Tfw ywn have sex with a guy while his girlfriend are sitting outside the door, crying

>tfw ywn have sex with a guy while his girlfriend are sitting outside the door, crying

Am i really the only fembot with a reverse cuckold fetish?

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I cucked my high school bully in revenge, hope she's miserable for life.

Can we get a greentext please

>Girl makes my high school life miserable as fucking hell, ruins my life by turning me introvert and anti social
>Years later and still hate her guts and want some revenge to get over it
>Consider my options and in the process find her online as well as her husband who I don't know
>Stalk them online for a long time and find out everything I can from them and people they know, even talk with a few people they know
>Gradually develop this plan of catfishing her husband and blackmailing him
>No idea how it will go but get into contact with him online posing as a girl he knew
>Talk for sometime and then pull out the stops, threaten to show his wife the convos if he doesn't meet and do what I want
>The convos weren't bad but I made it sound bad and could have made it look bad
>Meet and begin an affair with him
>Don't have any hate of him but love being able to do that to her
>Eventually going to come out about it to her anyway but wonder how far I can go
>Get pregnant and then let her know as the ultimate jab of cucking

Being honest the whole thing wouldn't have ever worked if I hadn't gotten lucky with this girl he was close with but didn't have a facebook account, so I could pose as her. If not for that, wouldn't have been able to catfish him into the situation to begin with.

youre really pathetic and disgusting, typical woman

She's worse, it was just my chance to get back at her. I hope she suffers forever, she deserves worse.

Are you still with the Guy?

How old is the baby now? Are you a single mom?

No they are still married. It put their relationship on the rocks but they remained together.

The baby will be two years old before long. I'm not a single mom because I threatened to get rid of the kid if he didn't take it. So they're raising the kid now. Maybe the sweetest part of the whole revenge, she's stuck raising my kid that I had with her husband before they've yet had their own kids.

post timestamped pic or fuck off with your larp

Can I impregnate you please?

Did you ever considered raping the girl? Given that you were willing to go this far for revenge i'm not sure what was stopping you.

fuck you how about you post a timestamp

I think oone baby is enough for now.

I had lots of dark thoughts but I wasn't so ready to do something I could go to prison for. If so I'd liked to have just killed her.

no fuck YOU larping tranny. at least post proof you are woman at all

Do you have regular fantasies about cucking girls or was this just something between you and her?

I didn't know this existed in women.

Maybe I can be your post-revenge BF now that you are at peace.

Honestly, have sex.

Just against her. Well it was enjoyable. But there aren't other women I hate enough to do it to.

I'll never be at peace, I'm just glad her life is misery every day. Imagining her waking up to see my child makes me feel wonderful.

There have been a few "perfect marriages" that I have wanted to destroy. Fucked up thing is they didn't exactly hurt me.

It was just their blind smugness... The fact that they haven't felt pain like I had, as they coasted through life, marrying young, having lots of friends, buying houses, traveling..

Whereas I was bullied and never had things go right for me, and when it did, it was way too late.

Oh sure I'd love to crash and burn any normie marriage, I'd get enjoyment out of that. I thought you just meant if I had it out for any specific other women.

Fuck normies though, I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I knew that would be the result.

>just remembered that time I got back from a convention my gf's beta orbiter had literally chauffeured us to/from
>invited him and gf and friends into my apartment
>went into my room everyone hanging out
>gf and i cuddling and kissing on my bed
>orbiter sitting on the foot of bed with his head down
Oh man. Sorry but not sorry. Although, if the guy is a robot now I am a little sorry because I may have helped destroy his humanity.

Your a women so you have the power to pull similar stuff off. Good luck.

The only thing that feels kind of awful reading your story was that at the end of the day it's your kid and not theirs, do you have an active role in the child's life? At some point they'll want to meet their real mother if you're not.. getting revenge on the mom is one thing but that kid's gonna have a difficult life as they get older if the mom is as shitty as you say, they'll hold contempt for the kid every time they look at it and see an image of you n not them. Idunno I just hope the kid doesn't suffer from your decision

am i the only fembot that likes dog dick? :///

we all got something

what's up with dog dick?

what do you mean? it feels good

No, that's just ordinary cuckolding. But the female version has been slanged as cuckqueening.

idk i just thought it was smaller and softer

It's knot bad

i mean they can be smaller, but they can be big too lol

Give this one a try femanon. After you have made the girl codependent on you you can take your revenge knowing that she's unlikely to leave

If i remember correctly, the guy in the picture managed to pull in 43 days

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what breed has the biggest dog dick

No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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its reverse because she isnt the cuck, the other girl is

God damn, I never knew fembots could be so awesome. Fuck the haters.

