How come you hate trannies? Real question, I'm just curious why

How come you hate trannies? Real question, I'm just curious why.

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I don't. I'm a normie that occasionally browse this board to see how the robots are doing.

Never meeting a real tranny doesn't help either.

Entitled fucks make other people bend to their will. If they magically changed genders and didnt fuck with dick I'd be fine with it. Nothing inherently wrong with wanting to change gender

i don't hate trannies, i just hate trannies who think Astolfo is a tranny

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I don't but trannies can be obnoxious as hell. If they weren't so obnoxious I think they'd be better perceived.

I'd still be your friend okay. I just hate anime traps because it means less anime girls

Because they normalize degeneracy

I don't hate transsexual people, but I hate that the media aristocracy forces regular folks to pretend that they see no real distinction between men and women.

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Every transgender person I know is mentally defective. Beyond this if my child was a tranny I would be ashamed of them and love them less accordingly. The existence of trannies increases this likelihood, especially with the way public schools indoctrinate kids these days.

And by "men", I mean "mentally ill men in dresses".

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>told online friend i crossdressed and felt good
>few weeks later he comes out to me as trans

Once we decided that people who defy nature itself deserve "pride and acceptance" instead of actual mental help and support, we lost, and with today's society it is practically impossible to go back. Kind of interested in seeing how this world is in the next 20 years honestly, like picking the bad ending on a game out of curiosity

I've met 3 trannies in real life, identical personalities in spite of being over 500 miles apart. Drama seeking attention whores, always shifting any conversation into tranny shit. I detest people who abandon their responsibilities as dictated by gender roles. Also hate self harmers and people who mutilate their bodies.

Trannies themselves aren't a problem. The problem is that people who become trannies are garbage people from the start. If they weren't garbage, they wouldn't become trannies.

Astolfo is cute!

I've only come into contact personally with a few subsets of nearly identical tranny personalities through experience alone; self harming underage impressionable idiots, hyper obnoxious social media addicted gender warriors, and the very rare reasonable socially adjusted one. I don't hate them on principle, but the former two groups are worse than any other single group of living human I've ever had the displeasure of interacting with. They're just awful, maligned terrible twisted fucks.

Idk how I've never met another tranny. Considering how common they are on the internet you would think they'd be all over the place.

met my first irl tranny a month ago and the things i read here couldn't be further from the truth, attention seeking, loud, passive-aggressive, annoying, depressed failures of nature

sexual deviants I swear to god, wait until your local trans ""person"" forces you to commit lewd act upon them

Both trannies ive interacted with (that i know of, there might've been some kind, passing ones) have been really weird about knowing when to bring up sexual topics in casual conversation.

One would get oddly handsy with people, the other would constantly try to bring up BDSM topics in the common room.

Seems like the common theme here is that Trannies are weird, obnoxious, and annoying.

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Every tranny that I've ever known was a tranny is obnoxious as fuck. There are nice ones out there and I don't know they're trannies because they're nice people who I assume are just ugly. Thus, I've only ever recognized obnoxious trannies as trannies and it has given me the impression that all trannies are obnoxious fuckheads, because my prior experience is selectively biased towards such a conclusion.

I also am a jaded old grump who hates most memes and this includes hating Astolfo and all the other characters that trannies obsess over. This is another thing I consider obnoxious about them.

They can see through my poser soul.

>defy nature
Yeah i guess the house you're sitting in and the computer and internet you're using are totally natural.
The whole point of everything we do is to get away from nature, is a cure for cancer and prosthetic limbs natural? Dont kid yourself almost nothing if not everything most people have is not natural.
Have some self awareness my man.

Technology is the same as being mentally unstable to the point of self mutilation ok i get it now!

Trannies that aren't hateful obnoxious entitled cunts don't exist.

gays have horrible attitudes and since trannies are just gays with wigs, yeah.

The few trannies I have met or have been forced to interact with have this "aura" of entitlement and resentment to them.

1. they want to force everyone to pretend they're a different gender than they are
2. a lot of them think "trans kids" should be given drugs to prevent their puberties, which is fucking insane
3. they are often really weird-looking plus mentally unstable and therefore unpleasant (yet you cant acknowledge this without being bigoted)
t. bi guy

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I don't hate cute guys(Even if they dress as girls for unhealthy reasons) but I hate men and women who are actively poisoning gender relations and politics but forcing their inane, nonsensical bullshit into American discourse strongly enough to have their non-issues deemed legitimate.

