Why are you refusing to have a wife and kids?

Why are you refusing to have a wife and kids?

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My wife and I have been fucking like rabbits, but I don't think her rubber dick is ever going to ejaculate anything that will get my intestines pregnant.

>Letting you child see your whore wife wearing nothing but a thong.

What degenerates.

Marriage has no benefit for men and I don't want to force the burdens of life on a nigga.

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brown haired arab mongrel + blonde nordic goddess
stop throwing away your norse genes for shitskins
wrong website nomrmalfag

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because im weird and no child should have to be unwillingly subjected to that

reminder that Jow Forums is a website for social outcasts only

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White people are disgusting mayo devils and i'm doing my part to stop more from coming into the world.
I love my thicc thighs and soft skin from HRT! >w

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Social outcasts can still have wives and children. I didnt have many friends until I was 19 and the girls I dated were also outcasts usually

thats not true you need to fuck off and die Jow Forums is not for you go talk to your kids

Are you trying to cast me out? Irony lol.
If you dont want to talk about my kids then dont, its your choice

Why should I want a wife when 99.99% of women are boring soulless whores and my child would most likely grow up to be a degenerate faggot who would rather listen to the media and some dumb celebrity then take my advice no matter what I do?

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Are you poor or something how is twenty cents a lot for you. Many social outcasts have wives, correct

So why dont you have a loving husband and adopted child? Inb4 normie straight meme you already admitted to being gay

because it is cruel to bring another human into the world without their consent now fuck of and die normalfags

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>Many social outcasts have wives
if you have a wife you arent a true social outcast
no woman would date one
how hard is that for you to understand?

Its easy to understand that many social outcasts have wives. Many of those wives are also social outcasts

I'm not. Just never had the opportunity.

there's literally no way that ass had a baby come out of it.

That's wrong and not how it's supposed to be. What's to stop the adopted child from growing up to be a degenerate.
>normie straight meme

life is terrible and would not want to subject anyone else to it
the world is fucked thanks to our/the boomers' stupidity and future generations are going to be born into a literal hellscape where most of them will simply die of famine/war/disease
oh and also i'm ugly

Its right if I say its right

I don't have enough time off from laughing at normie breeders.

babies don't come out of asses

I've seen pregnant women squatting at the gym. It's fully possible for these fitness crazed white women.

I want a wife and kids (12++) but I'm hikkineet failure

Well you see my life so far has pretty much taught me that I have no interest in having a wife and children. When I was about ten my first little sister was born and two years after that I had a second little sister. Because my parents were at work a lot (multiple jobs to support three kids) I had to babysit them a lot. I did not like this. My parents have fought frequently for as long as I can remember and have threatened divorce many times throughout my childhood and even now. Many of my friends have divorced parents and that puts me off of the idea of getting married.

Becuase most of us would be reduced from barely middle class lifestyle to poor with a wife and a kid
>its the economy, stupid
It is always the economy

Why did the janny remove the OP image when there's literally porn on the board right this moment?

>Why are you refusing to have a wife and kids?

Men aren't refusing to have a wife/long-term relationship & kids. They want to but aren't able to.

Big difference.

>reaching an end game in your 20s
I'm not a retard

People don't take relationships seriously

Too expensive.
Would rather enjoy myself.
Onahole does the same job way cheaper.

Most Women are simply not attractive, and neither am I. I look awful. I refuse to make more ugly people.

Because I refuse to contribute and establish a stable home to raise another man's children.

Even if you don't marry a single mother, your wife will slither off and become impregnated by another man and slither back and hide it from me.

I got married, we had a miscarriage and later divorced. I dont think I want a wife or kids now to be honest but I will see how I feel when the pain of the loss of my previous spouse has subsided.

People need to stop reproducing, i don't want a wife and def no kids
people that shouldn't have kids always have the most for some reason

She blamed the miscarriage on you I bet and wants to go get some seed that will take.

I'd really much like to have. The thing is I'm too shy/anxious/awkward and haven't yet even talked to a girl in my life.

>Why are you refusing to have a wife and kids?

because men don't have authority over marriage or children. also Christians skip the part of the bible that says women need to obey men.