Noooooo! you can't get a teenage girlfriend, you're over 20 years old!

>Noooooo! you can't get a teenage girlfriend, you're over 20 years old!

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i dated a 16 yr old when i was 24. she was really cool and fun and very enthusiastic about life. really cute. we had a great time. i cant imagine wanting to date old roasties with their baggage and demands. whew.

S O Y M E N are the type of men to date underage girls....

>What a creep! He's 40 and has a 25 year old girlfriend!

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How did that work out in the end LOL. If you just wanted some fun you could have hooked up at a club a few times. Laaame


>clubs and bars

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Ummmmmmm, no? Bugmen are the ones that date 30 year old blown out roasties with cats...

You can, but you will be rightfully labeled as a pedo

>If you like women under [arbitrary age of consent that changes based on geographic location] YOU ARE A PEDO!

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>liking a fully developed female makes you a pedo

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This one is a fact though if you prefer them

we lived together for 1.5 years. best time of my life. broke up because in an alcoholic. but we had some very good experiences together.

Yeah not surprising bro. Ha

You forgot the full stop.

Please type better.

>If you like a 15 year old in England, you're a pedo!
>If you like a 15 year old in Estonia, that is fine.

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Please try to make better arguments

Thats sucks man, I'm sorry to hear that. Alcohol has ruined many homes, its quite sad that something so addictive is pretty much unrestricted.

>The government should restrict things because I have no self control!

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In anime format, so you can digest it easier

Are you advertising your vlogs here? Lol

thanks. yeah it does ruin relationships. lots of families end up very dysfunctional due to parents drinking. its awful.

Weird how I'm trying to date a blown out roastie, but bugmen are trying to date underage Asian girls.

Define "underage", normalfag.

Nope, just "Anime de Wakaru Shinryounaika Episode 2" tackling the subject of pedophilia and what it really is.
But I like you didn't even hover over the.

Defining it by age is cringe. Use the tanner scale and individual development.

If you need to cite a cartoon to explain why you prefer kids, get help lol.

I see that you're part of the "love is love" crowd. Under the age of 18.
>Hurr durr girls are mature before that age
Take a seat pedo.

"kid" is not a legal or biological designation.

No autist its a word for what you prefer.

>Under the age of 18.
The age of consent is lower than 18 in the majority of the first world.

Is a man a pedophile for being attracted to a 15 year old in England, but not a pedo when he is in Estonia?

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>its a word for what you prefer.
"Kid" is a subjective colloquialism. A 50 year old woman is a 70 year old woman's "kid", you drooling retard.

Oh no, my argument has been destroyed by a degenerate. Tell me user what's wrong with rape and bestiality?

>I am a pajeet that doesnt understand basic words

>make retarded ignorant claim
>get BTFO
>"y-you're a degenerate!"

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This slut I know is 23 and dates a 31 year old guy, I once joked about getting an 18 year old girlfriend since I'm 24 and the age gap isn't that much and she called me creepy for wanting to date a teen.

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Answer the question. You base your moralist claims on law, so is a man a pedo in one country and not a pedo in the other?

Try to pretend you're an adult and engage in honest discourse.

There's no point in arguing with an idiot that doesn't understand evolution. Neoteny is what makes females literally look good to males, juvenile features in adults. No facial hair, higher pitched voice, smaller, etc. Once you no longer look youthful the neoteny doesn't look good anymore. Women essentially look best when they still have youth. It's their prime. You can have a family and by law force yourself to stay with her but that died. Women never waited until far past adolescence to get impregnated historically, they usually did it at the tail end of puberty in fact when still looked good and still were horny the most due to being hormonal as women go boy crazy during adolescence.


Funny thing about leafland, our age of consent is 16 but you can go to jail for lolis and shota.
Just imagine sharing a jail cell with a murderer because you had the wrong think and find the wrong type of drawings attractive.

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I have very low expectations of the average Jow Forums user. Very, very low expectations.

It is the current definition for the mental illness, which people usually refer to. Little do they know that up to 20% of men are pedophiles or hebephiles, according to Gordon C. et al (Behavior Therapy, Volume 26, Issue 4, Autumn 1995, Pages 681-694) and newer, similar research.
Attractiveness to developing / developed 14-18 year old is normal. You want to get the freshest mate you can and that's the freshest there is.

They look best according to the perceiver. And most men who are the perceivers have families with women around the same age as them. Most supermodels are 25-35. You cant use evolution if it literally proves you wrong. There are biological and cultural hazards to teen pregnancy

>try to be an adult
You're in an anonymous board where debate is pointless and fruitless. But please tell us how you're a big boy :)

>It is the current definition for the mental illness
No, it isn't.

Thank you for admitting you're a retard incapable of adult conversation.

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Attractiveness physically is normal. Preference emotionally and in practice is a rare thing and usually disease state

>There are biological and cultural hazards to teen pregnancy
Demonstrate three.

If you, as a highly educated psychiatrist and expert on pedophilia, would have provided references for me to read and enlighten myself, that'd be nice.

