He's going to win again, isn't he?

He's going to win again, isn't he?

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Based on what I saw in the Democrat primary debate, probably.

No, he's not going to release his taxes without heavily redacting it first, so he won't even be on the 2020 ballot.

Hillary is going to swoop in at the last second and steal the dem nomination again. She just wants to avoid all the stupid primary bullshit this time around.

>incumbent president presiding over a strong economy
>a pack of clowns who said they want free healthcare for illegal aliens, no more deportations and essentially open borders
Trump basically won already, now it's just a question of by how much.

>presiding over a strong economy
It's literally just about to crash hard as fuck, lol.
Also, like I said he's no even going to be on the ballot. So it really doesn't matter who the democrats pick.

>Zoom into people's faces
That's a nice ass camera right here

>It's literally just about to crash hard as fuck, lol.
Says increasingly nervous democrat for the 50th time this year.

imagine actually taking time out of your day to worship a politician

>Says increasingly nervous democrat for the 50th time this year.
Says increasingly denying republican for the 50th time tgis year

Economy looks like its just starting to rally again. Might be stronger than ever for the next 5-10 years. Trump wins either way

They were waiting to crash it until just before the election, obviously.

A big crash is incoming. The only question is if it will happen before or after elections.

explain how though? wHy?

he thinks we are going up, let him in

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>literally all men

You say I deny reality yet you think Trump will be disqualified and think the economy will crash just because you want it to? I guess enjoy your alternate reality, worked out great in 2016 didn't it? At least the media will comfort you by repeating your own lies back to you.

I guarantee you, not even 99% likely but 110%. He will win.

Hopefully after, I need time to fuckin secure myself.

Uh huh, sure. Just like how Trump's election was supposed to destroy the economy, or his tax cuts were, or his tariffs were. Eventually you have to accept that just because you want something to happen doesn't mean it will happen. That's called magical thinking, it's a logical fallacy.

Probably after. And it wont be as big as people expect. If you live in a big city and have an existing job you wont feel anything

>just because you want it to
Yes, let my will be done.

The real Trump Derangement Syndrome are the protozoan Jow Forums and t_d fags like yourself that dont see the incoming disaster that will come from automation.

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The disaster will be localized only in ceratin sectors like trucking. Wonder why the industrial revolution didn't cause massive unemployment. Technology creates jobs too , lol.

>the sky is falling the sky is falling!
okay chicken little, calm down

You clearly have zero understanding of economics. The market has been overvalued for a long time. Some of Trump's policies have increased the impact of the long overdue crash when it will come.

Please stop hoping for "her turn". It was never "her turn".

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it is less about trump winning than it is the democrats becoming even more of a clown party. nobody is going to win on open borders, free healthcare for non citizens and reparations.

Mitigated the impacts actually. Hes done amazing things for the economy long term

Amazingly stupid, yes. The tax bill is way too costly for the benefits it gives. Sounds like you understand economics as much as Trump does.

Yeah that truck driver sure has transferable skills in the stem field where all jobs are going.
I honestly feel nothing but pity for you because you are so delusional living in your bubble and nothing I say will change your mind and it wont hit you until you are suffering. I honestly hope you have a good steady job, man. Much love.

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If your so smart why didnt you become president? Why wasnt it you that made our economy so good for future generations like trump did

The ducks probably thought everyone came to see them but they actually came to see the parade.

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He will be the first to win as a write in then.

jesus, so much cattle.

The gas noted tractor got ride of 95%+ of all jobs in America son.
Learn to economy

It's not as if the republicans aren't going to throw in a literal who at the last minute to give the mouth breathers an easy box to check instead of writing in a whole name.

I would expect Trump supporters to be the least trusting of projections.

You retard, I'm not a burger. I can't be your president. Nor would I want to be.

>caring who the president even is
This (was not typed with a capital letter at the start and lacked a full stop).

I heard something about tax breaks and how they cause a temporary raise, then a crash. I think it was a single Jow Forums or Jow Forums post though. I have no clur how that works

the market has been projected to crash again in 2020 since 2014

Incumbents in American elections usually win re-election. The American economy has generally been doing pretty well since Trump took office (not so much because of policy, just cycles of boom and bust).
Trump has failed to deliver on a lot of his immigration stuff (judges keep blocking him). However, American politics has become som polarised and tribal that you're either team red or team blue. If he can team red to come on on November 2020 then Trump should be OK.

>He's going to win again, isn't he?
I hope so

That Looks like a nice spot for a missile to be fired at.