do you care about your future boy's virginity?
is it a deal breaker? is it a preference?

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no. i dont think it should matter as long as he hasnt been around with a bunch of girls

It would be nice to lose my virginity to a virgin, but not happening. I am going to lose it to my current boyfriend who's had sex before. It's too bad because I love him and knowing he loved another person before me makes me feel disposable.

Girls don't like virgins op.

You could be my gf and we could lose our virginities to each other?

I stole my boyfriend's virginity when he was 16 at 26
Along with virginities of other guys before him and since then so
Not really but it is a bit of a kink of mine I guess. Virgin inexperienced guys that is

I am already in love though, I'm sorry. I would date you if I was single.

If you're not larping that's very cool and good. You're doing a public service, God bless you.

Yes i do. I dont want ma bae to be virgin.
Virgin=non experience

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Sex is not only about love.
Sex is other feeling than love. You can have sex with someone without getting in love.
Those two things is pretty different.
That means if you horny doesnt mean that you in love with a person or perhaps

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I would prefer a man that knows what he's doing. Then again since I'm a virgin it would maybe feel a bit less awkward for me to do it for the first time with a virgin as well. It would be pure in a sense. As long as I care for the person and have a connection wtih them, it doesn't matter too much honestly.

I literally just want a cute boy with a soft and kind soul to brutally rape and choke me out while he calls me his sweetie and licks me on the cheek like an animal. Boys like this do not exist.

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No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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I'm right here ma

You are a man aren't you? It is a gay man who made this post.

Fucking better not be. I dont wanna flog myself today

Not LARPing, completely honest with what I said
Also I got quads wooooo!

he's brain is this rotten from all the tranny porn

What if they're not a virgin but still technically inexperienced with it (only had it once)

Inexperience is inexperience
I give the experience/"training" regardless

This was me with my only gf, she's gone now and i can't imagine being with anybody else still, i feel disgust imagining myself with other people. I just want her back and it sucks because it's a slim possibility but it wouldn't be the same.

Virgin is my preference but not necessity. I would like the first time to be special for both of us. Hopefully, I'll lose my virginity to a virgin guy from here when he'll stop ignoring me.

So do you typically like younger guys or does it not matter so long as they are inexperienced?

Plus how old are you now?

Yes, I would strongly prefer him to be a virgin although I know that it's statistically unlikely once they hit 20.
But if he's a manwhore that's a dealbreaker.

do you have any source for the unlikeliness? not trying to give you shit here, just curious

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There aren't a ton of good stats, but the general trend is that (A) males on average lose virginity slightly earlier and (B) roughly 85% of males (and females for that matter) lose their virginity by age 20.
Also, just anecdotal evidence from talking to guys irl.

I'm in the same boat as you wherein i'd strongly prefer that my partner's a virgin, although the fact I can't justify why I'm less attracted to folks that had sex before - especially promiscuous folks - bothers me. Biologically there's literally no way of telling whether a girl had 100 or in some cases no partners at all. Probably something to do with the psyche of their behaviour showing that they value short-term flings over long-term relationships.

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Typically younger guys honestly. Youngest I've ever gone being 16
I'm 31 now for reference

I don't care as long as he's loyal and younger than me.

How old are you though?


The paradox of male/female relationships is, guys want their partner to be their first (a virgin gf) and girls want their bf to be their last (a chad who stays with her)

will you take my virginity and let me watch you pee?

and maybe pee on me

I like taking my bfs virginity, knowing that I'm their first.

How old are you and how many have you taken? What do you look like?

Thirty-one years old, so pretty easy to find.

Virgins dont value intimacy or they learn too late so it might be difficult


I stab people. I got bit alcohol problem. I insult people. Do you think I can be a chooser when it comes to whoever I get to be in relationship with?

Would you be okay with someone who is 23?

>will you be okay with...

Youll never make it. Just post your contact info shes 31 lol

the world runs on people deciding on what they value in life
the same applies for folks looking for partners

stabbing people, alcoholism and being mean aren't generally seen as positive traits, but it's up to the other person to value you as person more than the negative traits

the same thing applies for you as well, there's nothing wrong in having preferences even when you believe you've got certain "bad" traits

the problem arises when people start piling up not preferences but requirements ie. she must be obedient, be a house wife and other spergy shit robots usually want.

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I'm 19, and I've only taken one. But it was enough for it to become a preference.

What do you look like and do you have discord?