I have anxiety, and panic attacks come with that. Every single day I feel striking fear, confusion and paranoia for no god damn reason. The only way to solve this is therapy, medication, or discovering some issue I have with myself only I can know. The way to NOT solve this is acting like everything around IS as scary and confusing as my brain deems it to be, and thus make the world act in accordance with my nonsensical fears and that it's everyone else's fault.

They hang around the more extreme outcast of society. I worked with one at a haunted house attraction in my college years. Another I took classes with and knew through a mutual friend. The last one was a former neighbor who fortunately couldn't hold down a job and got kicked out.

Because theyre disgusting faggots with nothing in common with Jow Forums. We also arent inteested in your shitty jew pysop, you arent going to convince us to cut off our cock. Go hang around with the faggots on /lgbt/

don't hate trannies, don't hate women. """""""robots""""" on the other hand...

Man I always forget there's an lgbt board. Probably cause there's so many faggots here.

They're fucking disgusting and constantly try to equate 2D = 3D when that's not how it works.

Maybe trannies won't be disgusting when the methods evolve from eating pills and turning their dicks into gaping wounds. But that's certainly not happening within this lifetime, likely the next as well.

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because i don't have a cute tranny gf ;-;

Only hate the ones who glorify themselves to get the consent of people, and the ones who do not accept that they are male.

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gender is a social construct, shinji

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>How come you hate trannies?
Because they are gay, and I hate gays.

Male is a biological sex, not a gender.

>male is not a gender
how deep is your rabbithole right now

Super cringe and genderpilled.
You sound like my therapist

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Then society shall now identify me as a glorious duck and bow before me to pamper my ego based on my decisions, for there will be consquences.

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Male and female are sexes. Gender isn't real, it does not exist.

you talk to your therapist about tranny stuff a lot? :^)

weak lack of argument

it exists in society and our minds

It exists in your mind. Biology exists independent of the human mind, independent of humans entirely.

it is however not a matter of biology, if you saw a passing tranny you'd think it was a female and treat her accordingly

>it is however not a matter of biology
It is. You are born biologically male or biologically female and you will NEVER EVER change that.

I've never seen a passing tranny. There are no passing trannies because they are all mentally ill faggots that you can spot a mile away because they act like the crazy people that they are.

>I've never seen a passing tranny
exactly, because you see a female :^)

I don't like to, but I am actually a tranny so she keeps trying to make it seem like every problem I talk to her about has to do with me being trans somehow. It's actually really fucking annoying.

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I hate everyone in 3D from. 2D is a different thing.

I wouldn't say I hate trannies in general, though I do tend to hate most I meet in real life. I know 4 of them in my area through my time in college and hanging out in various nerd circles.

>one is some creepy guy who became a "lesbian" SJW and fucked off to the west coast
>would hit on everyone with a pulse
>somewhat passable but you can tell

>one is kinda nice but slightly awkward/weird/quiet, part of the local smash community
>passable looking but not very attractive and has no fashion sense

>one that recently came out, likes smash
>name changed to a fucking video game character
>absolutely annoying and autistic and doesn't pass at all, became SJW
>is like 6'2"

>last one I met years ago at college
>extremely passable and got hit on a lot
>called weird guys orbited them fags for liking them and made dick/tranny jokes, overall didn't seem very politically correct
>actually somewhat nice to talk to

Out of the 4 I know, I hate 2 of them, one of them is just kinda weird, and one I don't mind. Not the greatest track record.

I'm not here to argue. I'm just a duck now.

please be my gf. thanks in advance for your favorable response.

Yeah, unfortunately I'm gonna have to decline that offer. You would not want me as your gf.

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guess i'll just have to love you from afar

Stop trying to sell this shit to easy-to-influence children in schools.
other than that I really don't give a fuck.

because they are mentally ill but refuse to get treatment
if someone hates himself to the point of killing themselves is obviously considered ill
but if someone hates his body so much they want to completely fuck it up with hrt it's ok and should be respected or you're transphobic
they're basically running away from the problem instead of doing something about it thus having a 42% chance of killing themselves

As a gay man, it's not like I hate them for being homosexuals half the time. What I hate is that they're emotionally unstable people that have no self confidence and hate their own bodies.

I don't. I just wouldn't wanna fuck one.

I don't. I find them obnoxious and the idea that they are female is an insult.

