Would you guys date chubby girls? Because they are cute and not many guys want them

Would you guys date chubby girls? Because they are cute and not many guys want them

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how many FUCKING times has this question been asked, have you not been there for the 900 threads that asked this question, or are you so baseless and boring that this is the best you can come up with?

hips over 45 inches, insta yes.

>Would you guys date chubby girls?
I'd prefer it.
>not many guys want them
Nigga you dumb. Countless schmucks think just like you, willing to go "easy mode" by going for a chubster. There will always be a demand for women, especially when they're considered low price and will do the trick.

Immediately, but I can't fucking find them.
Even Tinder only gives me thin qts so I can't get a single fucking match. Aren't I supposed to be dropping in score or something?

Only if they have huge tits and ass.

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Not to mention fatties aren't equal and neither are men and women in the game. This chick was fucking amazing years back and is still waaaaaaaay out of reach of the kind of creature that dwells here.

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God damn. That's some pure, jiggly motivation right there.

Their standards are too high. I dont know what they are exactly but considering I dont even match with them kn dating apps I can only assume they're too high for me to reach

Only if all the fat is in your ass and tits. Outside of this and your pathetic.

Because that's not the kind of fat chick no man wants. She's shapely and voluptuous. The kind of fat women robots can get are shapeless blobs

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The other day I saw a 9/10 chad with a 5/10 obese girl dangling herself from his toned arms. The guy probably works out 4 days out of the week, and he decided to go after a fat girl. There's no way a Robot can compete, even going after Ms. Piggy.

>not many guys want them
bruh everytime i see a bbw video on pornhub they have like millions of views. unlike men there are no fembot/femcel women because men will fuck anything

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You thought he is a 9/10 because you're gay. Guaranteed most women would rank him 5/10 at most.

Chad fucked them all already chad will fuck anything with a pussy because he can

Things are more grim than i thought if women rate men that harshly. Feels oddly good being a -2/10

>tfw the few matches i've had were 2/10 single moms and fat girls that look like Bobba Fett

I tend to prefer chubby girls, but i want my potential gf to look human

>Bobba Fett

Meant to say Jabba the Hutt

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>tfw no obese boba fett gf with a missile hidden under the fat flaps of her backtits

Tbqhwyop I don't want to date a fat girl. I want to start off dating a fit, in shape girl, and convince her to gain weight until she's an obese lardass. That's just me though, weight gain is my biggest fetish

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New pasta

I actually wish for opposite. To date a lovely chubby or fat girl with nice personality, that also would be motivated and bubbly, and later on get her into lifting and exercising, and then turn her into fit girl or muscle girl/varbie who would be obssesed with gym and physical activity.

I love big girls, but I'm a fatass and they only go for skinny bois.

Keke, run that fantasy exactly backwards and it's preciously what I want. Funny how those things happen