When was the last time you really cried?

When was the last time you really cried?

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15, uncles funeral. I wanna sound like an edgelord and say "I can't cry anymore" but I know I can and probably will soonish.

got booted from a special operations program because i couldnt go from street kid straight out of high school to navy seal level fitness in 6 weeks. i lost my dream job in the military and have nothing to show for it, now im in a job i have no interest in.

the day i got the boot because i wasnt up to par was the last time ive actually cried. there is a lot more that goes into it but i got fucked by the military

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Like 5 seconds ago listening to Arcade Fire

When I was 12 I had surgery without anaesthesia. I never cried again.

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I get teary-eyed pretty easily just walking down the street everyday, but the last time I broke down and actually cried was like when I was 13, in the 8th grade.

A couple days ago, when I realized I'll never get to be happy.

like a little over a week ago during an extremely suicidal bout

Similar story user. Both my parents were officers in the Air Force. My dad went to the Air Force Academy and then flew F-4s and then F-16s. I always wanted to fly fighter jets like my dad but then I ended up being permanently disqualified from the military all together. No civilian job will ever give me the same sense of purpose and pride. I just feel empty now and I'm trying to figure out what I want to do now.

Few days ago because i havent seen my family in 2 years

Do you know anything that follows the style of pic related? I find it truly artistic. Even only suicide notes will do

like 2 months ago, i was listening to game music on youtube, think it was dark souls but then youtube decided to auto play song of healing, i was in a dark spot after me losing my job and my family losing a lawsuit at the same time which put us in a lot of financial problems, wanted to cry so bad and for some reason that song made me bawl like a fucking baby, grabbed a pillow so i could scream-cry without my family hearing me. Honestly felt really good

I'm not even a zelda fan but i did play majora's mask as a kid, i guess the song reminded me of when times were easier or something.


Two years ago when I accidentally overdosed on pressed xanax

Hey man that's fucking gay.

haha like yesterday. i wanted to kill myself. im so bi polar, i feel fine now.

Around Christmas, my girlfriend gave me a really meaningful card and I cried a little when she gave it to me. I drove home then bawled my eyes out in the driveway. Hit me really hard. I'm not used to words of affection.

im a 22 year old male and i cry all the time because im lonely

Sometimes I start crying at my fast food job because I start thinking about my failed dreams and what I could have been.

It's ok to be gay user there are so many people on earth now being gay is a good way to not increase the population anymore. Also Leonardo da Vinci and Frederick the Great were gay.

Watching the end of the film "To Live."

sometimes seeing something beautiful out in the world will make me well up. dunno if there is too much soi in my diet or if im just depressed.

meeting my LDR after 3 years of loving them sharing absolutely everything of my soul and spending all my time and energy with them each and every day and thinking my entire life and future with them was a set in stone beautiful thing that gave me hope and purpose for living and them breaking up with me the 1st day we met because they said there was no "spark" like they thought but that they wanted to be friends still

i didn't cry at first just went completely numb and i stayed up without sleeping all night staring at the ceiling without blinking in complete shock as my brain could not absorb the information, i felt traumatized

the next morning i told them i had to leave and that i couldn't be friends because it hurts me

called my mom alone in the bathroom to tell her i was coming home and when she answered i couldn't speak for a minute because i was trying not to cry then i finally spoke and said a few words but i hung up after they only came out like cries and i said sorry

a few days before i was set to leave they hugged me and told me that they love me, just not romantically, and i couldn't hold it back anymore and just cried for a very long time

on the final day though i no longer felt sad because after getting to know them and hearing them talk about their dreams i realized that they were a super different person from how they were online, they were not the person i thought, they were my polar opposite, and i wasn't sad anymore, i felt relieved that i was going home and instead of feeling rejected i felt motivated to work on myself and find the right person

on the last day though right before i was set to leave they freaked out crying and changed their mind and told me they were just panicking and that they thought they'd regret it for the rest of their life if they didn't give it more time, so I stayed and now we're living together and relearning each other as the real people we are

it feels so weird... i feel so lonely, hate this uncertain insecurity

can someone explain the meaning of the quote? the suicide note i mean

Me too
Unoriginally original

13 when my grandma died

This was an amazing story from start to end
Im gonna tell you something
Sometimes in the first days you just feel kind of weird. Putting the pieces of the puzzle together is quite weird bevause theres a lot to adjust to.
But if after 6 months you or they feel anything, then ots time to leave

