five days into july and only just realised edition

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i wish my scottish friend would add me back on discord instead of adding and pleasing other anons on fap threads and other one about lonely friend im jealous

i really miss him, i just want to cuddle with him like the old days no lewds but he keep ignoring me

do you think he doesnt like me because im from the third world ? he is from a rich country (uk) he is racist maybe that would explain it

i wish he would pamper me, 4838 if you want to add me !

i hope it will work and forgive me tonight its friday he will sure come check

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he's not coming back nigger

MC and BS R.I.P. may the north rise again.

ear syringe lad here

came in the post this morning, sanitised it, then gave me 3 week blocked up ear a good spray of water.

took me quite a while to work my way down into the deepest part where the blockage was, but when I did it let out an absolutely horrific stink of old wax and this huge piece the size of a bloomin bumblebee came out.

feels a bit odd being able to hear again desu

No longer homeless frens.. phone rings shortly after i move in, with a job offer!

>320 Lizzies per day

Uncanny how one's fortune changes frens.

Hope Tim's OK.


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I Wanna say a few words for Ritchie Valens. The origenal mejito latino rock star. PARA BAILAR LA BAMBA. Good memories. RIP and may God be with you.

Do Belle Delphine's nudes exist at all? Genuinely not for fapping material just curious to see if somehow she stops them coming out online

Try writinf a book cunt.

I saw them liv once
the wicked game cover is amazing. Also storms. I often do the big cri to we're not the same.

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another jobcentre appointment today. just woke up and going to have to set off in 45 min, ffs.

She doesn't take any proper nudes. She takes and sells lewds.

>back to picking up fag ends again

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I like Sadboy and the song they end their sets on. forgot the name " blah blah blah dead out town cheap thrills blah blah"

I thought she sends nudes on her premium snapchat

>Do Belle Delphine's nudes exist at all?
Probably not. She probably takes polaroid pictures of herself naked. I can't imagine she would be dumb enough to upload anything to an icloud after the whole fappening incident.

i am scottish

She doesn't, the most she does is just lewds. She puts emojis over her fanny/nipples.

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I would love to be able to legally take advantage of pathetic people and earn a fortune

if it weren't for the threat of prison time I'd deal drugs, fuck degenerate scum who indulge in that sort of thing.


wt du think of the tune lads?


I'm not racist BUT, Asians are fucking weird


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i've listened to bruce for years because my mum adores him. quite like some of his stuff. this 1's alright
this is my favourite youtube.com/watch?v=xzQvGz6_fvA
listening to the lyrics it does sound slightly noncey though
hey little lady is yer daddy home did he leave you all alone.
unless he's meaning daddy as in lover?, but still a bit weird.
also love youtube.com/watch?v=nAB4vOkL6cE


The absolute state of nonces. They're getting younger and younger. Why do they commit themselves to it such a young age. We should be locking them up before they have a chance to strike.

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I imagine her boyfriend Jason has a fair few.

>categories: pets & animals

just why is that spastic going for underage girls in the first place? he's Jow Forums enough to pull at clubs, could compete at online dating even though he is low test Jow Forums. why take such a colosal risk? literally his life is fucked at the hands of some norf fc wanktards.

and i like a spot o
he's another weird singer but i like a good tune me so.....

What does he look like?
I wonder if he seethes at the attention she gets. Or does the money cloud that

imagine being born female. getting life on easy mode.

not fucking fair

Didn't go to work today again. Didn't even bother phoning in sick.
Just don't want to do anything when i wake up. Hope I don't get fired.

old stuff today. it's all i listen to really
loved this

u moving into your own place my fren?


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wait Jow Forums said she was some tranny with braces

Too hot to wank today lads.

Doing it anyway though.

consuming too much teen porn, only milfy mature porn should be allowed to stop the nonce menace



if you work for a certain supermarket, they send spies round to visits you

its very unfair, wish i was a 5'2, pale redheaded goddess

>skipping work without even bothering to tell them

Enjoy your p45 lad

wish I could charge people money to show them my genitals

sosij sarnie for lunch lads

>work has disciplinary if you are off sick even with doctors note
>never go back
problem solved

even since i was a kid, life has felt like the game was already lost because i wasnt born female. its so depressing.

and my parents wonder why i dont try and am a failure. stupid whore mother on the wrong diet while pregnant.