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I thought cucking (present tense) means to cuck someone else. While cucked (past tense) means to be cucked yourself.

idk but i've heard danes can be 10"

my terrier is about 7, so i believe it

If you did it with the dog, greentext

holy shit, well i can see the appeal now

Eh, I know it's a reddit thing to do, but I found this to be decent enough to screencap. Take it and run, you crazy bitch.

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the absolute state of dog fucking white women

You can screencap. That's one important way chan culture is preserved. But if you post it on Reddit you immediately lose all right to call yourself one of us.

No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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I've actually never posted on reddit before. Not once.

But I have lurked their greentext boards at times, because some of my screencaps (such as ) found their way on it.

It's not the first time I've posted about it before but sure thing.

what do you want to know


get over it

>get over it
How does it feel that you'll never be desired except by anything other than fetishists, if you let any man know?

I would love it if you sucked my dick.

where'd you go, roastie toastie?

I think you're wholesome when i knew you.

>what do you want to know
What happened, what it feelt like and etc

that happened. Everyone else thinks so too, apparently.

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>ran out of argument
>have sex
Typically larping whores.

>I thought cucking (present tense) means to cuck someone else. While cucked (past tense) means to be cucked yourself.
And yet you never thought to check a dictionary, which is probably why you're a retard with a bad grasp of language

im user and i kind of have a similar seems, though i never really woulda called it that until i saw this thread.
fuckin weird man.
also WHORE. no just kidding.

I did it in middle school havent done anything else

wanna be my gf

if i catch you doing it again ill cum inside you and leave you

I allowed my wife to fuck a guy from her office. I wasn't there but I got the details later - not an overnight; just an afternoon tryst.

>reverse cuckold fetish
Pretty sure that's just called being a filthy whore.

I have a cuckquean fetish but I want to be the one getting cucked.

Sorry but I don't belive in this story. No girl would give her kid to some strange couple, also she would ask for a divorce when she found out that he cheated.

Does this acatually work? How do i get started in hypnosis

Laura is that you?

I have no idea who Laura is, so no.

Do you feel a little cucked by laura then?

on the contrary, I think she is better than most women. She had a plan and was determined to see it through.

You've proven yourself formidable femanonnonnonononoonon

what do you look like non-laura? I'm into this

Today is finally the day, I'm ending it now early in the morning before my parents are able to wake up. I haven't slept in roughly 30 hours.
Goodbye Jow Forums, and thank you all for the fun times. I'll start in around 45 minutes. on

Livestream video link + explanation:

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You're a psychopath. I like your style.

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Dude, there's women often enough that murder their own children. Giving it away to be raised by the father isn't even that weird, especially if the mom just wants to slut around.

>catfish him
Somehow it doesn't feel like catfishing if you are a real girl that ends up having sex with him

Please describe yourself and the women you want me to screw instead of you.

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Complete different girl swap though

I don't know if am going mental again or what, but i'm pretty sure this shit have been posted before.

I might be having fake memories again.

do you want her to make fun of you a bit while your bf fucks her?

I have posted about it before, you're not crazy.

She's a sociopath who doesn't care about anyone but themselves, she's most women.
This is LARP but I admire the hustle, you evil human being.

>Does this acatually work?
Are there any specific part that you think are unrealistic or otherwise doesn't make sense?

A bit tall, very fat, ugly face, short brown hair
Short, very skinny, small tits, long, straight hair (black or golden)

I would prefer my bf to make fun of me.

>CL couple looking for bi-male
>go as a trap
>end up focusing entirely on the guy
>eagerly serve his dick while his wife watches
>he tells me I'm amazing
>whisper in his ear "Am I better than your wife?"
>He instantly cums buckets
>Try not to look too smug when I make eye contact with his wife
>end up spending the night with them as the middle spoon, his cock nestled between my thighs
>They offer to make it a regular thing
>He calls me over often while his wife is away
>He really likes it when I wear her clothes.

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The entire concept and execution, from start to finish

Its more so im not fully understanding the terminology and not knowing where to start to get into hypnosis in a non meme way

>I would prefer my bf to make fun of me.
tfw will never call my gf a worthless whore