>be you
>hasnt joined Aktos yet
wtf are you doing with your life?
24/7 active Jow Forums chat, shit posting, etc, join lads



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after watching darling and the franxx I realized that I will never have true love with any woman, as hard as I may try I will only get a woman who wouldn't care if I died

14 had a busted shoulder
im 18 now

Why were you permanently disqualified?

soon enough if my hoe deflects the shot i shot this morning she still hasnt seen it

This morning actually
Dad was showing me photos of me and my mother from when I was a baby. My mum died when I was 9 and I've repressed a lot of memories I had with her, being reminded of a period where I had a mother really fucked me up and I pretended to need to go to the toilet and cried for a while. Go hug your mother or give her a call anons, you have no idea what you have until it's gone

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sober? can't remember
drunk? almost every time

Last night thinking about losing my mother to cancer.

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it's quite self-explanatory user

sometimes i lie in bed in the early hours of the morning and lament the dire state of my pathetic life, and that's sometimes enough to elicit a tear or two. but if i'm sober i'm never going to break down sobbing

My grandpa's funeral when I was 17. They were mostly tears of guilt since I didn't talk to him as much as my sister did despite everything he did for us because I didn't and still don't have great conversational Spanish. I expect it to be even worse when grandma goes.

this. but i also start to drink every time i'm remotely sad.

yep. and then the drinking exacerbates the feelings of sadness, for me at least. truly a vicious cycle

My mother used to throw shoes at me and scream when I did something wrong.

She used to drink a lot and still does to this day, she also once locked me outside the house naked because of something I did, I cant remember I was like 9.

She mentally and physically abused me until the age of 11 when I was literally forced to leave because of how bad the abuse was combined with her various boyfriends not being helpful at all, infact some of the even joined in, some of them also used to hit my mum which was bitter sweet really.

Spent the rest of my childhood and teen years at my nans house where they smoked like chimneys and my grandad was an alcoholic, the only reason they dont get a divorce is because theyre too poor.

My dad ran away from me and moved in with his girlfriend, theyre both actually pretty nice people now that my dads older and hes more mature, though I bet he regrets having me.

When I watched merry christmas mr lawrence

I was pretty crushed this february when I was rejected by my crush and had tears in my eyes
but full blown out crying was at my great-great-grandmother funeral back in 2013 (even though I didn't see her as much, the atmosphere of sadness just takes over you and no matter what, you cry)

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May 13, 2014

*honk honk*

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I was born into a sorta cult, for the majority of my life I believed their teachings but about during my late teens, I began realizing what bullshit it was. I spent about 2 years going back and forth not knowing what to believe and cried when I eventually accepted that everything I knew was a lie, everything I had worked for, everything I was told I stood for.

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MDMA comedown. I do 230mg of MDMA every 3 months or so in order to decompress emotionally.

Just now actually, over my addiction.
Went to the bathroom to cry my eyes out, trying to be as silent as possible. It didnt work. My partner knocked on the door asking if i was crying and when i came out my grandma was there for hugs.
Im thankful for having a family that supports me

When my dog died ten months after I rescued him. Pic related.

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right now after reading this thread

Semper fidelis originalis

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When my Mother asked me to say goodbye to my Uncle, when he was already dead.
For Context. I was supposed to see him, but my grandfather told me I couldn't go. When my mother came back, she told me he kept asking about me.
I wanted to say goodbye. So I arranged a time to see him. The Day I plan to go. He died in his sleep.

I was quiet at the funeral. Angry at my grandfather. I miss my Uncle very much, one of the only good people in the Family.