Me in the middle,the guy looking at the korean girl with desire

>me in the middle,the guy looking at the korean girl with desire

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i bet she appreciates -kind- men. btw Tzuyu is from Taiwan

no that's not you. You're the fat fuck with cheeto dust on his fingers looking at this response

pls b nice. thanks

I will have you know i am not that big a fan of cheetis and i am working on my weight problem,thank you.
We both know you mean white. And ok thanks didnt know that.

Your taste is shit Ad.
SNSD forever!

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ok sorry
> i am working on my weight problem
im proud of you :)

wrong. are wh*toids this reetahded

hope you know tzuyu's underage in the pic you posted

! ^.^ hewwo u

Shut up fag
I hope you know i dont give a shit.

>shut up fag
okay wh*te boi

Post hand and time stamp i bet you are white yourself

you just never had an asian friend

The bursen of proof is on your hands not mine.

bursen my heimerdinger

Is this the most I'm-new-to-memes-lolol-zuckerplatform summerfag post?

>imagine gatekeeping on an african aluminum wiring duck cage forum

>be you
>hasnt joined Aktos yet
wtf are you doing with your life?
24/7 active Jow Forums chat, shit posting, etc, join lads



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Yep. Idiots can't parse irony, don't understand how it works, all their attempts at it are either disjointedly nonsensical or else blandly literal, like OP. They fundamentally can't grasp how the humor works, Case in point, this retard that doesn't know how quotes work