I'm not into water sports my dude so no

That's actually pretty hot

Idk why but that sounds something really exciting to me. Would you be privy with a 25 year old?

quit the stabbing and id date you. I actually prefer my gf to be a bit of an asshole aslong as it stays verbal and lightly physical.

Another added to his list

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Too close in age imo
Maximum I'd take would be like 22

>do you care about your future boy's virginity?
Yes. I'd prefer that they still had it because I still have mine.
>is it a deal breaker?
I want to say yes but realistically a virgin guy around my age who isn't a total weeb/nerd or a religious trad dude and who feels attracted to me is gonna be hard to find.
>is it a preference?

>who isn't a total weeb/nerd
Why don't you want a weeb/nerd?

i'd rather him to be a virgin since i'm a virgin too so it would be cute and special

Dayum you really do like em pretty young

Would you say you are a looker? Could you also see yourself turn into a cougar?

There's this one guy I know who is one year older than me and he is dating a literal MILF. She's in her 40's and she still looks super fine. I envy the guy so fucking much.

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what if he's not a virgin but not a fuck boy like those guys around? Loyal and stuff too, asking for a friend

i guess its ok too. i like shy guys

My ideal relationship would basically be what I imagine a guy's ideal relationship would be like

How old are you? Don't be underage pls


i am 17 :( how old r u

Kek it's over anons it's all over fuck this board

Are you talking about someone in particular?

Post discord already


All I'm gonna say is I get a good amount of attention from others easily. Regardless of gender.
And it's apparent if they're enjoying the sight of me

sorry i guess
is being underaged too bad

It's against one of the global rules lmao

not really have you got some contact tho?

>preying on underage girls
fuck off to /b/ please

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oh there's that
but a lot of people here seem to have been using since a very young age no?

You sound like you are having quite the interesting adulthood.

Makes me wish I was 4 years younger then maybe you could've made mine more interesting too haha

enjoy your ban origiganally kiddo

Panda is this you?

Or 10 years younger haha

Whats your age and state?

permaban for this pedo please

ok retard

>tfw 23
Brb killing myself

Could you originally elaborate?

I said "total" for a reason but I'm pretty much the antithesis of what they want in a woman.

I'm sure you can find a cougar at a book/wine club or maybe at a "family" bar

Nah, I'm not real into that much of an age gap. I just want someone a few years older than me to fall in love with

Yeah, I mean my e-bf that I've met here. Please don't laugh at me

Are you sure he hasn't just ghosted you?

You're out of luck. I already have a boyfriend I love

>10 years younger
Wew lass that's risky bb. Not like I would object but the party van might get ya.

But does that mean I would be able to call you Mommy?

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16 is the age of consent for Kentucky
At least 2 below that is covered by R&J laws plus the woman pass
Yes, I love being called mommy so yes

I'm on Jow Forums so obivously i'm a virgin, but i dont really care. As long as he's patient with me being inexperienced and a fucktard, I don't mind him not being a virgin, though i would prefer losing my virginity to another virgin.

28 and Oxfordshire

Ah im 18 and PA

Not that user but you mind posting some contact?

Trust me I was out of luck long before this thread

Weeeww mommy you really want them ripe.

Does that mean you dig brother/sister incest? You are an interesting person we should talk more

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i-i exist... please, love me

>Yes, I would strongly prefer him to be a virgin although I know that it's statistically unlikely once they hit 20.
are you kidding me, this is Jow Forums

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I don't really have a preference.
I find it a bit cute if a guy is rather inexperienced.
But a guy knowing what he is doing is also good.
Both have merit. Wouldn't choose one over the other just based on virginity status.

More into mother/son desu

What are your red flags/no-nos for a partner, user?

He hasn't ghosted me completely (at least yet). He just takes a long time to reply. I never know if I'm bothering him or if he's just busy.

isn't it funny how these questions when directed from male to female NEVER get replies?
stop deluding yourself guys. they are ALL whores.

>I want to say yes but realistically a virgin guy around my age who isn't a total weeb/nerd or a religious trad dude and who feels attracted to me is gonna be hard to find.
>meanwhile this board is full of those

typical chad-chasing whore
die die die

Well just dont be like really mentally ill and at least try to take care of me as long as I do, equal you know, not some one sided stuff. Besides that Im okay with anything else, just don't be a "bitch" with me and I'd try to support you and be there for you, of course as I said everything must be equal thats the poing I guess.

Nice fail lmao

I didn't know autistic virgins (like is my e-bf) are considered Chads now. Guess the standard really dropped, huh?