The response
>No it isn't.
Doesn't quite cut it. Where I live, ICD-10 is God to clinics and it goes it this
>Clinical Information

A disorder characterized by recurrent sexual urges, fantasies, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child or children.
A sexual disorder occurring in a person 16 years or older and that is recurrent with intense sexually arousing fantasies, sexual urges, or behaviors involving sexual activity with a prepubescent child (generally age 13 or younger). (from apa, dsm-iv, 1994).

But who am I to speak? I'm a mere student of biomedical engineering.

You forgot the full stop yet again.

Why must you type so shit?

Anyway, men by a certain age get a daughter and she looks good so they made the taboo. If you however never got that daughter nor befriend normal people that have daughters you won't have the taboo if you end up a permanent bachelor.

Human instinct is to refuse to fuck your daughter. I have no children nor work so have no male relationships with men that would have the taboo. I have not the ethic for a very real reason. It has to do with indoctrination. If society weren't at fault it'd have gave me a job, let me get married when still in HS to some teen, and stoned her if she left me (she left me).

So here we are. My country and time have FUCKED UP ethics. Yet you expect me to adopt a broken society's ethics when not a part of it?

How presumptuous a man. The father wants to fuck his daughter. Never forget that.

Demonstrate your mom.


Also about super models, who even faps to that?

I'm pretty sure men don't like that. What type of guy likes meaningless celebrity? I figure it's a women fashion thing.

You need to learn proper English before you try again with that word salad bro
Also evolution and literally every successful culture generates children well past puberty
If men only liked kids marriage would never have existed

Males are attracted to fertile women, not children.

Pubescent and post-pubescent teens are fertile females.

You are gay as hell. I bet you have no kids and never will

>teen preg is bad
My vision is blurry right now but that's just retarded.

Even if it weren't in modern times we have birth control and c sections now yet ironically raised the age of consent rather than lowered it.

Feminists raised it due to being salty over the fact that they don't look good when older. Historically literally females raised it not men.

Also historically search engines main search result was always teen at the top for men. Teen searches.

13 or younger is a defined threshold, it is not a catch-it-all. A few atypical manifestations don't overrule the definition.

Teen google searches implies other teens doing the searching. Learn online demographics
Historically women got paired up 18-22, often later during the super traditional ritualistic times
Teen pregnancy was always a bad thing in general, but in the modern world especially. If you are le wrong generation retard, then your genes go extinct and no one cares

Puberty does not end until mid twenties approx. If you think historically women waited until twenty-three to get impregnated you're just delusional.

Males are not even done until like twenty-five, females approx twenty-one, though it varies.

Full stop means period. Learn to type.

Marriage exists to legally force people to stay together even though they don't want to, mong. Use common sense. If men liked her that much, and if she liked him, they'd just stay together. The law was invented because that's not real life.
This comment is irrelevant but I despise this backwards society and would never bring a child into it.


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Before feminists historically raised the age of consent it was usually around fourteen and twelve you double nigger.

Before the shit was banned there wass tons of teacher's pet porn with ageplay in the 90s. People were super into that shit. It's why japan is stil linto lolicon. Men like young women, only a fool would question this.

Getting impregnated at twelve was bad, so people were meant to wait usually, but if the birthing hips were there they were there regardless to any age a girl was. If she could sew, had the hips, was an adult height, she was ready.

You finished puberty at 25? That sucks
And yeah its not surprising you have zero kids lol

Age of consent meant kids had sex with kids
Men still preferred and had children with adults and then stayed with adults for a long time
Read history

Are you using "kid" as a synonym for "child"? A child is a prepubescent human.

Pubescent and post-pubescent humans are not children.

You actually dont understand those words but try again

Where have I made an error? Can you explain?

>Biologically, a child (plural: children) is a human being between the stages of birth and puberty,[1][2] or between the developmental period of infancy and puberty.[3]
Seems pretty cut and dry.

Open up a dictionary from before the 60s and it will define (in English Thorndike dictionaries) adolescence as fourteen through twenty-five for males and twelve through twenty-one for females.

The age of consent is chosen via batshit morals for that very reason.

Logically you'd not have one as waiting until twenty-one or twenty-five to even fap or schlick or whatever is insane. We like sex more than that and become sexual way before puberty is done and in fact the point of puberty is to make you so horny you fuck and then accidentally have children. You like sex the most during the younger years, not later years, of life. It's why young sex not only looks good but is such a turn on is because you like it more, Why fuck a female that doesn't even enjoy sex that is post wall? She is ugly and is no longer boy crazy. No longer hormonal. All she wants is a baby now due to her other instincts that freak out on her for not getting impregnated during her youth like she was designed to.

Kings would buy literal twelve year olds. Read a history book. What you describe is today's laws, not yesterday's laws. Feminism is afraid of that king buying the farmer girl now. In Mexico to this day a twelve can a fourteen, a fourteen a sixteen, etc. That is new age ethics.

You can pretend history was different than what it actually was but you still are single and have no family, so you are only proving your preference for little kids as a waste of time

Why the fuck you you want to date a mentally undeveloped teenager?

