Dicklet Suicide

I'm never going to get a gf because I'm ugly, I'm never going to lose my virginity because my penis is 4". There's no hope or cope for those who are ugly and dicklet.

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My dick is 7" and cant even fit in pussy all the way. no woman wants 9" except maybe some land whale. Girls don't even want 7", they don't like their cervix being slammed, they want just enough. So op find a woman with with a short pussy for your short dick.

Bruh, girls on average can't take that much, at least white girls from what I've heard, though. Black girls might require more, however, don't quote me on that.

Then why are dildos soo big user? Women want larger penises because it hits all the nerves in the vagina. Aren't women use to large penises by now?

My mommy gf has an 8" dildo and she can't even take it all.

Dude, don't dildos come in all sizes?

Well my 4" micro dick is much worse than having a big dick that touches all the nerves.

How do you know?
Most of them have monster size dildos.

Some dildos are big, not all. But girls usually don't ram the whole dildo into them all the way to the base, they push it in until its at the back of their pussy which is about 5 inches, but when they are trying to make them selves cum they usually push the head of the dildo between 1-3 inches inside themselves. Same thing with a real penis, girls like when the head is rubbing their g spot, The most important this is that you can get a hard erection, and if you can we got pills for that.

>Most of them have monster size dildos.

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If it's any consolation. My dick is huge and i am also a lonely virgin.

They don't use the whole dildo you retard.

>4 inches long
at least its thick... right user?

Anecdotal evidence from eardropping.
How do you know bro, are you showing off that your dick is so big it barely fits? Try being a dicklet for a day. :(

Stop consuming Jewish media and start watching content creators like The Golden One and Cultured Thug.

No, it's short and skinny.

Anecdotal evidence (the worst kind of evidence) that you claim to have (without proof)
So basically you're wrong.

But how do I know that you're correct and not just trolling my dicklet existance?
What are you talking about women irl talk about bigger being better.

You don't talk to women irl. 99% of the time gentile women don't care about your cock size.

>99% of the time gentile women don't care about your cock size.

that is the biggest lie ever

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>" A thicker penis provides more friction to her clitoris during intercourse which helps her to reach orgasm even faster. Women have also reported that it is more satisfying with a thicker penis."

>A larger circumference might stretch the vaginal opening such that the deep structures (clitoral crura and vestibular bulbs) are more stimulated, and the clitoral gIans is more stimuIated by penis movement [68]. AIso, the vagina is denseIy packed with pressure-sensitive mechanoreceptors that detect stretch sensations [69]. These appear finely tuned to detect variability in circumference, whereas the vagina is less sensitive to differences in other stimuli such as vibration or warmth [70]. Other studies also found that women prefer a relatively larger penis proportional to body size [31], especially with respect to circumference (e.g., [54]). Given that women typically experience more pleasurable and orgasmic sex in longer-term relationships [71], they might prefer a larger penis for short-term sex partIy so the increased physical sensation compensates for the reduced psychologicaI connection.

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Well I've had a girlfriend for 5 years and I can confirm the monster dildo thing is a load of shit, my girlfriend owned 3 dildos at one point and im bigger and thicker than all 3, Im only 6 inches so take what you want from that actual evidence.

>see look user this women on reddit said so this proves all women think alike
feel free to return to reddit at anytime with the rest of the brainlets

Cool. Where did I put my clorox, I need a drink.

So your gf had monster dildos and liked yours instead?

>dating a non-virgin
that woman wouldn't have a problem like this if her partner was the first one

Most women had had sex once they're 15 and only continue to increase the size of their partner's penis. There's no hope for dicklets

everybody ought to get back to christ's faith, I wish to be a religious emperor to impose my will on everybody, people would be happier

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Dude look, I understand that Jesus has a complete upside down kingdom, but even then humans are still going to go after good looking humans to marry. They're still going to go after men with larger dicks. Big dick=Better sex.

not if they get married as a virgin at young age like in the golden old days

Humanity never had a golden age because humans have always rebelled against God. Women still want larger dicks because it stimulates their vaginas more.

Yeah its just too late now, woman know about big dicks and demand them.

No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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>9 inch dildo = 5 inch penis
A dildo is shit compared to flesh.

>double shot glass
lol so a trashy roastie is what you care about?
can you say "quircky wine aunt"?
stop being a faggot

and this is why you dont get into serious relationships with non virgins lads, you never know the shit she was up to before

>serious relationship
bud this shit only happens to faggots who think being nice is the way to go

6.5+ you're good
5.5-6.5 about average, few will complain
4.5-5.5 kinda small, but there are women who will accept it(if you're lucky enough to find one)
4.5- little hope, better try your luck with something else if you aren't gigachad
t.fembot with roastie friends

There's only one thing for me left to do. And this is to unironically kill myself.
You guys have unrealistic standards.

This is a chart for girth, right?

