Why in all god damn hell isn't she selling her piss?

why in all god damn hell isn't she selling her piss?

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I hope she pissed in the water at least

just drink Coors light and imagine it's hers

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It's literally illegal

Why you think people buy it faggot

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Can you link to the law that makes it illegal?

Not illegal, at least in the United States:


just look at the people buying it though. His Youtube channel is Vito btw

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so far ive only seen obese neckbeards buying the water. not sure what else i expected though lol

heres some more of this fucking abomination.

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im convinced its just 2 or 3 people that keep posting these fucking threads, shut the fuck up about this bitch

This makes me want to kill myself unironically

I'd definitely drink her piss or spit, but I'm not pathetic enough to pay for it.


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this, honestly

That's exactly the kind of person I imagined buying it, lol.

>I'd definitely drink her piss or spit, but I'm not pathetic enough to pay for it.
yeah, gotta worry about what people will think about ya!

>not allowed to give drug probation user your piss
>obscenity laws
>having to save literally all of your piss just to sell so many cups

In pee play porn in the USA people have been brought up on obscenity charges.

She's not an American though.

Vito is hilarious tbf

Speaking of legality how is ethotting not illegal yet? It's literally prostitution. At least they should target the blatant ones like this, not even talking about boob streamers

Gonna press X on this one. You might be thinking of that weird UK porn law involving piss from a few years ago. The US has boatloads of piss videos you can purchase at any smut store. Even the bible belt has them.


Although I'd love to taste her saliva or urine, I do recognize that this is waste fluid and it would be ridiculous for me to pay for it.

I'm not angry at her, but I'm angry at the cucks that will buy this shit. AND I KNOW THEY WILL

Your zoomer mind isn't ready for Jow Forums yet

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Today is finally the day, I'm ending it now early in the morning before my parents are able to wake up. I haven't slept in roughly 30 hours.
Goodbye /b/, and thank you all for the fun times. I'll start in around 45 minutes. Yp

Livestream video link + explanation:

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You're a fucking abomination.
Kys you worthless subhuman shitstain

Not really your business you fat loser.
If they want to waste their money on that crap they can.