Okay describe your perfect gf and i will give her some fatal flaw(s) lets go and you decide if you still want her

Okay describe your perfect gf and i will give her some fatal flaw(s) lets go and you decide if you still want her

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Idk, an attractive, loyal, intelligent Catholic

>feeds and seeds me
>fucks when I want, sucks when I want
>preferably has the last name Sneed or at least Chuck

>preferably has the last name Sneed or at least Chuck
>Anonette Chuck Sneed
>formerly Anonette Sucks Free

For 2 random days a week she gets possessed by a demon and cheats on you and does some fucked up evil horrific shit will you still keep her?

Yeah fuck that. Not even mainly for the cheating, mostly for the possession.

I suppose I would if we had an exorcism performed successfully.

Only sucks does nothing else also they bitch at you for random shit you didn t even do will you keep?

>named chuck
>fucks and sucks
That's pretty much it.

>not ugly
>not fat

Iq above 110

Heroin addict


Reasonable thin

Good education


No family


No exorcism is impossible also she feels really bad about what she does while possessed when not its not her fault and apologizes will you keep?

She has severe anorexia will you keep?

Will stink like shit 24/7 and will be constantly greesy and sweaty and refuses to take showers will you keep?

i was going to try but saw what that op kept shitting on women so i've already given up, cheers lad

Is it ok to describe a perfect bf? I'm not gay.

>it's the girl I'm thinking of right now
is that a good enough description

Yeah sure lay it down

No they describe their perfect gf and i give them a fatal flaw and the person decides if they still want the gf

But she is not thinking of you right now will you still keep her?

>latina or blonde white girl
>loves me for who I am
>big tits

>loves me for me
>we have some common interests but some differences too
>not boring
>not abusive
>won't cheat on me
>we inspire each other
>i love him

tomboy energy pill ACAB anarchy gf

that is the weakest monkey paw I have ever heard she's not my actual gf (yet) so I don't expect her to and she can think of other things than me I do the same for her it would be a major turn off if she did obsess over me constantly that shit is unhealthy

Redo she obsesses over you 24/7 not in a cute way either

No redos user!!!!

Has a obsession with blood gore and self pain and a fetish with those things too will you still keep her?

Is deaf and mute will you still keep her?

*him. Yes keep, I'd learn sign language and we could chat via phones sometimes and all is merry

At least you are the only person who said you will the gf

You mean she has a guro fetish? Not really my thing but I wouldn't really be turned off. It's when she starts harming herself when I'd need to take her somewhere for counseling or treatment, I don't want her getting hurt.

>Loyal only to me
>Intelligent, compassionate, caring

She will harm herself she gets consoling but she will still do it regardless also she won't kill herself she will just cut herself will you still keep her?

But is blind and confined to a wheelchair will you keep her?

Yeah she'd have to be blind to love me desu.

Its okay now she can love your personality

I'd still stay with her, as much as it pains me.

>taller than me (5'7'' so not that far fetched)
>fit preferably
>cuddles and snuggles
And that's just about the gist of it

Today is finally the day, I'm ending it now early in the morning before my parents are able to wake up. I haven't slept in roughly 30 hours.
Goodbye /b/, and thank you all for the fun times. I'll start in around 45 minutes. JP

Livestream video link + explanation:

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She will not see you as an equal but more like a baby or a kid she loves a whole bunch she will make all the decisions no matter you like it or not. Will you keep her?

Just somebody who is a neet too and not a nice girl or asshole

fake and gay but if not send me your money before you do it

Will she literally force me to be babied?

Not like a litterly baby but more like a 8 year old but she will baby you. Like not being able to choose what and where to eat or deciding what to buy or even important decisions like what car to buy or what house will all be left to her you can try to resist but it won't get you very far.

Then I'm afraid I couldn't keep her. Way too hardheaded for that kind of bullshit

kind and attractive. literally nothing else matters when distilled down to these base traits

>Upbeat and cheerful
>Addicted to my cock and only mine

An infp arthoe that likes to g/femdom me and loves me a lot and is very monogamous.

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She is yandere and fucking batshit obsessed with you will collect trinkets like your hair and dirty clothes and used condoms will you keep her?

She has no arms and is completely dependent on you for everything but she still loves you and still upbeat will you keep her?