Mine's 4" too nigga and it worked out for me. Besides, if there are so many of us with smol benises, surely we've inherited it from someone down the line who also had smol benises and they managed to score as well. You can find a gf who isn't a stretched out roastie size queen whore, it's just harder to do nowadays thanks to a (((certain group))) that have successfully, surreptitiously taken control of almost every seat of power in western civilization and corrupted it with their propaganda. Media is a powerful tool.

Post your height

5'9" but this doesn't matter since I'm a dicklet and ugly.

They don't deep slam their pussy with dildos like otherwise would happen with a real penis. Check any masturbation porn, they usually carefully push it in and out and don't insert it to maximal length. On top of that demographics differ. An average woman doesn't own a dildo and those who use dildos regularly would probably level up to bigger sizes due to extreme wear of their poonani.

Dildo or not, it doesn't make my 4" situation any less pitiful.

I just don't understand what exactly I can offer that would make up for my small dick

Small penis is a curse that ruins the whole relationship.

Down all the xanax or valium you can with a lot of alcohol and all the pain will disappear. All the joy too but if you're like me you cant feel it anyway.

Saying they don't use the whole dildo is like saying I dont use the whole fleshlight, retard.

Thanks for making me and my sub 5inch circumference dick even more self conscious. What many of these threads never talk about is the girth, length means nothing if I can't even be over 5 inches around.

You're actually retarded if you think that your below average dick plays a key role in you getting into a relationship.

Well I am ugly so that stops me from ever getting a gf.

There's probably way uglier people than you, people are mostly ugly because they don't have a good personal hygiene imo.

What can I say, I have good hygiene, I don't have autism, it's just that women have standards I don't meet.

How many have you tried asking out since you got that impression?

Buy bullshark test, i mean a fuckton, injest it right in your dick and get fit. Just dont lift for a specific girl never lift for a bitch

Many times, I've asked about friends of friends and what not. The cold approach doesn't really work with me.

>a throwaway shitpost larp on reddit advice forum written by a man
well that proves that all women are like that

or just reach your hand around and tease her clit with your fingers? foreplay is more important for a woman than dick size. you know lesbians get eachother off without dicks, right?

they use dildos. also why should i have to put all this effort just cause my penis is sub 5 inches in girth when chad never has to do it?

>they use dildos
so do heterosexual couples. there are girls who are complete sizequeens, absolute fetishists, who have boyfriends and husbands with small dicks. because they use their fists or massive toys that are way bigger than anyone human dick. they do it because they enjoy getting their partner off and they enjoy being with that person. and lesbians do not always use dildos, either. women can orgasm without penetration. women can orgasm from anal penetration.
>why do i have to do things that chad doesn't have to
chad does foreplay, too. but really, you don't have to do anything. you don't have to have sex, you don't have to have a girlfriend, you don't have to get women to orgasm. don't do it if you don't want. the world isn't fair. some guys have big dicks. some girls only want guys with big dicks. some girls have big boobs. some guys only want girls with big boobs. that's life.

Not him, but women like good looking big dicked men, thing is I'm not good looking or big dicked. But I want a woman to share my life with, I want sex.

>some girls only want guys with big dicks. some girls have big boobs. some guys only want girls with big boobs. that's life.

Not even a good comparison. Decent dick size is necessary for good penetrative, sex, boobs aren't. Look at the gfs/wives of most of the top men in the world, they are usually petite with nice faces. Men aren't nearly as picky about the bells and whistles as woman are.

>Decent dick size is necessary for good penetrative, sex,
it's not, though. you can have zero dick and have good sex. and i'm not sure who the "top men" in the world are, but men are much more picky about physical characteristics and age than women on average.

when you live in 21 Century matters more have an active sex life than having a family to care for, love and leave your seed in the world before you die,



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>dont get into serious relationships with non virgins
Sure, I'm about to go raid the local kindergarten in search of virgin females, brb.

>7.5+ you're good
>6.5-7.5 about average, few will complain
>5.5-6.5 kinda small, but there are women who will accept it(if you're lucky enough to find one)
>5.5- little hope, better try your luck with something else if you aren't gigachad

Fixed for truth.

Could be that, well spotted...

>from someone down the line who also had smol benises and they managed to score as well.

Except "down the line" could be some guy who only got laid thanks to an arranged marriage.
Society and women 100 years ago were slightly more sane than they are nowadays.

Shit, my father used to be belittled by my mother about his dick size, seeing that, I have always been really insecure about my size.

One of my grandfathers was really paranoid about my grandmother cheating on him and had a long history of accusing her of cheating (where there's smoke, there's usually fire...), yet they had like 8 or 9 kids. (well, if my grandfather was correct some of them might not be his)

Copious amounts of money and an open relationship.
But that would require such a complete lack of self respect that I think loneliness would be preferable.

