What is one thing you enjoy about summer? Even if you mainly dislike it surely theres one silver lining

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Nature looks beautiful when basking in the bright sun. That's about it.

I agree. When my dog was younger and I was healthier my dad and I took him on so many great summer hikes.

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Seeing lots of girls feet exposed, but it's also a bad feeling because it reminds me that I'll never get to have that

I'm not going to act like I support the fetish since I'm not a fan personally but listen user, I'm not gonna give you full possibly false hope but you really dont know for sure that that's the case. You have q long life qhwas that's gonna be filled with lots of twists and turns

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Yeah, nature hikes with a dog are great.
>I was healthier
What happened? Do you have a physical illness or are you simply less fit? (If you don't mind me asking)


Not a single fucking thing. Seriously.

There is none. Hurricanes, more shitposting school kids, the HEAT, get fat during non winter months, bugs, literally nothing good about summer even a little.

Only if summer is spelled autumn faggot.

Or spring in some areas. Or winter even. Summer is the least pretty, you're such a fucking faggot.

>you really dont know for sure that that's the case.

Trust me, I do. I'm 25 and I know beyond any reasonable doubt that nothing will change, and I've known that this was my destiny since I was like 19/20 years old although it's only recently now that I've settled in to adult life that it has really sunk in.

Just way more underweight than I used to be so I get lightheaded and tired easily plus hikes are just lame without my dog anyway like what am I gonna do take pictures of trees without my dog beside them? No

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I just made homemade bean burgers for my dad

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autumn is my favorite as well because of the leaves and hoodies and Halloween, I think summer is really just about normies going to the beach and laying in bed and mosquito bites. I dont think the shitposting kids are the worst since at least it is kind of interesting

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Love dad. Also, summer hikes suck, it's too hot to hike in 115 weather

But your attitude might contribute quite a bit, if you're going to tell yourself "why try?" And leave it at that nothing will ever change. things require effort even if it sucks. But in my opinion it is ok to just not try anyway but it's good to be informed of the real answer to "why try?"

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Since I'm Canadian the summers arent as unbearable as other places but they do get bad still. There are just some days better than other. I wanted to go to wonderland this week but realized how fucking hot it was and decided to just stay inside

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Summer is and has always been a cursed season for me. Im always more lonely in the summer than other times of the year (not that I have many friends otherwise either). It's like ppl don't want me around during summer, like my personality and aura is 'wrong' for the season. I'm used to it nowadays but it used to make me very sad and desperate.

Oh, I get that, pretty underweight myself. I still do like to take walks though, going for a walk on my own has a very serene feel to it for me, almost like a sort of meditation. Maybe you should try shorter walks instead of the bigger hikes? Who knows, maybe you'll like it.

I do try. I try a lot. If you met me in person you'd probably be in disbelief that I'm a forever alone KHHV.

I used to feel the exact same as a child, at least during the other months I could just focus on schoolwork but during the summer I just knew everyone else was having fun and I did nothing but stay in

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I do often walk, usually around town from abandoned house to store to abandoned house during weed quests. Lots of walking but I stop a lot tho so its never really tiring

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Maybe my disbelief would be right, 25 is plenty young even if it doesnt feel like it at that point

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Going through this right now between college semesters, I start off loving it for the first two weeks, after that I want to kill myself.

Avery why are you never on discord anymore?

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who is this semen demon?

originality is for nerds

Everything seems so dead during the Summer too, everything feels much more alive during the Autumn, Winter and Spring months. it's hard to explain.

tired of the heat tired of this life

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why the fuck was my post deleted someone tell me who this is

It's a soft point of no return

What did you post user? Its Avery

This. If you're still gf-less and/or virgin by 25 you're fucked forever.