>cute (my personal 9/10 in attractiveness and most other guys rate her at least an 8/10)
>no mental illness
>iq of 115
>would never cheat on me or fall out of love with me
>capable of having my children and willing
>no drug or alcohol problems
>perfect teeth, long blonde, red, or brown hair (but not excessively long)
>no physical deformities
>5'4 inches tall
>would never physically harm me
>demons aren't real so she can't be possessed
>shares my interests in reading, hiking, and anime
>has sex with me at least four times a week
>likes giving blowjobs
>is good in bed and at giving head
>always orgasms when we have sex and keeps going until I cum as well
>has the exact same life span as I do we will die at the exact same time
>we each live to be at least 65
>she has no major diseases or paralysis
>she never does anything to get locked away in prison so we have to be apart
>she sees me as an equal and we have our own degree of independence but still gets together to make decisions together about more important stuff
>has a few friends but none of them are guys and she only sees them a couple times a month
>wants to live in a good neighborhood somewhere in america
>no body hair except for the expected eyelashes, eyebrows, etc
>no excessive growths of any kind
okay OP I did my best

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Yes, yes I will.

No fair his fatal flaw is my ideal gf

>describe your perfect gf
pic related

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But she will now force you to have as many kids as possible with her leg locks holes in condoms collecting cum while sleeping but she does because she loves you and the family so much. Will you keep her?

She is a bitch to everybody and snarky the i want to see your manger girl and will always back talk no matter what will you keep her?

thats me except heroin

lol fuck those normies as long as she's nice to me. We will live a very happy life together. maybe i'll move us to the country though to at least avoid a few of the headaches

the post is generic as fuck except for the heroin why even respond fucking narcissist

Two things she is like 50 iq almost retarded needs help on alot of stuff not too bright and second she is a centaur expect alot of problems of her being too big and the horse anatomy problems of horse pussy and the horse sized shits in the toilet and the hair every where. She still loves you 100 percent though through and through will you keep her?

No not even to you she loves you alot but she can't help to just be a bitch.

Im ok with a 50iq, I'm not also not very bright, but the centaur shit kills it for me. I'm out.

>outgoing but submissive to me
>unable to have children, or doesn't want children
>cute butt
>takes care of her body
>family oriented
>likes dogs and animals, maybe volunteers at animal shelter
>works or is in college, financial success is important to her
Maybe I'm looking for a hardworking mexican chick?

Okay ill be nice and do a redo instead of a centaur you get a harpy girl she can fly but no arms and her feet are talons

user I didn't need to read that.

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I'm OK with the low IQ, harpy, talon feet, but the no arms kills it for me, I need a gf that can hold me.


2 things first she is unable to speak English and unable to learn or speak English she only speaks Spanish and you have to learn Spanish to talk to her sorry amigo second she has 6 arms 6 eyes 4 breasts 7 tounges a tail 2 rows of shark teeth and 4 legs because of this she gets called freak alot and alot of places don't serve her and got bullied alot growing up and never wants to go in public she feels like you and her family really love her. Will you keep her?

>2 rows of shark teeth
That's a deal breaker. I have to protect my penis.

>7 tounges
Changed my mind. The oral sex would be worth it.

>cuddles me to sleep every night
>loves me a lot
>thicc guy for comfy cuddling
>helps me get over my ex because I can't think of anything better but I wish I could
>would never leave me

Your SO dies in an accident and you can't live with the pain.

I'd take it. Even if I died of grief.

>very loyal
>gives me anything I want
>not a thot

I want my fiancee back.

fuck. I don't really want kids. I just want to live happy with the girl I love. This is a real tossup. I guess I can cream her but I'd want to get one of those birth control implants that go in the arm and prevent pregnancy for 4 years. Would she agree to that? Children are expensive

If I had to choose an absolutely perfect, idealistic girlfriend, I'd say I'd want a soulmate who I have a shit ton in common with, who has the same taste in movies, music and vidya as I do, who is loving and caring and who I can really open up to in a way that no one else offers and, since we're going on some perfect idealistic scenario, incredibly attractive and cute with big ol titties.

Meant to add intelligent as well

She's back, back from the DEAD! She's a blood-drinking zombie now. She has to have a half-gallon of blood a day or she goes on a murderous rampage.

>Qt but chubby
>Just wants to spend time with me

70 iq is borderline retarded, 50 iq is drooling moron iq.

>fatal flaw(s)
wait so shes dead?

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>tall artsy latina qt who will go to plays/libraries with me

She understand my anxiety, depression and autistic quirks.
>she has them too