year old if I live in a state where the aoc is 16?

Am I being a moralfag if I don't want to fuck this 16 year old if I live in a state where the aoc is 16?

She's a HS Stacey that my younger Chad brother is friends with.

I'm 24.

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no op, just a homo fag

Nice try fbi you won't get me this time

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You are a retard and homosexual

Well what is your reason? It it's for "morality", then yes you're a "moral fag".

it makes you redeemable so unless you think that's a bad thing carry on

She's a slut, but do what you want. Women get to ride the cock carousel and you should get to play too.
originally of course

I don't know. It just feels weird. I only bring this up because my brother always has his friends over because our house has a pool. I'm just home for the summer before going back to college.

She keeps flirting with me and trying to talk to me. A little bit too touchy as well. I'm nice to her and cordial, but I'm not escalating it.

you will regret not hitting that for the rest of your life
t. oldfag

You mean you're concerned that someone else will disapprove and attack you. If you say "it feels weird" , that's a form of quasi-disapproval of your own behavior that can later be said to "count for something (in your favor)", a sign that you've "got some good in you" if your behavior is met with too much opposition. It provides you with a self congratulatory, "redeeming" quality that can be used in your own defense so people won't be as hard on you and you can come across as "not fully committed to it and therefore, not so bad."
Just fuck her if this is real. If everyone started approving of this and treated you as a loser for not fucking her, then you'd be diving in headfirst, unapologetically. Just do it.

How old are you?

Nvm, just saw that you're 24, I'm a retard and you're a fag

>Am I being a moralfag if I don't want to fuck this 16 year old
no youre just a homosexual.

Our brains and dicks havent evolved to understand man made laws. if shes fertile then of course youd want to fuck her if youre a straight male. Being a moralfag means you wont manipulate her to take advantage of her because youre smarter and wiser and know young girls are hormonal. but if you go about it right, theres nothing ammoral about fucking a hot sexy legal consenting 16 year old

Yea you're far beyond a pussy, you're a loser. She probably senses this and is just fucking with you but you're too much of a cuck to realize it and think she's actually interested in you.

t. 26 year old that would play ball

tl;dr stop being a fag OP

No. It's normal when someone with a huge age gap is hitting on you.

45+ year old men have hit on me before and I am a 20yo lesbian. I was 18 the first time. It's beyond uncomfortable.

16 yos are annoying

Not during sex. They're fucking electric and delicious.

>no op, just a homo fag
Not necessarily a bad thing but if you're a loser and you don't wanna fuck 16 y.o. pussy you're probably homo for penis.

You're a loser and you like that power imbalance. You NEED that power imbalance. You're fucking sick

No, you're just gay.

There is nothing immoral about being attracted to fertile females.

>never had sex until 22
>girl was 25 with saggy breasts
Makes me sad that I cant fondle young women's bodies. I guess life could have been worse it's not so bad

Make Sure you double check the aoc laws. Alot of times you're only covered if you are under 21 . I know this to be the case in missouri as I had a jailbait scare for a few months till she turned 17 ( I was 19)

>power imbalance
Ok dude what are you TALKING about?
Everybody in the "fuck her" is literally just identifying that teenage girls have hot bodies for sex
How are you not getting this?

Sex is for marriage, bitch.