>There's probably way uglier people than you
Just a couple days ago I left the house.
I saw exactly one couple in the street (work hours, so it's normal).
It was a 5'10"-6" decently built guy (not fat, not too skinny, not too muscular, just average) with a 5'4" chick that was at least 300 pounds.

You never see the opposite happening. You never see a nice looking girl with a 300 pound midget man.

Yes, if the woman is not an amazing paragon of virtue and purity, it must have been a man writing it.
The ones in real life too, you know the chick that left the perfectly normal guy who was married to her to go and fuck the local drug dealer, it was actually a man.
The one who had two kids in her 20 years marriage by a guy who wasn't the husband? Actually a man too!

>I'm not good looking or big dicked.
>But I want a woman to share my life with
You're shit out of luck bro.
Welcome, join the club.

Or maybe self-reported anecdotes on an internet forum with no corroboration is meaningless information in the first place and proves absolutely nothing.

>You never see a nice looking girl with a 300 pound midget man.
You've never seen disgusting men with much younger and more attractive women?

Why the fuck would that be any consolation?

>You've never seen disgusting men with much younger and more attractive women?
Unless the guys were rich. not really.

Women never argue passionately against how much dock size matters

I have a huge dick (8x6) and I never had much problems calling a number from my little black book of booty calls. They remember who the fuck I am.

Ask me anything at alll

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>Girls don't even want 7"
The cope is strong.

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>have 8 inch dick
>still feel insecure about size

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Now now user.
At least you know you're just crazy as you're comfortably out side the "average" size.

Now imagine being 6.5" and always wondering if it's enough for women, if they won't laugh at your size, if maybe you're actually below average...

It's never about the length. What is the point of having a long dick if it is under 5 inches in girth? Girls can't get off to pencil dicks.

>It's never about the length.
Let's be honest, it's about both.

>He doesn't know about the secret dildos

This. The reason dildos are big is because self stimulation is different than penetrating

You have to stick it up there yourself so ofcourse it needs to be longer and thicker but someone else manually pounding away at you at that size would hurt

Even though women should be in pain and if you're worried about her pleasure you're too cucked to be saved

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But I highly suspect it is the latter. For me I am a little over 7 inches but I am just below 5 inches girth like 4.8 4.9 and I have to wonder if that is enough or will it just be lacking and wont fill them out.

>they can get off to you fingering them

Yeah sure but they can get off even more with the more fingers you put into them.

>6.5 girth
99 percent of girls woudnt be able to hand that


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>I have to wonder if that is enough or will it just be lacking and wont fill them out.

I'm 6.5" x 5.5" and I'm amazingly insecure about my size.

In my mind it's not long enough (should be at least 8") and the thickness isn't quite there either (less than 6" is a pencil).
Women will just have shitty uninspired sex with me and then cheat on me with someone bigger, while keeping me as a walking ATM.
That is if they don't straight out laugh at my size.
They'll never value or respect me.

Insecurities are fucked...
And insecurities are why I'll always be a virgin and will never lose any insecurities. (of which I have plenty)

Does anyone else have trouble imagining having penetrative sex?
I only think about eating her out and cuddling
I would never let her see my dick

Your insecurities are irrational compared to someone with an actual small dick (5 and under)

why do i get the feeling that so many people are either overestimating the girth of their dick ore are just flat out lying?

I'm 8x6 and I never had any complaints about being too small, in fact I'm always told how huge it is. So if you think 8x6 is minimum than you're way off, it's more than enough
every girls says it's big

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listen, lads. it doesn't matter. worrying about size is eternal cope. you could be 9'x8' and still somehow think there was room for improvement. stop getting so mental and psyching yourselves out about it; you're fine. the BEST way to make sex beyond belief enjoyable is to get the girl out of her head and into the present moment. it's next to near impossible to do that if you're stuck in your head too. you're going to give yourselves ED sweating this shit too much. cease and desist this train of thought immediately.

This is how rare an 8x6 inch bone press is. 8 inches is an extreme for length

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>you're going to give yourselves ED sweating this shit too much
Too late m8
My dick rarely does anything anymore
Not like I was gonna get to use it anyways

>why do i get the feeling that so many people are either overestimating the girth of their dick ore are just flat out lying?

Projection user.

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>you're going to give yourselves ED sweating this shit too much.

No chance.


>Your insecurities are irrational compared to someone with an actual small dick (5 and under)

Yeah, I guess.

But after so long without any attention from women, being a khhv, you start picking at any perceived flaw to explain your predicament.
Then slowly you become insecure about the flaw, maybe that's the one flaw that stole your chance at happiness! Or maybe it's that one other flaw...
Then as the years pass you actually start going with the egg or chicken thing...did the flaw influence things first or was it the insecurity about the flaw that fucked it up?
And then you grow older, lose any incentive to go after women and the whole thing loses any meaning.
Eventually you die, all alone.