Anything under 20 is too young for me

>you can pretend history was not as it was

No literally (You) can but that doesn't change the fact that feminism is a blight.

All women are mentally children their entire lives.

Teenaged is one thing. How to survive being a hebe?

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If feminism was enough to make you an angry pedo who is still single in his twenties then I guess thats unfortunate. Hopefully evolution will get rid of most people like you

If that was true then we would make 13 year old women CEO just as often as 45 year old women

>teen means little kid

Ethics and bait today. I'm out of the thread now that I reminded the world what it is. Read a history book if you really want to know what happened to ethics. Literally no one cared before the 60s-80s sex revolution about the age of consent. It was about marriage vs not married. Free love meant pre-marital sex, a hippy thing was to have free love. Read a book if serious about the ethics. To this day there is a state in the USA that has no aoc due to the marriage ethic still being in place. The hymen is what mattered.

If you read any history you would know how wrong you are

I'm 30 and see my other comment about hippies. No one cared at all, pedo was invented by feminism. It wasn't real before the 60s-80s revolution. They actually legalized in the USA actual CP during that revolution but they try to pretend they didn't.

>Her biology says she is capable of being impregnated and bearing children? That's WRONG! You need to adhere to century old human standards, not biology!

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So they corrected their decision. Thats good. 30 and still single? Yikes

This is just bad bait you idiot. I'm leaving now.

>century old ethic
It's actually like not but half a century old an ethic fag.

NOW I'm gone.

Biology says humans have fewer successful children if they are teen parents

>start having children later in life
>autism rates start rising

More like 4000 years old

This girl is so delicious looking. Holy fuck

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Too early or too late is bad yes. Child mortality and deformity and brain disease is worse than autism but I hate all autists too

>*reproductive creatures on Earth evolve for over hundreds of millions of years to find the best way to replicate their genes*
>"Ummmm, I think I know better."

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Control plus f his first marriage and note the date being before the feminism induced sex rev started in the 60s. She was thirteen. And his cousin. Marriage is as it does though, that was the ethic until the past 50 or so years.

As a random famous example of why you're retarded.

Thread theme should be Jerry Lee Lewis song.

18 marriages was not normal
he was with that girl until she was 26 so he cant necessarily be called a pedo
evolution and history paired humans up around the same age

She was pubescent. He could have raped her once and not been a pedo.

A piece of shit, but not a pedo.

Pedo is not real. That drama started back then though of which is why they had an "uproar" happen. He got no jail time though as it was looked down upon and becoming a taboo back then due to feminism being a cunt about fun things.

Males are instinctively meant to want to sow random seeds everywhere. He sould have bene forced to stay with her and her him, but le modern times.

>she's fifteen brah it's okay
Say that in today's times. There's something to be said about the slippery slope. Now you're a pedo unless she's over twenty even unless the male is not within two years of that shit.

It's silly.

Pedo was invented by this modern feminist society that no longer stones unfaithful people to death.

it would be pedo if he constantly hounded 13 year olds yes. you can play semantics but his success with women was obviously shit

>piece of shit
>marriage lasted thirteen years
Retard. Statutory rape just means fake rape as it means legal rape but not actual rape. It means you raped the State. Statist.

used to work as a receptionist, there was this cute 16 year old chick who had a crush on me, i was 21 at the time, thing is she did stupid and cute things that you could only associate with a teen like looking away and blushing whenever i caught her looking at me, telling me she has a crush on "someone" and asking me to guess who it was, only for her to tell me it was me after like 4 hours, etc.

I got to make out with her but that was it, a security guard reported us and she got the blame because she was from a different department plus i also had some good connections at the time, she quit like 2 weeks later. i'm friends with her on facebook but she's 19 now and lives in TX (i'm from CO)

happy how it turned out since i never experienced teenage love and i feel like that at least gave me a taste of what i missed, but damn it tasted good

>it would be pedo if he constantly hounded 13 year olds yes.
No, he wouldn't. It isn't semantics, it is biology.

Maybe you want to randomly fuck every man woman and child but evolution actually made men selective for women close in age to them and hateful of pedos

I don't mean statutory rape, idiot. I mean he could have actually raped her and he wouldn't be a pedophile, because attraction to pubescent females is not pedophilia.

It's hebephilia at best, but I wouldn't even classify it as a philia.

Biology says he would be a pedo, correct

"Child" is a biological designation. It means a prepubescent human. Attraction to prepubescent humans is pedophilia. It is a mental illness like wanting to fuck the same sex(homophilia) or wanting to fuck animals(zoophilia)

Attraction to pubescent or postpubescent humans is not pedophilia.

Using the word hebephilia isnt an argument. Teen pregnancy is objectively bad and selling your daughter to a grown man is not apt

>Teen pregnancy is objectively bad
Demonstrate why.

If it was attraction to post pubescent then you would be fine dating someone who is 45.
You can use a different word, Ill use pedo. We are talking about the same thing, something that has never worked at scale and something nobody will ever accept at scale