Saw a wagie today. He was barely containing his coughing. It's not even that cold. Take care wagie...

Saw a wagie today. He was barely containing his coughing. It's not even that cold. Take care wagie. I hope you get better.

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Im glad I am rich and dont have to work

Why is my penis small? Answer me.

So you don't hurt anyone with it, as you may have the intention.
Based. How are you rich? I'm on mommybux and inheritance.

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>tfw no rich family meaning I'll have to be a wagie for 50 years
At least I'm gonna study something that interests me I suppose...

A small penis is a curse, I will never have sex with it.

I don't know. Just learn other ways to satisfy a girl or something. I'm sure it's not a death sentence. You can always compensate with other qualities. Love isn't just sex.

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hey aiste did you my posts last night? what do you think?

About that....women actually only care about looks and dick size.

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Yes, saw many posts by "Anonymous" yesterday. Some were great, others, not so much. In all seriousness, are you the user who wants to move to Norway? I'm sure you have good intentions, though I'm a bit afraid of you. I'm sorry, it's just how I am. Good luck anyway. Please don't make any hasty decisions.
And I get told women only care about status and wealth. Which one is it?

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Is it true that you are not a tranny but a real life girl?

Women already get paid more than men, so they only worry about dick size and looks.

>user that wants to move to norway
your orbiters really are thirsty, then again, there are probably lots of boys looking like you in norway so the chances of someone finding you are pretty small desu

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maybe i should just tripfag full time then? i dont expect you to trust me right now im just want to tell you my intentions
>I'm sure you have good intentions
are you really sure tho? if i were you i would think i was after your money

Are you somehow implying that makes them bad? If women care about looks, then men do 10 times more. I never understand you people, do you expect women to have no preference in anything ever? Why should they settle for you? Out of pity? And where do you get this nonsense that women get paid more? I really doubt it's true.
The only way they'll find me is if they write about my suicide in dagbladet or something haha.
You might be. That's why I'm a bit afraid that you're so hellbent on coming here. But it's probably not true. Though I'd be more afraid not of getting my money taken, but getting raped and murdered.

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Being a wagie must suck so much. I feel sorry for those normies who have no choice but to wageslave.

>goes to norway
>find laura
>she is ugly and retarded
>move back home

im honestly not sure what i should do to make you trust me i dont think words would be enough so i thought to drop some irl pics from time to time, though im not too worried about that right now because we still have a lot of time, pic related is what im eating right now. what do you think i should be doing?

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user, do you know I'm just an ugly tranny? Pic related is my hand.

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stop biting your nails baka

I am getting paid to not go into the office today but instead shitpost just like OP.

why should i care? i dont mind trannies and i've always liked futas since a long time ago, i dont mind as long as you dont want to stuff anything in my asshole, not that i would stuff anything in yours either, unless you want to??? we talked about this on the first day, your penis or whatever is not my focus, what scares me the most is your mental problems, im afraid of you just flipping out one day and hating me, but it does make me a bit sad that i wouldn't be able to have children

yes that is me and i am degenerate

Yeah. It can get bad. I've threatened to push my dad down the stairs before because I thought he was working with psychiatrists to poison and manipulate me. I don't think it would work.

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im afraid but its not like that stops me, it makes me worried because if i get there i would be dependent on you and your family until i can get a job and a be a citizen, if you get mad at me one day and throw me out or something if i still have a place to be other than freezing on the street i could just come another day and try to change your mind
> I've threatened to push my dad down the stairs
you threatened, but were you ready to do it though? and dont the pills keep more extreme stuff like that away?