Do you think the 'increasingly insecure white majority' will target Asians in the near future?

Do you think the 'increasingly insecure white majority' will target Asians in the near future?

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no, asian people are pretty cool


No that's black folks job

Nah they'll start with Jews first

They already do? Look at any college admission committee. You are literally penalized for being Asian.

nah, i think the asians will end up joining the increasingly insecure white majority

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Only Asian women. Asian guys don't really like you guys.

No but I hope they do it to kikes and niggers

It's not impossible to imagine that some crazy guy will target Asians in a mass shooting in the future. I mean we got virgins targeting non-virgins in mass shootings these days. Crazy people will mass shoot stuff over any thing these days, especially in America where every schizophrenic must carry a mandatory AR15. Some white people already resent Asians cause they're filling the colleges and are so successful in that particular area
It only takes one crazy person to take that resentment to an insane level and start shooting Chinese spies or something. It's a development I could see take place.

But I doubt it will become a widespread phenomenon, maybe an isolated nutjob will do it.

no, i mean joining us in the insecure potential shooter demographic, i mean, its happening already

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WHAT? The only people worth killing are jews and blacks. Everyone else has something at least a little redeemable about them

he is right, you know
I am liable to shoot up a whole bunch of them soon
so very very tired of seeing them all around being given tax money

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Asians dont get gibs user

Dems HATE asians. Yang is a joke candidate that will never get the nomination. if youre Asian and you dont vote Republican/Donald you're a traitor, simple as.

I think insecure Asians will continue to target whites.


only if whites keep making racebait/racehate against Asians. otherwise im happy to leave people alone.

i really hope so, chinese are the real threat, not the muslims and niggers. You can just kick them out and they'll starve and kill themselves in their own countries

Nice meme. Republicans hate everyone who's not a cracker.

t. demcrat

Wrong. Donald has been the -best- president in the last 20-30 years for everybody.

white people give zero fucks about asians yet they continue to make a boogeyman out of white men to cope with their own failures. r/asianmasculinity, r/aznidentity, r/hapas etc all hate asian women and worship generic white women.

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Most Asian Americans I know really like Trump and this is in California of all places. He must be doing something right.

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this, cancerous vile westernized asians and hapas must be culled like this faggot

nope. defending ourselves against hate isnt making a boogeyman. if you feel salted over at what i say then maybe dont post racist thoughts

t. demcrat chucklefuck

Whites almost never make racehate threads against Asians. In fact I don't recall a single one.

The fact that Yang suddenly comes out with this random SJW statement shows he's not serious or understanding who his base is. I could see the YangGang falling apart quickly if he keeps saying this stuff.

how about go back to your fucking chink country first

lmao shut up already, i'm neither a democrat or a republican, i'm not even american

yeah that's what it is. Mhm, sure thing user.

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you might be right. non-whites will always be bitter over not being white, but whites will never be bitter over not being non-white. Non-whites will always be mad af. You can't expect the losers not to be sore losers, you have to expect the better people to be the bigger people.
Desegregation only hurts non-whites. And white genocide isn't the answer because someone has to keep the peace between the gangs. you can't expect non-white boys to stop playing gang wars.

they make them all the time here and on pol. yang will never get dominated, hes just there to try and swing the Asian vote to dem

ok who let the boomers out of the asylum again

asian male insecurity is out of this world

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>not american
are you fucking retarded? im not even in "your country".

let that gay shit go its -porn-. good god

im not bitter

it's hilarious asiancels on the internet are delusional enough to think whites are their enemy somehow and that blacks are their allies. Top fucking laughs. Someone make a webm of this.

i dont even read that trash. asians dont read nextshark or browse reddit, they are busy doing normie shit
pipe down zoomer, dont be so easily swayed by demcrat groupthink

>Do you think the 'increasingly insecure white majority' will target Asians in the near future?

It's much, MUCH more likely that when the niggers, spics and sand niggers finally escape their pens, like at the end of CONQUEST OF THE PLANET OF THE APES, Asians will figure out that they're among the targets and that their yellow skins aren't dark enough to save them from the monstrous, orc-like hordes that are coming.

Once they realize that, it's virtually certain that they will join the white side, setting up a final showdown between the forces of civilization (whites and Asians) and the forces of jungle savagery and desert superstition.

who ever said that? youre boxing shadows, idiot

no. Asians are neutrals and keep the peace. while the rest of you bite political bait

What happened to asians like this? Did the liberalism poison them minds?

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demcrats are traitors, simple as

>Asians are neutrals and keep the peace

You Asians may not be interested in the nigger/spic/sandnigger war, but the nigger/spic/sandnigger war is definitely interested in YOU.

Vote Donald J. Trump

>Republicans hate everyone who's not a cracker.
Nah, for republicans Jews always come first

ya no shit. but theyre powerless without a traitor demcrat government so. vote Donald J. Trump

Horny white weebs fetishsise azn girls like crazy and hormonal teenage white girls fetishsise idol chinks

even "fetishizing" is OK as long as you arent being cruel/entitled, just be kind. if someone accuses you of yellow fever but youve been nothing but kind, let it wash off like the rain.

I see people commenting like this on the internet a lot and I don't bother starting convos anymore because idk if it's even possible to fix them.

Asians don't like our society. Western Society is about freedom and individualism, two concepts foreign to the Asian. Asian cultures are similar to ant cultures; they are collectivist who value the greater society.

t. stereotyping demcrat

that whole collusion setup, demcrats need to be put on trial for sedition. theyre literal traitors and sellouts to foreign money

Because the LAPD left them to die, they had no choice but to protect themselves and their livelihoods.

its whatever, let the past stay in the past.

Asian Americans are pathetic cucks and deserved to be treated like that, cause they are traitors of their roots.

Also it's Asian American not American Asians.
They will never be considered real Americans.

t. demcrat

you would know all about being a traitor to your roots.

True. Asian dudes are either very conservative, xenophobic, and racist, and somewhat insecure, or totally laid back and just don't give a fuck about anything.

Today is finally the day, I'm ending it now early in the morning before my parents are able to wake up. I haven't slept in roughly 30 hours.
Goodbye /b/, and thank you all for the fun times. I'll start in around 45 minutes. og

Livestream video link + explanation:

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very conservative
totally laid back

pick two. the conservativism only kicks in when there are shenanigans afoot

This was posted a few days ago, dumbass

looks like i found my next target haha

Read my sentence twice, nigger.

actually im more of a moderate conservative, meaning I'm OK with legal immigration.

i took the two that applied, and discarded the rest whats the issue wh*toid?

Those are Jews. Whites and Asians get penalized for bring smart. Asians are also hard-working and their men atleast voted Trump. Literally why target them?

>Clearly remember this fag talking about how white people are being undermined last year
>Suddenly he's talking absolute bullshit about white people now that he's closer to getting elected
Holy shit I fucking hate politicians. Actual fucking slime balls

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