Question for americans:

question for americans:
what the fuck is going on with mexicans at the border?
>inb4 its been happening for a long time
that's not the winning argument you think it is!

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I live in a state that has more Mexicans than any other state, legal or otherwise. I live in a state where whites are literally the minority next to Latinos. I can tell you the border is just fine, stfu now

It's obviously not fine, or there wouldn't be anything to report on. Also how does "living where a lot of latinos live" mean you know all about it?

How does not living where any lations live mean you know fuck all about it? When was the last time you talked to a latino person? For me it was yersterday. I think I understand the situation far better than yoi ever could.

Stop falling for news fearmongering. The news will always report whatever gets views or clicks.

We have an extremely large border with Mexico (1954mi aka 3145km) that is quite literally in the middle of a desert with large variances in terrain and obstacles including rivers, broken rock faces, and I believe a small mountain. Much of this border is unfenced and days away from civilization.

Here's the common ways people get across the border

Way 1
>Go to fenced section
>Hop the fence between patrols
>Jump into your contact's van
>Now you're in

Way 2
>Go to unfenced section or rough terrain section
>Cross the border
>Travel to set dead drops for supplies
>Get within driving distance of civilization
>Get picked up by contact
>Now you're in

Way 3
>Get visitor's visa
>Drive across the border
>Never return

The entire population of Hispanics, Liberals, and Libertarian / An Caps will gleefully assist any and all wishing to cross illegally for some money (Usually a few grand). If you know what you're doing, going across the border is insanely easy and requires minimal time and effort and you can simply skip across and be home free. All of the illegals I work with (ICE is very slow to respond apparently) visit back home at least once per year and have never been caught in a decade.

I live in a majority mexican area in canada, so whenever i talk to someone they are a spic.

there's news besides virtue signalling and inspiration porn, dumbass.

>mexicans in canada
I have visited Canada you don't even have real Latinos there. Stay in your fucking maple crusted lane moosefucker shithead hockeyfag

You're retarded. I live in Aylmer Ontario, 90% of the residents are from either chihuahua or durango.

So you live in Mexico? Or some public housing in Canada? Thank Trudeua for that.

I still am not sure how you think being surrounded with some transplanted beans means you think you understand the socio political situation regarding the AMERICAN/MEXICAN border. Please tell me more maple king

I didn't say I know more than you, I'm saying that living around beaners doesn't make you an expert, case in point, i am not an expert.

But I am an expert on account of growing up with them and speaking the language and eating the food and playing soccer. I am more mexican than some of the whitewashed ones. Learn your fucking place canuck

I grew up with them, speak the language and eat the food too and it still doesn't make me an expert. Also that's not anything to brag about, I'm sorry you were stripped of your own culture.

I am an expert and you are not an expert, that is the difference.

Also what is the fine Canadian culture you represent so heavily? I bet you saw fireworks and/or a parade yesterday.

I saw fireworks on the 1st of the month.
Also Canada is also a cultural wasteland, I wasn't being sarcastic, I really am sad you lost your culture. I did too as a native canadian.

I have more culture crusting up a sock. In California all cultures met before they realized there was nothing else except more ocean and then Japan. Manifest destiny motherfucker California is amazing.

You have no culture, no uranium and hardly any gold left. Trudeua saw to that

We actually had no culture, uranium or gold for a super long time. Like before even Trudeau sr.
Also since the oil boom we also now don't have that much oil because retardedly we harvested it and sold it all, plummeting land value in alberta.

i think they shouldve you know applied for visa and came legally. then they wouldnt be treated like shit.

police used to arrest people who hired illegals. police used to immediately deport all illegals. when leftists began to give "human rights" to illegals they started coming in droves. suddenly illegal criminals needed warrants to be arrested. you couldnt just handcuff an illegal anymore. you had to wait months for an investigation to finish. by the time evidence was gathered the illegal moved to a different part of the u.s. some states even allow them to drive and apply for welfare. you used to need a lot of information to apply for welfare. now you simply need to prove you are poor. employers who employ illegals cover for the illegal in this case. they provide the govt with income invoice and thats all it takes. the govt doesnt even check if your address is legit anymore. its all done by design to increase democrat votes
They're not doing anything illegal.

You are basically a ward of the PRC at this point. Don't even reply back to me

>apply for asylum =/= automatically getting asylum
Wow you really are a smart cookie

Libs are importing 3rd world spics because their kids will vote lib.
Neocons also like this because spics work cheap.

If you want to have a house with a yard then there's no room for you. You will be replaced by 20 spics because that's more efficient.

news and other media twist things that most people don't know solid details of to such a degree that I havw no idea what's going on down there. Sorry. From my understanding it's a fairly large number of people comeing in fleeing violence and drugs, etc. and people up here bitching about it because we have our oqn issues still.

I've heard conflicting opinions on literally every other detail so that's all I've got, sorry

while your application is going through you are permitted/encouraged to stay in the country. learn to read. You are allowed to just show up and then work out the details later.

a shitty talking point. not all of them apply for asylum. if they did they would have documents proving a judge granted them refugee status. but most dont so they get rounded up. you may also get rejected refugee status, which is often the case, because there was no war in latin america so therefore no need to escape

Climate refugees, dude.

That is not how that works.

only applies to mexico. the geneva states you must accept refugees from neighboring countries. anyone who crosses more than 1 border is no longer a refugee but an economic immigrant. and since theres no water crisis in mexico they all have grounds to be insta rejected

the immigrants at the border are mexican, you're not winning the argument.

And yet they are not getting in. Legally that is

the most recent caravans were from honduras. the highest rates of illegal immigration has always been from honduras. we get very high rates from salvador as well. do you get all your talking points from twitter? like i said, no water crisis or war in mexico either way

The caravans and shit have been from central America, friend. As for the taco niggers, many of them explicitly claim to be economic migrants, in which case they should stay and fix their own economy, or fleeing their fellow Mexicans cutting people's faces off over drugs, in which case the border should be EXTREMELY strong so we can ensure the dangerous pursuers can't just follow the refugees into the US

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