Your 2 and 3 are super contradictory nigger
The whole point of number 2 is to prevemt number 3 fucko
If the kids dont hit puberty they never get those traits that make them really weird looking. Puberty is what makes 99% of them never pass.
>"hurr trannnies look ugly"
Then why not let them not hit puberty? They have to turn 18 before taking the actual hormones so they're legally an adult, and the hormone blockers just delay puberty, if they decide to not transition they'll just start puberty normally. Theres no downsides other than moralfagging. It doesnt prevent them from hitting puberty if they decide to not transition, and it makes them passable if they do transition
>"b-but giving hormone blockers to teenagers is wrong"
Moralfagging. It does no harm at all. It literally just pauses puberty they can start whenever completely normally.

Yeah its such a meme
>"ive never seen a passing tranny, they're all ugly!"
>isnt that because the passing ones, you know pass? So they look lile a female?
>"b-b-but t-trannies ugly! T-t-trannies bad! R-reeee!"

Because you hate women, sexually objectify us, and will make us suffer any number of indignities so that you can get off. I wouldn't care if you wanted to play dress up, and maybe I'd come around to pronouns and new names, but I will mot stand by and let women en masse be assualted by a group of highly manipulative cluster B men.

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most of us are into men, try again

>most of us
Uh huh, sure, hon.

>"A 2015 survey of roughly 3000 American trans women showed that at least 60% were attracted to women.[14] Of the trans women respondents 27% answered gay, lesbian, or same-gender-loving, 20% answered bisexual, 19% straight, 16% pansexual, 6% answered asexual, 6% queer, and 6% did not answer.[12]"

And for those 40% who are exclusively homosexual, you still predicate your concept of womanhood on a desire to be humiliated by another man. It's an attraction to men that manifests itself by the LARP of being a woman because that's what they find the most disgusting and humiliating. See any and all sissy porn. "Imagine being so pathetic you become a girl for some big niggerdick. What could be more submissive and pathetic than being a girl? Being a submissive cockslut is what makes me a girl" It's pure misogyny. And it's not unusual for homosexual men far into the reaches of BDSM to use feminization as a masochistic technique - see gay men who have their penis removed but claim not to be transsexuals.

So pic related. How about you try again?

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Here are some examples. Sissy Porn Make Me Trans? (QD2).pdf

How could I, as a woman, not look at such repugnant gender blackface and not feel sick?

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>gender blackface
Nice I'm gonna steal that

Because they're fucking shitheads online and jokes in real life. 6'2" tranny with a diamond shaped jaw wearing ina dress in Seattle, and a fat, smelly, round thing in Florida at a class I went to. Couple that with all of the disgusting assholes who invade threads and tell anons to transition, and I find mkt a single positive thing to say about these annoying pricks. They bring nothing good or worthwhile to any community they entrench themselves in.

Boomer surveys mean nothing user :^)

I literally and unironically saw a 6'0+ man wearing massive platforms, a skirt, and cat ears on the subway. I hate this fucking town.

>taking 40 minutes to come up with a troll attempt as transparent as your birth sex

I don't. I think the discordfags who make it seem like gender dyshporia is some lifestyle choice are disgusting but
>they're not all trannies
reiko was just a troll, he wasn't a tranny, and I'm sure there were other non-trannies that were in on it
>they don't represent all trannies
seems like the vast majority of trannies hate that shit, they hate "take the pinkpill threads" because they know the mental illness they have is horrible to have so they don't want to see others taking it so lightly
I see a lot of people on Jow Forums believing some weird shit about trannies and that probably comes from not actually interacting with any and just basing their opinion on them from anonymous Jow Forums posters claiming to be trannies.
also some of this the trannies I've interacted with aren't necessarily bad people but they can be annoying. I could never imagine dating a tranny, and it breaks my heart that some robots have fallen for the meme that "trannies are easier to get along with than women" or "trannies have much lower standards than women so it's my only chance to get a cute gf"


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This board desu
The trannies here are very obnoxious,but prolly alot of them are just fetishists
Id guess their lives are hell,since they literally hate their skin

Also i dont like looking at them,theyre ugly and weird

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I don't. I hate the ones who come here because they're all unbearable and want attention from a complete shithole.

I was on the metro yesterday coming back from seeing fireworks and sat next to some overweight dude wearing fishnet stockings. I could barely look at him. Shits just nasty, i dont wanna see youre pimply fucking legs and leghair while im baked as fuck trying to get home.

all the trannies ive met in my life also have been narcissistic degenerate fucks except for one. that one ive made my girlfriend and made sure she's tame and doesn't turn every conversation into stuff about trans people. yeah shes into lgbt circlejerk shit from YouTube but ive made sure she knows her place like the woman she wants to be.

Trannies ruined this board, I want to stab them in their pus-filled dilated neovaginas.

You must be fucking new.

kill yourself you fucking faggot retard.