Dating a girl who isnt a virgin is literal cuckholdry...

dating a girl who isnt a virgin is literal cuckholdry. its worse than shooting up heroin with a used needle you found off the ground.

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Actually the most extreme version of cuckoldry is being single

I have a mattress skeeted on it, I didn't mind because it's not like it was extremely recently he did it, and I'm not insecure enough to allow that thing to become a trauma for life.

Using your autistic logic, I've cucked someone because I took a girls virginity and broke up with her. The mental gymnastics are unreal.

well without a gf i lack motivation to do stuff
virgin girls are hard to find
idk man, i definitely agree in theory, but in practice i disagree, since i need motivation to do stuff and i'd rather make babies than die alone

this is why we really need ai, that way we can put it in robot bodies with artificial vagoos, artificial wombs, and artificial eggs

i mean, i don't think he'd disagree

autistic isnt a synonym for stupid people with autism have higher than average intellgence levels actually

Autism is proven to correlate with much lower IQ. Savants are rare and its not even an autistic thing

>turning down those free items just because that guy jizzed on them
Why? Just wipe them down, man. Anyway you're not going going to find a virgin unless she's crazy as fuck. Give it up, user.

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you are some form of a super retard if you think this.

there are many low operational autists, but on the rarest end of the spectrum lay the highly operational autists.

only a very small percentage of autists are above average intelligence

holy shit stonetoss is actually based
i might need to make a twitter

aspergers all have above average int
they also have below average int in certain fields

Is Stonetoss an incel?

They have very low intelligence, correct

no they have above average you moron
kill yourself nt

I'm responsible for deflowering four women and I married the last one. I think I'm done with the insecurity game, thanks. I don't honestly recommend virgins as gfs for robots, though, trying to teach someone something you don't know yourself is a nightmare.

They have extremely low intelligence and are often unemployed

normalfag bullshit
and if your employed just to be employed then you are a npc

>I've cucked someone because I took a girls virginity and broke up with her.
Yes, you did. Get off this board you whoremongering degenerate

Its been proven many times. And unemployment is a terrible life outcome for most

i did very good at most stuff during school despite never studying or listening at all
and a great memory and good instincts
IQ has to be at least 120

Going to an easy, shitty high school must have been nice. IQ is no substitute for real education. How much money did you make last year?

This point of view always struck me as understandable, but also dumb. It's normal to want someone with the same amount of experience as you. On the other hand, though, some girls lose their virginity to someone they thought they would spend their lives with. Not counting gross thots.
This is coming from a girl, though, so I don't know if average guys see it the same way. I lost my virginity to the guy I'm getting engaged to and while he said he doesn't care either way, I can tell he's happy about it sometimes.

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how does money have anything to do with it? there are literal retards that make a ton
it's all about connections and whether you born poor or not

i agree for the most part except id date a widow or rape victim.

>My gf will be my property and decided on criteria applied to inanimate objects.
>Why do women not want to date me? Stop fucking chad and nigger apes REEEEEE
Is Stonetoss the most pitiful creature?

the point of the comic is to show how hipocrite people are when they accept to fuck someone that was already fucked by other but at the same time being disgusted by inanimate objects that had cum on them but were washed

The point of that comic is to show how the author is a closeted homosexual with cuck fantasies.

well argumented user, congrats

How else do you explain his obsession with other men's cocks and cum?

thats a lie, i just explained the point of the comic above

Actually, if you knew anything about autism, you'd know that most individuals have an average to low IQ, with those that have an exceptionally high IQ, being not as common as you'd think.

You explained it wrong. Why are you whiteknighting for that homosexual?

ridiculous goalpost shifting, from intelligence to salary

I don't know dude. I feel like if my gf was a virgin when we got together, our sex would have been extremely awkward and unenjoyable for both parties. I also had problems with even getting hard for the first two months of the relationship.
But this way she just led me through everything, taught me how to do it the right way, while remaining patient and understanding.
Also I didn't have to teach her anything (how much would it fucking suck to teach a virgin how to please another virgin as a fucking virgin)

When is a normalfag purge going to happen already? I feel it's getting progressively worse.

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Assuming you actually have a sex life involving more than jerking off, you actually think of other men while you are in the act? Are you sure you're not retarded and gay?

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Why is this guy trying to get rid of his life?!