1 last old un before i fly off to jobcentre

You get punished even if you're legitimately ill? What kind of bullshit rule is that?

american owned company

I work in a high class call centre. I phoned yesterday and said i was sick but didn't today.
I dont really think I will be fired but I just don't have the motivation for work. Hope I go back and this isn't a long term thing.

at least put in a sickline for sickpay

Any struggling alcoholic man in? Wish I could just stop and be happy.

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Josh is that you? Get back into work NOW you silly cunt and explain yourself.

>tfw vampire
>tfw eat britfeelers

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ketchup from my sosij sarnie squirted out onto my chair :(

Wish I was a fat American making videos on comic books or video games. Life on easy mode desu

Dear Britfeel: Please take your skinhead Lenn back we don't want him he's such a whiny bitch
t. trannies

Me? I wish I felt less shame. Could never imagine being one of those people on youtube who chat about video games and beg for patreon money tbqh. People will chuck money at anything.

ive drank every day for 3 weeks

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Dear Dilate Mates.

Please can you keep your wretched, mentally ill kin out of our thread? Thanks.

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Only if you give us Kate as well

You sent a Nazi to our turf first you complete and utter Muslim

Take Poley from us

She's going to get VFS from a famous Turkish butcher of a surgeon, hopefully she'll get tetanus
I'm not Matt Jarbo

wait Lenn is a nazi? He's dating a tranny he cant be that extreme

>britfeel is a singular entity

Go away.


i think we are getting distracted from the main issue here


I've not been trained for this

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He has an iron cross tattoo bro

lets see a pic of it then?

I want to get out of the UK lads. I want to move to America where they have freedom of speech and gun rights.

From Cola's discord before he purged his selfies

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alri nic cage lad

Are you one of those old school aristocratic Transylvanian vampires or one of those new sparkly gay twilight tier vampires?

Imagine Tim with a gun.

Got to jobcentre with 15 min to spare. 30 min walk time is too much Ffs. Will set off 10 min later for the next appointment

Right so he was 22, how old was the girl? Probably 15

Pic related

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Did he draw it on himself with a pen?

Better early than late, lad. Use the time to think and reflect about the situation.
What kind of job do you want?

i feel you lad, i always set off way too early whenever i have to be somewhere just in case i misstime it.
Better to be early than late anyway


Shippy, I'm a man and I dont care about that stuff. Although obviously debt is best to be avoided

In Austria and Estonia that would be completely legal.

Timothy James Byrne in his owned villa in Los Angeles recording his second award winning album "Timothy and the Bears - The Run From Wycombe" in his private studio before hopping in his Spyder and going for burger with Moosey.

Kill the construction workers shopper bear...

When is the next britfeel meetup? Let it be up Norf for all the Norfen lads.

Realised i just drink now, 4 or 5 throughout the night and don't really get drunk. Been doing that for the past year. Before that i was drinking half litre of southern comfort most nights for about a year, then moved on to rum, but was probably doing a litre over 3 nights. Now i just drink cheap cider

>tim going to oxford to avoid the builders

fuck you, autistic fuck

What is the most based class in Britain and why is it the upper middle class?

britfeel meetups are banned now, causes too much thread drama and encourages people to personality post

Started watching Peaky Blinders recently. Avoided it for years because I thought it would be cheesy a la BBC. But I'm enjoying it so far.

Quit now. All goes down hill after 4 years

i always hated that show.

they arent blind or peaky

>britfeel meetups are banned now
Will mods delete britfeel meetup posts or have people just decided that they don't want meetups?

Bbc4? fuckin nightwalker.

>Cast the turds into Oblivion, my dearest Timothy! Soon righteous vengeance shall be enacted on your tormentors!

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both lad, had to ban them otherwise any britfeel threads would be banned on site by the mods

Who gets iron cross tats anymore unless you're an Aryan Brotherhod meth cook

Lenn has an MDMA and cocaine addiction that Cola lets him indulge in.

If I wanted to meet up with Moni would mods delete my posts?